june favorites

happy last day of june friends! since it's the last day of the month, i figured it would be a perfect time to share my favorite beauty products from the month. honestly, this month hasn't been a bad month in new beauty products, and thankfully what i have liked, i have a feeling that i will be using for awhile. 

if you are new: basically, the monthly favorites series is a monthly roundup of my favorite beauty related products, and can include makeup, hair care, skin care, or nail care. 

this month's favorites include:

yes, it's expensive, but no, i didn't buy the full size. i had actually received a sample in a sephora safe sun kit (similar) and really liked the smell, feeling, non-greasiness, and protection of the face cream. unfortunately, i probably won't be buying the full-size- sixty bucks is a bit outrageous for a face cream- but at least my sample is still over half-full and it is definitely one of my monthly favorites.

two | fekkai prx reparatives shampoo & conditioner | $20 ea
i had seen these first at target, and then while on a trip to ulta, decided to buy the travel kit and fell inlove. it smells like heaven (vanilla), and makes my hair feel soooo soft. i have been using this for about three weeks, and i have definitely seen a difference in the way my hair feels.

i have been a big fan of kenra hairspray for over a year now, but on a trip to ulta, living proof caught my eye- it was on sale for $19 and came with perfect hair day shampoo, conditioner, and leave in samples. i am seriously happy that it did. it doesn't make me gag, has amazing hold without the crunchiness, and i can brush it out the day after and restyle. 

four | laura geller cool lids cream eye shadow in rose gold | $19
i received this in my ulta summer glam box, and loved it- the rose gold is a beautiful color and acts as a "primer" for the other colors. love love love

i love this stuff... you can view my review here and find out why. 

have you ever tried any of june's favorites? what did you think?

if you want to check you my other monthly favorites, you can click here.

a little bit of everything

i am seriously all over the place this weekend, folks. yesterday was a horrible day at work- i couldn't think and i wanted to quit (second time in over a year), and this morning i woke up with an impending migraine and then realized that my hubby has to work tonight (he has thursday off for my surgery). oh, and i can't spell worth a sh*t.

anyways, today i wanted to post my second round of the sunshine award, but surprise, surprise, it's not ready. so today, we are going to do a "sunday currently" and a sunday social and i hope y'all don't mind :) 

-sunday currently-

reading... through my bloglovin feed.
writing... blog post for the week.
listening... to the sound of cars outside the window.
thinking... that i really need a hair cut.
smelling... lancome la vie est bella (my favorite perfume). 
wishing... that my anxiety for my surgery on thursday goes away asap!
hoping... for an amazing turn out for the giveaway i am a part of
wearing... my new lauren conrad collection necklace. 
loving... kohls and the fact that i will no longer need to buy lil man any more clothes this summer.
wanting... to be at the bbq with my family, swimming in the pool, and enjoying a glass (or two) of wine.
needing... some caffeine.
feeling... an impending migraine or sinus pressure (can't tell which).
missing... the peonies that reminded me on my great-grandma.

-sunday social-

1. what was your college major? did you ever change majors?
i spent eight years pursuing my undergrad. during that time, i have attended three colleges and changed my major 4 times. i attended ivy tech community college, purdue university northwest, and indiana university northwest. my majors were gen ed, nursing (lpn), psychology, and criminal justice. i finally graduated with my bs in criminal justice from indiana university northwest in 2012.

2. best purchase you’ve made lately?
i kinda want to say my camera tri-pod- it makes taking pictures of my outfits easier.

3. something silly we don’t know about you and go…
wow... um... my second toe (pointer toe) is bigger then my big toe

4. favorite holiday?
personally i'm a huge fan of chiristmas. i love decorating and baking and the christmas cheer and the magic. it truly is a wonderful time of the year. but i really hate going broke during it.

5. the first thing you do when you wake up?
go pee- doesn't everyone?

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btw, happy sunday friends and be sure to check back tomorrow for the big blog design reveal (a day early) :) 

last h54f of june {& a giveaway}

happy friday friends! first of all, i want to thank you all for the amazing amount of support i received after wednesday's confessional post. you gals have no idea how much it has meant to me, and uplifted my heart. much love to you all.

this week hasn't been a bad one- of course compared to next week, it was like i hit the jackpot, but i guess that's life, right. yeah, that surgery is still on my mind. anyways... a look back at the best moments of my week...

one | since the weather has been relatively nice (a couple of rainy days monsoons here and there), lil man and i have spent a majority of the days outside and lounging in my parent's pool. it has been amazing on my whole "weight loss" thing, and lil man has been taking more naps (which is great for my sanity).

two | after i got off work on sunday, the hubby decided to join lil man and i for a swim. well, lil man didn't have a nap all day, so after swimming, he crashed out on my parent's couch- and it gave me and the hubby some time alone to go for a mini date. and yes, it included ice cream :) 

three | there is a sub place in town called firehouse subs, and the hubby and i had been talking about taking lil man for the longest time. so after the hubby had a procedure done for his back on tuesday, we decided to stop for lunch. lil man loved it- mostly due to the fact that it was like walking into a fire station and instead of a toy, he got a fire hat with his kids meal. and the food wasn't bad either. btw, lil man is obsessed with fire trucks. 

four | a trip to ulta at the beginning of the month yielded a crap ton of free samples, and one of those samples was the living proof perfect hair day trio (shampoo, conditioner, & leave in)... well, i finally got around to using it. honestly the shampoo and conditioner didn't do anything for me, but the leave in was ah-mazing. my hair was so smooth and bouncy and frizz free just from blow drying

five | i ordered some shirts from oakleigh rose, and i can't be happier with my choices. unfortunately, i don't have any pictures, but you can see what i bought herehere, and here. i seriously love shopping with oakleigh rose- they have amazing customer service and shipping is super fast!

six | i heard this on a gas station run the other day and it brought back so many memories... and now i want this phone case...

seven | i finished a fun summer themed wine glass that i will be sending to a friend, but you can get your's in the etsy shop :)

or you could enter the giveaway below for you chance to win a custom wine glass from my shop and lots of other fun things... 

good luck in the giveaway! 

Hustle and Blog - Modernette // Custom Blog Design (Big Grit) - The Grits Blog {Designs} 
Lilla Rose Shop Credit - Jackie // Custom Wine Glass - Tiny Wishes

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let's talk pixi

happy thursday friends! i have finally found a brand of makeup that i want to introduce to you guys! 

do you remember when i talked about the difference between retail and drugstore brands of makeup? well, the brand that i am introducing to you today is, in my opinion, retail quality at drugstore price. what is that brand of makeup, you ask?

it's pixi beauty!!! 

pixi makeup review

pixi was founded by a woman named petra strand, who has over twenty years experience as a makeup artist & product developer. it was created over ten years ago, and actually first launched in a boutique in soho, london. 

and as a plus, when asked about animal testing, pixi said, "Pixi does not test on animals, nor do we have any other parties, such as suppliers, conduct any animal testing on our behalf. Pixi uses only the highest quality ingredients which have a proven safety record and are widely used in the cosmetics industry." (pixi website) um, yeah, that's a plus in my book!!

pixi features an amazing line of mascaras, eye shadows, primers, foundations, blushes, nail polishes... well, basically everything you could want from a makeup line. and the best thing is: you don't have to spend an arm and a leg- you can buy everything at target. yes, i just said target

i am a little picky about my products, but the reason that i love pixi is the fact that its like getting high end products for pennies (not really- but you get the point). 

a few of my favorite products from pixi include:

h2o skintint in nude | $24 
a tinted face gel that is cooling to the touch- this stuff is paraben and fragrance free and features green tea, rose water, chamomile, and lavender. i love how it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and gives me light coverage for the summer. 

shea butter lip balm in comfort clear & pixi pink | $8 
first off, this may resemble chapstick- but it ain't! it's not sticky, smells amazing, and lasts for-ever (seriously, the pink lasted for 4 hours!). 

tinted brilliance balm in unique pink | $14
ok, this stuff is just simply amazing. while hydrating and protecting with jojoba oil, rose extract, and many other lovely things, the balm features a personalized color- unique pink is the only one when the color depends on the ph level of the lips. pretty awesome, if i may say so!

its ingredients include lavender water and aloe vera, and benefits are endless. basically this stuff really brightens my eye area, and being a mom, that is the best thing ever.  

have you ever tried pixi? what did you think?

wednesday confessional

breathe, just breathe. ok, let's do this. 3... 2... 1... go!

i love you wednesday.... you are the one day that people in the bloggy world find it socially acceptable to dig down deep and confess their lil hearts out, so basically you are amazing :) and since according to kathy and all of her linker-uppers, it is the best idea for a post, i guess i should finally dig down deep and explain what that the hell is going on. i mean, i have been hinting at the huge cluster-fuck of a mind that i have been having, and the possible need of therapy; but it's not something that i've wanted to talk about until now. and i apologize in advance if this post doesn't flow and is all over the place.

you see, life has been crazy lately; but not in the crazy that you would think. i don't have a job yet- granted i have been looking, but you kinda need to send your shit too; it's part of a daunting process that all college grads hate. i am talking crazy in the sense that i can't fucking remember shit. apparently i just have way too much going on in my brain, and unless i write shit down, it ain't getting remembered. just call me post-it note queen. and it's really getting on my nerves. i mean, do you know how much money that i have paid out in credit card late fees over the past four-ish months. way too much!

then there is the issue with the hubby's upcoming back surgery. guess what... after going to a back doctor for almost six months and being on restriction at work for the majority of that time, the doctor now doesn't want to do surgery. wtf! basically the hubby went in to his appointment, told the doc he wanted to schedule surgery, and the doc told him to seek a second opinion. you were his second opinion! are you kidding me?! so basically we are seeking the help of pain management, and starting the process over. i mean, my husband could die on his way to work- his driving leg has been going numb due to a pinched nerve or two in his middle back- and his second opinion back doctor just jacked us around for six months. i could just scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am also freaking out about my gall bladder surgery next week, but that's so minimal compared to everything else. i know i will be ok- it's just my anxiety rearing it's ugly lil head. and i really hate the fact that i have to take a week off work for it. you see, i work part time, and i only work three days a week due to free babysitting from my parents and hubby- so my paycheck for surgery will have one week on it. good thing my hubby works. and speaking of my job- yes, i love my job, and i couldn't be happier with my co-workers or what i'm actually doing- but i'm starting to get super irritated with the lack of work hours. i do supervised visitation, and basically if a visit cancels, then i don't work. this has been happening a lot, and i'm super tired of it. 

i know i've only scratched the surface, and trust me, there's more; but i can't think anymore, and i'm going to leave it at that. 
ps: i'm also linking up with liz, and i think you should check out my facebook page (i revealed the new blog design there). 

june birchbox review

ok, i think it's safe to say, this month's birchbox was the top contender for my favorite... i loved every product it contained!

for those of you who don't know what Birchbox is, in a nutshell, you receive 4-5 samples and 1 full size product every month according to the beauty profile that you fill out. you receive beauty products (which includes hair and makeup) and one lifestyle item for $10 a month. you also can cancel at any time. it's a pretty nice "try before you buy" service, as no box is ever the same.

the theme of june's box was "away we go" and birchbox teamed up with jetblue to bring us a fun box full of things that you could take on vacation with you. and as a bonus, you could enter to win a round-trip airfare from jetblue by instagramming a pic of your box and/or a fun little travel quiz. yeah, i hope i win, cause i really want to go see my bestie in dc. 

this was my amazing box:

i had seen the sneak peak video of this months box, and had prayed that i would receive the eqyptian magic cream... why you ask? well, other then it apparently being a cult favorite, it works on sunburns; and i had burnt rather badly the day before. so, when i checked my e-mail and saw that my box had arrived, i rushed down to my mailbox. i got back, opened it, and ta-da! it was in there!!! i was sooo happy.

basically i used the cream, and loved it! it took the heat away, and soothed my dry skin, so needless to say, i will be ordering it in the near future.

right before using the cream, i decided to take a shower, and use my new shampoo and conditioner. now, maybe i should tell you guys that i am a ride or die redken girl, but the davines was ah-mazing! the shampoo smelled so fresh and clean, didn't weight my thin hair down, and had a great lather! and it had a decent amount in the bottle. in contrast, the conditioner was rather small, and i was only able to get one use out of it, but it did make my hair feel like silk.  love love love. the davines oi was also rather small, and unfortunately, even the smallest amount made my hair greasy... yeah, i wasn't a fan.

i also really liked the vasanti brightenup! it's an exfoliator, and believe it or not, smelled really good. crazy, huh. it also wasn't overly gritty- which means that it didn't irritate my sensitive skin- and made my face rather smooth. 

the eyeliner was really nice- even though i'm not a silver eyeliner type of gal- but i would buy it in black. it went on smoothly, and stayed through an 8-hour workday. and wasn't over glitzy, when i layered eye shadow over it.

and the perfume... wow! it was so light, airy, girly, not overly powering, and didn't smell like ole' lady (yes, i just said that). in my opinion, it is a great summer/fall perfume.

remember i said something earlier about the travel quiz? well, i got san fran! never been, but would love to go- my cousin lives out there.

if you would like to learn more about birchbox, you can do it here.
if you would like to sign-up for birchbox, you can do that here.
if you would like to see my previous month's birchboxes, you can do that here.

sunday social

happy sunday friends!

today i decided to be different, and actually post, and participate in sunday social. why you ask? well, because i finally feel like i'm starting to get my shit together... and i need to take a break. ha! anyways- first some news.

one | you know that much awaited blog redesign? well, lil man fell asleep early not one, but two nights this week, and i was finally able to work on it. i am super excited! i redesigned my about me page, and i'm adding a "best of" page also. i also decided to make it go live in july. #newmonthnewme

two | to celebrate the blog redesign and the birth of our great nation, i will be offering a discount code for the etsy shop in july.... oh yes, be excited. because i am also going to be throwing a summer sale! 

three | i finally found a planner that i am seriously psyched for. no, i am not talking about the coveted whitney english or erin condren planners... i am talking about the beautiful and simple family planners from plumpaperdesigns. i will be buying it this week, and i would like to send a big thank you to anne for introducing me! 

well, that's all i got, so let's get social!

Sunday Social

one | what's your favorite scary movie?
i have so many, but my top would have to be the nightmare on elm street series- i own all of the dvds.

two | what is your favorite weird tv show you think no one else watches?
mysteries at the museum on the travel channel. basically the show showcases five objects from different museums all over the US, and tells the story behind it. i have over 10 episodes on my dvr... i love history, what can i say?

three | what is the song you can sing all the words too without any music?
don't laugh... "wannabe" by the spice girls. i was in elementary when it came out, and well, apparently it was the big hit. and it's practically my go-to song in karaoke. another one is "write this down" by george strait. i guess i should have picked that one first, huh?

four | what is your favorite book to re-read?
belly laughs by jenny mccarthy or are you there vodka, it's me chelsea by chelsea handler.

five | what is the one website that you visit more times a day than others?
indeed and pinterest.
i guess you can say that i am looking for a job, and in the meantime, things to fill my time?

that's all folks :)

#tlcvoxbox review

i'm a member of influenster, and from time to time, they send out complementary boxes full of stuff to individuals for reviewing purposes. these boxes are called voxboxes.

i have received a couple of boxes, and this time i received the #tlcvox box; which was sent to moms. the #tlcvoxbox included a shell fuel rewards card, a coupon for a free tube of breyers gelato indulgences, puffs to go, neosporin neo to go, ivory bar soap, and avon anew reversalist express wrinkle smoother. 

in all honesty, i was actually a little disappointed in this box. sure, i shouldn't be saying that, but i pride myself in being completely honest with you guys. i mean, i have gotten way better boxes from influenster, and the other three boxes they sent out in june were 110% better. 

but this review isn't about my feelings towards the box, it's purpose is to review the products inside the box.

first, i was actually happy with the coupon for the free gelato. i had never tried gelato, and was very impressed overall. it tasted smoother then regular ice cream, and came in tiramisu. mmmmm. i will definately be going back to get another flavor in the future. second, i liked that in the box was the neo to go. as a mom, you never know what can happen, so having a sprayable neosporin in case of accidents, is a great idea. i haven't used it yet, but i'm happy to have it just in case. the third and final thing that i liked was the puffs. i love puffs, because they don't tear easily, and hold alot of snot. yes, i just said that. i have allergies, and so does my son, and well, allergies = snot. 

i won't be using the ivory- i have an allergy to it- but i will be heading to pinterest to find another use for the soap bar :) the fuel rewards- which hasn't been activated as of yet- can help people save alot of money, and is a great idea. it's rather nice to see shell jumping on the rewards train. and last but certainly not least, the avon anew wrinkle smoother. personally, i don't have any wrinkles- so i can't attest to it's wrinkle smoothing powers- but i can tell you that it made my face rather soft, and smoothed out my under eye area. 

so overall, yes, i was a little disappointed in the box itself- but not the products. 

askin' the man on the moon for another week like this

yesterday i was reading haley's post. she was talking about her life as a stay at home mom, and even tho it's not glamorous, her story still matters. i loved the way she shed a different light on being a regular mom with a loving kid, who doesn't always plan "this is going to be blogged about" days. and it made sense. another post that further hit home, was samantha's post about her plans for an "adult weekend". as she put it: things she was doing as an adult with two kids: normal weekend stuff. go read it to see what i'm talking about.

why am i starting with this? earlier in the week, i was kinda bummed that i wasn't able to link up with sarah and helene for the second #totalsocial: what does your 9-5 look like, because i felt like i didn't have anything blog worthy to share. i mean, who really wants to read that i wake up, change a diaper, watch some tv, maybe clean, maybe get dressed, etc. it ain't glamorous. i mean, sure i'm a crafty person, but i don't do crafts on a daily weekly basis; i love make up, but i don't put it on daily; i love my son, but i hate his tantrums, and sometimes i really don't like going outside... yeah, this list can go on and on.

i guess the jist of all this is: i have wants and dreams and advice to share, and my story matters. 

anyways, on with the show.

happy friday friends! 

today is the day that we take a look back at the awesome moments from the week! 

one | for my mom's birthday on sunday, i took her out for mother/daughter pedis, and my nails look seriously amazing! word to the wise- don't wear a maxi to a pedi- it's uncomfortable and the back of your dress will get wet.

two | if you're a regular rider on this crazy train, then you would have known that also on sunday we (my family & i), threw my mom a surprise 50th...  basically pedis + family + a bottle of champagne + three bottles of wine + fireworks + bonfire = best. sunday. ever. (#sorrynotsorry for the 2nd recap- it was the highlight of my week)

two | the hubby has been talking about doing "family things" because apparently i suck, and spend all of my time on the computer doing who knows what; so when a friend invited us to the beach, i had the bright idea to say sure. long story short, overall it was an awesome day, but i am not a fan of the beach itself- i am still lobster red (i did put on sunscreen and it wasn't expired) and we were all so tired afterwards. 

three | target's cartwheel app had a coupon for 40% off of flip flops this week.... and yep, i stocked up at $1.50 a pair. score!

four | my favorite summer show- rookie blue- is back! i am so happy! even though i am seriously missing grey's and chicago fire, the hottie cops in rookie blue should be enough to hold me over till fall :) 

five | i heard this song on the radio the other day... and yes, i am a country girl at heart. enjoy!

well, that was my week! how was your's?

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beauty review | ulta summer glam beauty essentials


a few weeks ago, i purchased the ulta summer glam beauty essentials sampler kit, and completely fell inlove. honestly, i was hesitant about buying it, because it cost $28, but soon discovered that it was well worth the price and more!

the kit includes: 

the kit is supposed to be full of deluxe and regular samples of the summer's seven must-have beauty essentials, but the first thing i noticed was the full size laura geller eye shadow and stila lip glaze. that right there is a combined price of $27, so you can figure out why my hesitation went away. and both products are amazing! i had never tried a cream eye shadow before, but when applied first, the rose gold is a beautiful color and acts as a "primer" for the other colors. and the lip glaze- such a beautiful, sheer pink.

i had always wanted to try butter london's nail polishes, but i wasn't willing to pay the $15 for a bottle. so basically, i was excited to try the deluxe sample. the nail polish was a beautiful red/pink combination, and the polish actually goes on like paint- which is odd for a nail polish. but it stayed chip-free for over two weeks on my toes (i went for a pedi with my mama for her birthday), and i was wearing flip-flops almost the entire time. definitely would be worth the price. 

the mascara is more for lengthening, but it's a strong contender for my bad gal lash (which i love). i wore it to the beach, and guess what? yep, no raccoon eyes. and i love me some bronzer, especially ones that smell like chocolate. btw, the bronzer also works for a wide range of skin tones, as it is super build-able.

unfortunately, i really wasn't a fan of the lash genius. maybe, i just didn't use it right? i don't know, but it didn't do anything for me. and i was severely disappointed in the size of the porefessional- it was super tiny. i mean, i love me some porefessional, and just wish it would have been bigger. but then again, i didn't buy the kit for the benefit product inside. 

this is the reason i bought it and you should too:

so let's do some math (rather, i will do it for you)
anastasia lash genius (0.11 oz)- worth: $12.16 
benefit the porefessional (0.1 fl. oz.)- worth: $4.13
butter london nail lacquer in snog (0.2 oz.)- worth: $7.50
laura geller beauty cool lids cream eye shadow in rose gold goddess (0.26 fl. oz.)- full size: $19.00
stila lip glaze in strawberry lemonade (0.05 fl. oz.)- full size: $8.00
tarte lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara (0.16 fl. oz.)- worth: $13.34
too faced chocolate soleil matte bronzer (0.14 oz.)-worth: $12.00

add it up: $76.13

therefore, you are getting $76 bucks of product for $28. yep, that's an amazing deal.

things that irritate me

*today's post is brought to you by yet another sunburn... #redheadproblems


happy wednesday friends! 

instead of my normal humpday confessions, i am going to talk about some things that irritate me.. k? k.

1. blog design. i've been talking about this thing since last week, and you know what i've done? nothing. nada. zilch. sure, i've changed my profile pics, on all of my social medias, to match each other, and gotten my color scheme almost down pat; but as to changing anything on the blog- yeah no. i really think it will be july before this damn thing goes live. #bloggerproblems

2. sunburns. if you don't follow me on ig (shameless plug) then you wouldn't have known about my other sunburn- aka the one i got two weeks ago. yesterday we were at the beach, and even though i put on sunscreen, i still burnt. hello, my name is tabitha, and i am part lobster. #fyousun, fyou

3. people that think having a baby will make it all better. listen up yo, a baby will not make a relationship better, it will not make a person grow up, it will not put a ring on it, and you are dumb for thinking that. the end.

4. people that bitch about how hard it is being a parent, and then in the same breath announce that they are pregnant with their 2nd, 3rd, etc child. c'mon, really? i'm so tired of hearing people doing this. yes, children are a blessing, and no, you shouldn't apologize for having another, but stop bitching about how your children drive you nuts (we all know they do), and take some flippin birth control. 

5. 16 & pregnant. i was watching a couple of episodes last night- because i couldn't sleep- and i wanted to throw the remote at the tv. there was this one guy that got pissed at his gf because she she didn't want to have sex with him (she was afraid of getting pregnant again), and she was like "well it feels like you're just with me for the baby". his face said it all. oh, and she got pissed at him for not holding his son in 4 days. his response- that's your job, and i want him to be independent. the kid was 3 months old. #growthefup #useprotection

*please don't take offense if you were a teen mom. i am just tired of people saying woe is me, and boo hoo, i have a baby, but i have to finish hs, and it's so hard. we all get it. if you were the exception, you are amazing- btw, i know a few. 

6. driving. i'm going to do a whole post on this one. 

7. the beach. don't get me wrong, i love the beach, but not the hot as hell sand, the skinny bitches in bikinis that make me feel self conscious, the sand in my ass, and the nasty water- i live in indiana, and going to the beach consists of swimming in lake michigan. basically i would rather clean up dog vomit then swim in the water. ick. but my feet still like to soak in the water, and the exfoliation is amazing. 

ok, i think i'm going to stop there... sure there is more, but i really don't want to sound like a bitch- which i promise i'm not. sometimes it just feels good to get some shit off your chest, especially when your linking up with kathy. oh, and the lovely liz for some blog hoppin'!

que sera sera


*disclaimer- this post is brought to you by three shared bottles of wine :) (yes, i wrote it sunday night)

before i jump into this, let me see a show of hands of all the peeps out there that love some j.law. sure, she hasn't done anything noteworthy lately, but damn, she is so relateable. 

anyways, i was reading a post by whitney the other day, and something dawned on me... i haven't the faintest idea of who actually reads my blog. sure. i know that my mom and my bestie read it on an almost daily basis, and i have an idea of who is following via bloglovin, gfc, and social media (btw, i love each and every one of you!), but i don't really know who is reading what i write. and that's a little scary.

i guess it actually comes with the job, though. i mean, here i am, enjoying the fact that i am broadcasting my deepest, darkest fears, happy wants & dreams, and thoughts & feelings for whoever wants to read and actually getting off on their comments (thank the heavens that they are happy comments). shit, all i have to do is talk about the complete clusterfuck that is my head right, now, and i may just wind up in the nut house right next to whitney. sorry- that's for another post.

what i'm getting at, is that we bloggers put ourselves out there, knowingly. we know that unless the blog is private, whatever we write and publish is public. public knowledge. and we are ok with that. yeah, book me in nut house room 39, and is there anyway that i can get a massage on admittance?

but my question is... can what i write affect my chance of obtaining gainful employment? i mean, you guys only know me as tabitha r or tl_tinywishes, right? and if you google me, i really think you will find a lot of results- 13 million to be exact- and that's awesome! for reals.

back to my question- since i have the anonymity going for me, i don't tell interviewers that i have a blog, and i'm not talking about the "shittier parts" of my life, can having a blog actually affect my chance of getting that big girl job? cause i hope the hell not.

and i really hope no ex-friends or ex-boyfriends read my corner of the dot.com world, cause that would just be super awkward when i use them for a laugh... right whit?

but then again... que sera sera.

i'm not slurrin' my words, i'm speakin' in cursive

yeah, that pretty much sums up sunday...

anyways, happy monday friends! sunday was an amazing day. not only was it father's day, it was also my mama's 50th birthday. yes, i just said fifty.

wait, i'm getting ahead of myself- so allow me to explain the awesomeness of sunday!

well, my mama, being my mama, told me, my brother, and my dad that she didn't want a party to celebrate the fact that she was turning a half a century, but she was kinda bummed that she had to share her day with father's day. so after all the shit that my mama has gone through over the past week (to preserve her privacy, i told her that i wouldn't talk about exactly what), the three of us conspired to throw her a surprise party... 

to start off the day, me and lil man went to give my dad and mama their respective gifts, and then i took my mama for some mother/daughter pedicures; which was definitely needed- at least from my point of view. 

after gettin our nails did, we went home... and then my mama started freaking out. you see, we had planned a "family" cook out that she knew about, but dad told her that alot of the invited people couldn't make it (on the flip side, i think it kinda hurt that she thought the people didn't want to spend her birthday with her- but it was for the greater good). so when she saw a bunch of cars in the driveway, she started freaking out on me. 

but it was all worth it. because when she saw all the people, she almost cried. 

i could go on and on about the food we ate, the stories we told, the gifts my mom received, and the fun we had, but i think i will let the pictures do the talking...

because once the wine cork was popped, everything else went downhill, esp my mama. 

pedis + family + a bottle of champagne + three bottles of wine + fireworks + bonfire =
best. sunday. ever.

oh, don't forget, until tuesday, use code birthday50 for 50% off your entire order at the etsy shop! yeah, you know you want a new wine glass or jewlery! and i'm linking up with: bella | lisa | rachael | lisa

the dog says it all

happy friday friends!

guess what! i'm actually on top of my shiz, and this post was scheduled last night! score!

so onto my week :) 

one | i went to the doc on monday, and well, i was right about the whole surgery thing. it's scheduled for july 3, which sucks but it was the first available date, and i am seriously freaking out. i know it's only gallbladder surgery, and complications are rare, but it's my first actual "organ removal" surgery... and they said something about putting a tube down my throat. um, yeah, not cool. apparently i will be asleep for insertion and removal, but come on. i know i'm being irrational about being scared, but i really don't like being in pain or taking meds. for example- after my c-section, i chose darvocet over tylenol 3- because i didn't want to be "high" with a new born. and apparently my endorphins were at an all time high, because i really wasn't in pain. whatever- off subject again, so we will just move on. 

two | i am finally getting my head together, and starting to fill out job applications. i have found some positions that i really want, so hopefully i will have a full-time position by next month. 

three | we went to golden corral this week for dinner, and even though the service was crap, we still got cotton candy :)

four | on wednesday i confessed that it's my mom's 50th birthday this weekend, so to celebrate i am offering everyone a 50% off coupon for the etsy shop... here's the code... birthday50 yes friends, now is the time to grab up one of those blogger wine glasses that you have been dying to get your hands on :)

five | my budding love for peonies has given me the motivation to grab some vases from home depot and fill them with the beautiful flower... unfortunately, i will be going today to grab said vases, so you should see them on next week's recap.

six | i'm getting ready to do a blog redesign soon, so be looking out for it. i know i just redesigned like two or so weeks ago, but seriously i don't like it- it's a good thing that i did it myself, or i would be so mad. i am still in the designing process, but one thing's for sure- i want something romantic, centered around pink, and representative of what i want this blog to be.

seven | i really love music, but i don't have anything new for you guys this week. sad face. but i do have one of my favorite train songs... 

yeah... so i'm gonna go grab a glass of wine, and hope for a better week next week! 
oh, don't forget to wish your dad, step-dad, grandpa, or father figure in your life a happy father's day on sunday :) 
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the peony

a few weeks back, i was reading erin's post about certain trends that have seriously blown up this year, and one of those trends was the peony; pink peonies specifically. basically, erin was talking about how she can't scroll through her instagram without seeing a picture of the beautiful flower, and personally, i'm really not surprised.

i mean, the peony is a beautiful flower. it is tranquil and feminine, and there is no wonder why people of all walks of life would love them; they smell so fresh and clean. yes, they have seem to blow up this year, maybe due to the fact that they bloom in may and june, and have a rather short shelf life (as do almost all real flowers), and it is wedding season after all, but maybe there is another reason? maybe it's because bloggers may be, in a sense, trendsetters?

hell, there is no maybe about it... bloggers run this mutha. ha!

no, but really now. if you follow me on insta, you may have noticed the overload of peony pictures... and i'm here today to explain myself (not that i should have to or anything).

you see, yes, i do follow erin, and i always "like" her peony pictures. one day, i was out in my yard, and i realized a rather pretty "look a-like peony", but it was in red. so, i looked it up. it turned out to be a black panther tree peony. 

i also noticed a bunch of plants next to it. when i asked my grandmother about them, she told me that my great-grandmother had had a love for peonies, and they were planted in two different gardens. 

for the next week, and as i am writing this, the white, light pink, ivory, deep reddish-purple, and fushia peonies continued to bloom. i seriously couldn't believe my eyes. the gardens outside of my house, which was filled with indiana soil, had actually grown pink peonies to rival the ones on the streets of manhattan. holy f'in crap.

they are beautiful flowers, and like i said earlier- smell amazing, but the reason that there may be an overload is due to the fact of my yard having a serious lack of my favorite flower- the lily. and the second reason, may be the fact that peonies don't smell like funerals, like lilies do.

basically- i love the look of lilies (i have one on my left shoulder), but i hate their smell, so if my hubby ever buys me flowers, he will only get one or two, not a whole bouquet. but, i'm getting off topic.

you see, it may seem as if, i am jumping on the bandwagon and loving peonies, just because my neighbor's sister's friend does, and quite simply, this isn't the case.

i love peonies because they are one of the things that i have left of my great-grandmother. you see, she is the one who planted both gardens of peonies, and unfortunately, she passed away in 2008. i miss her everyday, and hope that she is looking over me and my lil guy.

you see, loving peonies and picking them to display on my porch and what not, makes me feel closer to her in a way. 
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