Friday... I'm in love!

It's Friday!! Well, technically it's my Sunday, since I usually work the weekend, but I wanted to share with you some of my highs from this week. Most people would say "high five for Friday" but since I'm pretty sure it's a copyrighted phrase, I'm just going to say... "Friday... I'm in love!" And introduce you to my Five highs of the week.

1. I may be bias, but my lil guy's smile is something that can melt anyone's heart! (Agree?)

2. Since it's Fall, I have decided to put away my beautiful Spring/Summer colored Coach Poppy purse, and bring out my black and brown one. I love Coach purses, and I have an addiction to buying them. No, I don't pay full price (that would be absurd... I have a kid, and student loans, C'mon), I usually buy them off of a Facebook group. Yes, they are used, but in GREAT condition. This one I found for $30. Yes, I just said $30 for an authentic Coach purse. BE JEALOUS :)

3. My new duvet cover from Target. I love my bed, it's so comfortable, but lately I have been hating my comforter. It was a baby blue, had weird unnoticeable, but noticeable to me stains, and we had had it for almost 5 years. Time for a change? Yep. So I found this Nate Berkus Duvet set on Target clearance for $23 (originally $89.99). I love Target!

4. I love me.... No, I am not that vain. The lace cardi I am wearing in this picture, and in picture 6, is the reason that I'm in love. I shop frequently at Maurice's, and I found this cardi on-line about a month ago. I went into the store to buy it, and they were sold out. Heartbroken! So, I talked to the manager, and she told me that I could order it through the store, but it would be full-price. I have an issue with paying $30+ for a piece of clothing (unless it's a really good pair of jeans), so I decided against it. This week, when I went in, the manager approached me, and told me that they had one in. I also had a 20% off coupon with me, so it is now mine.

5. I am now in love with Pond's luminous finish BB cream. I received it complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes about two weeks ago, but I have finally come to the realization that it is one of the BEST BB creams that I have tried, and I have tried over fifteen of them. (BB + CC cream roundup review coming soon- I promise) It's gives me great color, and glides on so smoothly! Ah-mazing!

6. Full length picture of cardi mentioned in picture #4.

There you have it. My five highs of the week. I'm hoping next week will be super awesome also.

*Remember: if you are ever having a bad day, look for a dandelion, and you will have a hundred tiny wishes to make it better*

Ps. I'm linking up with Lauren today for "High Five for Friday!"

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