Someday I will...

I woke up this morning and came to the blatant realization that today is actually Wednesday, and my Wordless Wednesday post was early. Oops... Maybe in my subconscious, it may have been a preemptive strike at my tendency to procrastinate? Or a strike at my usual lateness? I don't know, but whatever the reason, I feel like I need to redeem my airheadness.

If you read my first post or page titled Thirty by Thirty, you would have read a bunch of my goals to accomplish by the time I'm 30. This post may seem like it's one of those things, but I promise you, it's not. This post is about redemption and defining myself. And linking up!!!

The Daily Tay

So, I promise, someday I will keep track of the days of the week, and not wear my Monday panties on Thursday. In the same thought, someday I will stop being late (laughs). Someday, I will also try to wake up with my alarm clock, or even better yet, just give up on the whole idea. It's been twenty-seven years, and it's time for me to realize that I am NOT a morning person, and never will be. Even my child has my sleeping till noon tendencies. Yes, I am exaggerating, but it's bad.

Someday I will stop procrastinating and learn better time management skills. Ain't never gonna happen... see above.

Someday I will quit shopping. Yeah, someday I will also try not to lie about the shopping thing. So instead, someday I will also walk into Target, and not come out with $60 in crap that I didn't need.

Someday I will buy a house well, after I quit shopping, and on that day, I will rejoice that me and the hubby are able to have our own bedroom.

Someday, I will realize that I am in my late 20s, and my version of old school just doesn't link up to this generation's version of old school. Me- Coolio, them- Britney Spears... shakes head because I'm living in a gangsta's paradise

Someday I will fill up my gas tank when the price is under $3.00, instead of waiting till after I go to Wal-Mart and the gas station just made the nearly 30 cent jump, and a gallon of gas is now $3.29. Yeah, someday I will remember that I drive a Trailblazer, and it takes almost $60 to fill that shit up.

Someday I will stop second guessing myself, and someday I will also learn to bite my tongue.

Someday I will learn that maybe education is not the answer, and I should have stopped while I had the chance, and wasn't a bazillion dollars in debt to federal government. (After 8 years, three colleges, and four majors later, I graduated with my Bachelor's and within a year, enrolled in Grad school.)
Someday I will put all of my writings together, and publish a short story book full of drama, suspense, and erotica.

Someday I will be able to put my lil man on that big yellow school bus, like he's been asking me to do, even though I will be bawling my eyes out the whole time. (He's 3...)

Someday I will grow my blog following, because I know that there are some likeminded people out there.
Someday I will buy tickets to another BSB and N'SYNC and NKOTB reunion concert. I can't stand to say bye bye bye to their music, and thank you Justin Timberlake for bringing them onto the MTV music awards, even if Robin Thicke was gettin jiggy wit it on Miley nah nah nah na-na nah nah (gosh, I miss Will Smith).
Someday I will host my own link up.
What will you do someday?
Anyone else have that "one day" song from the commercial in your head? Maybe it's just me and I watch too much TV.
So... I know I have done a lot of link ups, but I seriously love doing them, especially this one (I had a lot of fun). Link ups give me the opportunity to discover more bloggers, and in return give me more page views, therefore putting my blog in a position to either be liked or followed.


My seven deadly sins...

Hello all my Halloween spooky peoples! So, since it's less than a week till Halloween, I have decided to do another fun post. I found this link-up over on Whispering Sweet Nothings, and I thought it might be fun for me to do, and for you to read!
Pride: Seven great things in your life
 1. My Husband.
He is the one person who knows me best, understands me, and loves me for me (even all of my quirks.)
2. My lil man.
I never knew true, sometimes downright queasy, love before I laid eyes on the child. He is truly my heart, and I would do anything for him.
3. My Job.
I am seriously in love with my job (even though I wish it paid more).
4. My education.
I finally graduated with my BSCJ in May 2012, after 8 years in college. I was able to hold down a part-time job, be a full time stay-at-home mom, and I was a full-time student.
5. My parents.
They have helped me out so much over the past few years.
6. My friends.
My mom always said that you only need enough friends that you can count on one hand (5). I have a couple of really great ones!
7. Kid's shows.
Yes, it's an odd one to put here, but I love kid's shows that I can throw on for the lil man, and have 30 minutes to myself to do the dishes, laundry, or whatever.
Envy: Seven things you lack and covet
1. Sleep
2. Time
3. Money
4. Long Nails
5. Motivation
6. Exercise
7. Patience (sometimes)
Wrath: Seven thing that make you angry
1. Leaving the toilet seat up
2. People's intolerance of others
3. Student Loans
4. People who can't drive
5. Drama
6. Retards who hurt animals and children
7. People who say that they are going to do something, and then don't
Sloth: Seven thing that you neglect to do
1. Homework
2. Laundry (until I have to)
3. Keeping in touch with friends :(
4. Keeping up with all of lil man's photo albums (1 yr, 2 yr, etc)
5. Spend more time with my Grandparents
6. Read
7. Pay bills 
Greed: Seven worldly material desires
1. A house
2. Someone to pay off all my student loans
3. A round-trip ticket, inclusive hotel, and spending money included to all of my bucket list items on Pinterest.
4. DSLR camera
5. Claire's Closet from Clueless
6. Ulta's collection of OPI and Essie nail polishes
7. A great pair of F-me pumps (that actually make me look amazing) 
Gluttony: Seven guilty pleasures
1. Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, The Originals, and The Vampire Diaries
2. Ben & Jerry
3. Target
4. Facebook
5. Pinterest
6. Dr. Pepper
7. Gossip Magazines
Lust: Seven things you love about love
1. Butterflies
2. Connecting
3. Companionship
4. Passion
5. Happiness
6. Kissing
7. Flowers for no reason

Weekend Block Party

Hello friends! Its the weekend, and you know that I love to link up, so it's time to link up with...
Weekend Block Party Blog Linkup
So... this weekend I am going to be working on my law paper that is due on Sunday (no, it's not procrastinating because I am working on it a day earlier than it's due), painting pumpkins, and working.
My night... why did I decide to go to Grad school?

Via Pinterest
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

And it's Friday!!!

What's up party peoples? Guess what day it is!

Via Maurices Facebook Page

Does anyone else think that this week has gone way tooooo fast? I do! This week has been a blast though!

1. On Monday I made some goals... I am proud to say that I have reached 2 out of the 5! (hey, I have two more days, right?)

A) I ate a meal that didn't come from a bag and included fries.... and it was lil man approved.

B) And... I got more than 5 hours of sleep every night this week! Which was so much better than 3-4 hours a night!

C) But... The goal for not procrastinating about my required reading and paper...

Via Pinterest
2. We went to the Apple Orchard on Tuesday! Even thou it was raining, we still had a lot of fun feeding the animals, and picking up some cheesy popcorn, apple butter, authentic 100% honey, apple cinnamon doughnuts, and pumpkin doughnuts! MMM!!! (It's a family tradition to go to the orchard every year, to get some apples and pumpkins, but this year is was raining and no one could take a family picture.)

3. Me and the hubby actually were able to go to grocery shopping kidless and this is what resulted...

Instead of buying them, we picked up one for lil man, and he loves it!


A) JC Penney was having a sale on their Joe Fresh V-necks.... (At $12, I couldn't pass up the amazing deal and picked up four- Grey (not pictured), Green, Nude, and Light Purple)

B) I love Silver Jeans, but ever since having lil man three years ago, I can't bring myself to pay over $80 bucks for some jeans (I don't care how amazing they are). But, thanks to Facebook, I was able to score some plus size Silver Suki Surplus jeans for $40!!

5. I broke down and finally pulled out lil man's Halloween jammies...

This week has been a really great one!! And for an added bonus, I found a really great wine!

Be.Flirty Pink Moscato- found at Wal-Mart

Yay! Awesome week!! So here's to another great one, since I'm linking up with
Lauren @ Lauren Elizabeth
 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

Lindsey @ Follow the Ruels
Please Note: If you are an avid reader, you have realized that there had been some design changes. Since my blog is relatively new (September), I have yet to find my niche in the bloggy world. Please bear with me, and I am sorta new to all of this :) And thank you for reading!!!

Outfits and behind the scenes

Hello lovelies! I have to admit, since it's Thursday, I didn't have anything planned for today. I had to work this morning (rarity during the week), so I have decided to show you some outfits that I have taken pictures of and a couple of behind the scenes photos. (Tomorrow's Friday, so you know I will have a good post!)

It's getting cold out here in the 2-1-9, so I finally decided to break out my boots. No, they are not fashion boots, but my last year's Target winter boots. I have wide calves, so my boots are the mid-calf ones that have a button closure on the side. I love these boots. They are so comfortable!

For work today, I paired them with my skinnies, a black cardi, turquoise cami for a pop of color, and my NEW LEOPARD PRINT scarf that I had been dying for. (I still want a brown/nude leopard print one, but that's next payday.)

Boots- Target
Denim- Maurices
Cardi- Old Navy (old)
Cami- Maurices
Scarf- Wal-Mart

Such a comfortable outfit!

The second outfit that I am sharing with you is the outfit that I wore to work a couple Sundays ago. (I have a tendency to take pictures of my outfits, for "rainy day" posts like this)

(I have no idea what's up with my face...)
Sweater- JCP
Green/Yellow Undershirt- Target
Jeans- Maurices
Shoes- Mudd (very old)

While taking these pictures.... Someone walked in, said, "whatcha doin?" and then proceeded to stand in the mirror until I took his picture. #bloggermomissues
But then again he was too cute for me to get mad, and of course not take one :)
Remember when I posted about my hair product routine here?
Same thing happened :)
Well, I hope you enjoyed this kinda short post... I promise to have a kick ass one tomorrow :) Now it's time for...

Mmmm... :)

Motivational Monday

Hi! I'm Tabitha, and I will be your host. I want to start out by saying hello and welcome to a brand new week! There are six more days left for you to stop procrastinating and get your crap done. So why wait? Start now!

Does this message ever play in anyone else's head when they wake up and realize that it is Monday?

Monday's for me just aren't the same anymore. I used to work a full time Monday thru Friday job, but I realized that I missed my son too much. So, I quit to stay at home with lil man, enrolled in grad school, and now only work part-time on the weekends. Now, on every Monday, its the same ole crap, just a different day. Wake up, change lil man (I seriously can't wait until he's potty trained), make breakfast, jump on the computer to either read my daily blog reads or see what my professor has posted for the week (ah, the life of a grad student), maybe get dressed if me and lil man need to go somewhere, blah blah blah.

But... this post is not about the daily ramblings of a stay at home mom to a three year old lil man and grad student, it's about getting the motivation to make a change, and actually do something with my week. To set goals. And actually follow them! (while having a bit of fun in the process)

Here's a list of my five goals for this week:

1. Learn new smoothie recipes (because strawberries, yogurt, and pineapple juice just isn't cutting it for me anymore).
2. To turn my lil pumpkins into an owl, even though instead of looking like the pinterest tutorial, it may look like a pinstrosity.

3. To actually not wait till the last minute to read the required reading and write my five page law paper that is due on Sunday.
4. To eat a meal that doesn't come pre-made and in a bag with fries.
5. To get more sleep (although I don't think that with the required readings, this will happen)
My goals for this week are simple enough. After all, its primarily about motivation. Right?
Oh, and BTW... did you know that it's 10 more day till Halloween?!

Being a {boy} mom

Being a {boy} mom is a blissful challenge in itself, and sometimes I wonder what the heck I am actually doing.
First, let's start from the beginning.... When I found out I was pregnant, I dreamed of having a girl- A little tutu wearing, clothes obsessed, glitter makes everything better, mini me. What woman doesn't want that? 20 weeks later, at a doctor ordered 3d ultrasound, my husband rejoiced in the fact that he would soon have a son, while I secretly cried. What did I know about raising a boy? What about those pretty dresses?
Fast forward a couple of weeks... I soon came to realize that little girls are too damn expensive (because you want buy up all that cuteness) and slowly became happy knowing that I was having a boy. (I would have been happy either way, as long as the baby was healthy) On the day that my son was born, I experienced love at first sight. I was out of it, from the epidural that I had to have (since I was having a C-section), but when those gorgeous blue eyes looked up at me for the first time, I was smitten and knew that I had been blessed with this tiny miracle for a reason.
The first day home, my mom stayed with me and lil man for a couple of hours, since my hubby was DJing a wedding (long story). My mom had taught me to change lil man's diaper in hospital, so the first change at home, I was on my own. My mom watched and took pictures (it was my first solo diaper change, and we like to document stuff... ) as I took lil man's diaper off, grabbed a fresh one, removed the gauze from his circ, and then I screamed. He looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and I was covered in pee. He peed on me! My mom then proceeded to laugh, taking pictures the whole time, as I cried. Damn hormones! I really had no idea what I was doing.
Throughout the past three years, both my husband and I have gotten peed and pooped on, so we had both come to the understanding that we just didn't know what we are doing in that department. Yes, I just said pooped on. (maybe TMI, but explosive diarrhea is the worst!) Now that we finally have the diaper changing down, it time for potty training. Guess who gets to teach lil man how to pee pee in the potty? One guess, and it's not Daddy.
Other than bodily functions, I have had to familiarize myself with {boy} toys and {boy} ways. I grew up with a little brother, so I had some idea in that department. Trains, trucks, construction vehicles, ect... you name it, we have had it in our possession within the past three years. On the flip side, my son loves to be outside. He will run around with no shoes on, jump in puddles, play in the mud, and pick flowers for me. He gets so dirty! But, like everyone says, that's a boy. Do girls like to get dirty too?
via Pinterest
But, through out the years, I have come to realize that I do have a mini me. Granted he doesn't wear tutus, but he has cute shirts that say "my mom's hot". He is a little clothes obsessed, and likes to change his clothes a couple times a day (if we let him). And, I'm pretty sure he would like glitter. He watches me do my makeup... then wipes his finger in his palm and wipes the finger on both of his eyes.... so cute when he does it! He's definitely a momma's boy through and through :)

The past three years have definitely been a learning experience. My lil man has taught me how to slow down and watch the birds (or the occasional plane that flies over our house), how to enjoy taking a walk in our yard to explore and catch bugs, how to pick up legos with a loader and put them in a dump truck, and so many more simple things that make me happy to say that I love being a {boy} mom!

And the kicker... last night, as I was laying him down for bed, he brought his hand to my cheek and said, "you're my best friend" (in this country twang voice). Melted my heart. 

via Pinterest

Friday... I'm in love! (Weekly Recap)

This week has been a really busy one. If you have read my "About" page, you would have read that I am currently pursuing my Master's degree. The program that I choose is through Trine University, and it's a year long, but the drawback is that I have two classes every 8 weeks. Which means, that I have a final project/paper and final exam due every eight weeks, with no breaks. This is the week for that, so being the procrastinator that I am, I waited to work on the papers until the last minute.

Granted it has been a really busy week, I did have five really good things happen!

1. While on a trip to JC Penney, to pay my bill, I decided to look around. Good thing I did, because I found two shirts- one sleeveless and a sweater- for under $15 with discounts and percentages off. Made me happy :)
2. I finally was able to finish lil man's thank you cards from his birthday (almost 3 weeks ago). All I have to do is stuff them in envelopes and send 'em out.
3. We went to the pumpkin patch. We took a (really long) hayride to go find some pumpkins, lil man got to pet a pig and a donkey, and he fell asleep on the way home. A great day for the whole family.
4. Lil man told me that he wanted to be a fireman for Halloween right after his birthday. I have been searching for a fireman costume that I was comfortable buying for the past weeks. I finally found one at K-Mart, and he couldn't be happier. (this is a stock picture, because I don't want to ruin the surprise of the Halloween post) 
5. I found some small pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and I am going make an owl with them. I found a tutorial on how to paint two pumpkins on Pinterest, and I am super excited to try it. For now, they make a cute decoration on my window in my kitchen.
There you have it, my five highs for the week. I hope you enjoyed, since I am linking up with:
Lauren for "High Five for Friday"
Lindsey for "Friday Favorites"
Jennie for "Friday Favorites"

Fall Wish List

I know we are a ways into Fall, but I wanted to share my Fall wardrobe wish list, which would update my closet for the upcoming seasons. The pieces that I am lusting over, have a transitional winter style as well. I love cardigans, boots, and sweaters. I have also recently gotten into wearing scarves (a little late on the scarf train, I know). I love shopping at Maurices, Forever 21, Target, and Payless. They all have relatively cheap pieces, which would fit any budget. Maurices also has awesome sales (I got a shirt at the end of summer for around seven bucks). BTW... If you love cardigans- Wal-Mart has some really cheap ($12.94) ones, and they come in an assortment of colors. :)
Fall Wish List

From Medusa... to beautiful. An overview of my daily hair products.

Hair. A woman's best friend, and worst enemy. It comes in many colors, textures, lengths, and can be manipulated into thousands of different styles (and thanks to Pinterest, you don't have to have that much skill anymore). It can also make or break you.

Ivana Trump once said, "Gorgeous hair is the best revenge", and Iris Apfel said, "If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with everything."

I, like many other women, have a want need for beautiful hair. Due to this need, I have developed a love for the messy bun. Hey, it's easy, takes less than five minutes, and looks amazing. But, when I'm not in the mood for a messy style, I like my hair shiny, sleek, and straight, especially when I wake up looking like Medusa.

This post is meant to give you an overview of my daily hair product that I use to achieve my shiny, sleek, and straight hair.

Btw, I am not wearing any makeup in the above pictures. I have just washed my face and put lotion on.

I have an assortment of hair sprays, heat protectants, surf sprays, anti-humidity sprays and creams, dry shampoos, leave in conditioners, shampoos, and conditioners, basically a product arsenal that could very well rival most hair salons. I  never throw any product out (unless it's icky, sticky, or down right nasty), but through all of my testing, I have my daily "tested and loved" old faithful's. They are a perfect combination to take me from looking like Medusa, to looking beautiful and amazing.

Flat Irons: I use a one inch Wigo (pink) that I had gotten on sale at Ulta about two years back, and a two inch Conair (black) Flat iron that I have had for over four years. I use the two inch for my bottom layers, and the one inch for my top layer and bangs. I have also used an Instyler, but I have a lot of damage, so my broken ends tend to "reach for the sky", when I do use it. (I have been lusting over a Chi flat iron from Ulta, but I am not ready to spend almost $100 on a flat iron, when my son likes to play with mine, when they are not hot of course.)

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush: I don't wash my hair everyday, it's so thin, and if I did, then I wouldn't be able to do anything with it. I use dry shampoo on day two and maybe three. It smells pretty, and doesn't leave my hair with the white powder residue. I will spray this on, and then blow dry, to smooth out my hair.

Kenra Volume 25 Hairspray: I love this stuff. It's amazing. A strong hold, dries quickly, and doesn't stiffen up your hair.

Nexxus Pro-Mend Heat Protector: Hair is not supposed to sizzle when you run a flat iron over it. This heat protectant doesn't weigh my hair down, seems to slow the heat damage, leaves my hair feeling soft and a little less frizzy. It's a light spray and doesn't leave any greasy feeling or residue.

Redken Real Control Thermal Resist: I spray this all over my hair before using any product. It help to detangle and seems to alleviate the static I get after drying my hair.

So, in order of what I use:
1. Redken Spray
2. Dry Shampoo
3. Blow Dry
4. Separate hair and spray Nexxus spray on each section before using iron.
5. Hairspray to seal the style with movement

Mani Monday

And... It's Monday! I love to paint my nails, who doesn't? So, it's Mani Monday!

I wanted to share with you my favorite nail colors, and the ones that I am lusting over for this Fall.
First a couple of things.
One: I am addicted to Essie, OPI, and Sephora by OPI nail polishes. Yes, I have bought other brands, like a color from Ulta that I love, but I usually just stick with those three. Maybe because the names make me laugh, or they have stayed the longest and have a wide variety of colors?
Second: I like COLOR on my toes, but not my fingers. I have rather short nails that I have been trying and retrying to grow out (I am a recovering nail bitter- Ick, I know), so any color other than a nice almost nude pink, sparkles, or clear just looks off to me. (yes, it's my hand in the picture above. It was my first time trying the nail sticker things that I found on clearance at Sephora. They lasted a week, before I grew tired of them.)
Favorite Nail Strengtheners:

Essie grow stronger nail strengthener

OPI Nail Envy

Current Favorite Colors:

OPI Bubble Bath
Makes nail beds pinker and nails whiter (like a French mani)

Essie Wicked
A deep red/burgundy
Lusting over & Can't wait to try!
*Yes,  know most of these colors may be the same, that is why you don't buy the whole collection- just pick and choose favorites*
Essie Fall Collection 2013
For the Twill of It- Maple and Olive with a reflective Shimmer
After School Boy Blazer- Deep Blue/Black
Twin Sweater Set- Crimson Red
Cashmere Bathrobe- Flannel Grey with shimmer
The Lace is on- Pearlescent Fuchsia
Vested Interest- Teal Grey
OPI San Francisco Collection 2013
It's All San Andrea's Fault, Wharf! Wharf! Wharf!, & Alcatraz... Rocks- Taupe, blue, & gray liquid sand colors
A-Piers to be Tan- A chocolate Tan
Haven't the Foggiest- Misty gray
Keepign Suzi at Bay- Navy Blue
In the Cable Car-Pool Lane- rich burgundy
First Date at the Golden Gate- Shimmery ruby
Peace & Love & OPI- Holographic sage and eggplant
Incognito in Sausalito- dark, to the point of almost being black, blue
Lost on Lombard- Garnet red
I Knead Sour-Dough- toasty warm brown
Embarca-Dare Ya!- magenta color
Dining al Frisco- A pretty sky blue
Muir Muir on the Wall- plum
 Btw... You can also check out my Pinterest board for more of my favorites :)

Friday... I'm in love!

It's Friday!! Well, technically it's my Sunday, since I usually work the weekend, but I wanted to share with you some of my highs from this week. Most people would say "high five for Friday" but since I'm pretty sure it's a copyrighted phrase, I'm just going to say... "Friday... I'm in love!" And introduce you to my Five highs of the week.

1. I may be bias, but my lil guy's smile is something that can melt anyone's heart! (Agree?)

2. Since it's Fall, I have decided to put away my beautiful Spring/Summer colored Coach Poppy purse, and bring out my black and brown one. I love Coach purses, and I have an addiction to buying them. No, I don't pay full price (that would be absurd... I have a kid, and student loans, C'mon), I usually buy them off of a Facebook group. Yes, they are used, but in GREAT condition. This one I found for $30. Yes, I just said $30 for an authentic Coach purse. BE JEALOUS :)

3. My new duvet cover from Target. I love my bed, it's so comfortable, but lately I have been hating my comforter. It was a baby blue, had weird unnoticeable, but noticeable to me stains, and we had had it for almost 5 years. Time for a change? Yep. So I found this Nate Berkus Duvet set on Target clearance for $23 (originally $89.99). I love Target!

4. I love me.... No, I am not that vain. The lace cardi I am wearing in this picture, and in picture 6, is the reason that I'm in love. I shop frequently at Maurice's, and I found this cardi on-line about a month ago. I went into the store to buy it, and they were sold out. Heartbroken! So, I talked to the manager, and she told me that I could order it through the store, but it would be full-price. I have an issue with paying $30+ for a piece of clothing (unless it's a really good pair of jeans), so I decided against it. This week, when I went in, the manager approached me, and told me that they had one in. I also had a 20% off coupon with me, so it is now mine.

5. I am now in love with Pond's luminous finish BB cream. I received it complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes about two weeks ago, but I have finally come to the realization that it is one of the BEST BB creams that I have tried, and I have tried over fifteen of them. (BB + CC cream roundup review coming soon- I promise) It's gives me great color, and glides on so smoothly! Ah-mazing!

6. Full length picture of cardi mentioned in picture #4.

There you have it. My five highs of the week. I'm hoping next week will be super awesome also.

*Remember: if you are ever having a bad day, look for a dandelion, and you will have a hundred tiny wishes to make it better*

Ps. I'm linking up with Lauren today for "High Five for Friday!"

My new Fall wardrobe staple

I am usually a jean and t-shirt type of girl, especially in the Fall. It's comfy, and you really can't go wrong with a cute pair of jeans. This Fall, thanks to Pinterest, I have decided to try and be a bit more fashionable. I tried on my skinnies, which have been sitting in my closet since last Fall, a new shirt that I picked up at goodwill, and my comfy flats. After taking a picture (not the greatest), I decided that I was so comfortable, and I looked CUTE! (Yes, my shirt was a bit wrinkled, but I didn't have time to iron before work)

Cardigan: Target
Flowered Shirt (Style no longer available, but you can find a similar one here): DressBarn
(And I may be buying the similar one soon)
Skinnies/Jeggings: Maurices
Black Flats: Payless
Owl Necklace: Forever 21
There is no need to link the tank top, as you can wear whatever one you would wish. Mine was from Old Navy.
I am so in love with this outfit! I love cardigans! And I love these flats! I was at payless about three months ago looking for some work-appropriate shoes, and came across their dexflex brand. The foot bed features a two layer insole that had memory foam. They are the most comfortable flats that I have ever worn! And the best thing? They also come in leopard, navy, nude, black, and grey AND they go up to size 13 wide! No, my feet aren't that big, but seriously that is awesome!
On a side note, I was at Wal-Mart the other day, and found some rather cheap cardigans. You should check them out. :)
So, here's to FALL!!! I am already in love with you!

Secret weapon #34: Dr. Scholl's for her comfort insoles

We as women have a knack for choosing fashion over pain, especially when it comes to shoes. We choose the cutest pair of pumps to go with a great dress, even if the heel is three inches high, and at a 90 degree angle, or that pair of sweet ass booties, because they make our calves look ah-mazing... And when our significant other asks us if our feet hurt, we get all mad and act like its their fault that we just wanted to look HOT.

I am the same way... I am a flip-flops girl, but I also love my heels. Especially my cute lil fall booties, that I bought on clearance, and have only worn a handful of time, since they KILL my feet. Well... I have found a secret weapon. Secret weapon #34, to be exact. And what is it, you ask?
I received a pair in my Mama Vox Box, from Influenster, and I am in love! They really do absorb shock, and they hug my tootsies! They make it feel like I am walking on air!! You should go out and buy a pair. I am truly happy that I was able to get a pair for free, and I am on my way to dusting off my booties, cause FALL IS HERE!
*Disclaimer: I received this product from Influenster for the purposes of reviewing*
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