Friday's here!

Hello lovelies! I seriously can't believe that Friday is already here... crazy! It's like ever since I started this whole bloggy thing, the weeks have been going faster... Maybe it's because the week is no longer measured in time, it's measured in posts. That's blogging for you.
This week has been a great week, and I'm confident in describing it as the "best week of 2014". Yes, I know we have like 40 some more weeks left in this year, but after a non-fun-and-snow-filled-January, a great week is definitely what I needed.

one // My parents let me use their super-awesome-as-close-as-I'm-going-to-get-to-a-DSLR camera for a mini photo shoot for my upcoming giveaway (goes live on Wednesday), and for the first time since entering into the dot-com-world, I finally felt like a blogger. Granted I really don't think that I have a career in being a fashion blogger (post coming next week), but having a mini photo shoot, did an amazing thing for me- it boosted my self image.

two // Through Erin at Living in Yellow, I was introduced to Mint Sugar Boutique and this cute little love letters initial necklace. I have a "thing" for dainty little necklaces, and professing my love for my hubby, so it's perfect for me (and Erin gifted us readers with a 20% discount code in this post). And the best thing? You can customize the letters, pick the color, and choose the length. Yep, that's what I call a "full service custom" necklace. Oh... Did I mention that since receiving it, I haven't taken it off? btw, it says "T {heart} M" not "TOM."

three // I finally got my hands on one of the coveted Sugar Paper planners, and quiet simply, I am in love with it. I have never been the organizing type, but with a planner this pretty, it's going to be hard not to want to write down everything I need to do.

four // I received my Cara Box package this week. I will be revealing it early next week, but let's just say that I was simply amazed at what my partner sent me.

five // A small little Moose wandered into my mailbox, and upon opening his box, he introduced himself as Murray the Moose and asked to stay with me :) I couldn't say no. You can check out Emariecreations to 'adopt' his friends. btw, he was a custom order.

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 So, this week, I am linking up with Lauren for H45F, Jennie for Friday Favorites, Whitney for #backthatazzup, and Darci, April, Christina, & Natasha for 5 on Friday. Wow, that was a mouthful!

How was your week? Anything super awesome happen?

The PayPal statement came....

I am going to preface this post, by asking you to read my I. am. addicted... post where I talk about my addiction to buying what bloggers are advertising.

This "need to buy what other bloggers are selling advertising" thing has finally came to a stop, with a capital S. The PayPal statement came the other day. I opened it up, like every other bill, and as I was reading the charges, I nearly fainted. Sure, I monitor all of my credit cards online, including PayPal, but of course, being me, I didn't monitor this one very closely closely enough. I was floored at how much I have spent over the past month on sponsorships, Etsy shops, boutiques, etc. I take that back, I wasn't floored. I wanted to scream. I wanted to get pissed off. I wanted to cry.

But this brief moment, in which I experienced some twenty emotions, I realized something. I realized that I needed to change. I realized that I have enough jewelry, makeup, clothes, and purses. I realized that sponsoring six blogs at once, may be a bit over kill. Sure, I want to get my name out there and brand myself (I'm talking an Etsy shop, paid sponsorships, people giving me free stuff to advertise, etc.), but I don't think that I should have to kill myself, and my bank account. In summary, I realized that I needed to stop spending money.

Why is it so easy to just hit "add to basket" and "check-out with PayPal"? Whoever came up with those buttons, really needs to be smacked!

Anyways, when I came to this realization, I decided to put my foot down, and make February a "no spend" month. If you don't understand this concept, it's basically a month in which you stick to the budget, and don't buy something, unless its an essential. On a side note, this "no spend" month is going to suck especially when Whitney comes out with February's IWYP by Whitney Ellen shirt (hopefully the order deadline goes into March). I just ordered January's and I am super excited.

December's IWYP by: Whitney Ellen

Yeah, so basically, as of Friday, I am done buying what bloggers are advertising. I'm sorry guys, but it just has to be done. I figure if I quit cold turkey, when I allow myself to buy again in March, I will be more selective, and actually ask myself, "Do I really need this?" If the answer is no, then I won't buy it. Simple. Hopefully.

Oh, since it's Wednesday and I am wearing only one outfit, can you guess who I'm linking up with? If you didn't guess it, I am linking up with Bella for Confessions and Liz & Amanda for the Hump Day Blog Hop! Check 'em out, you won't be sorry :)

DIY {Painted Glasses}

Happy Tuesday Lovelies! Did you survive Monday? Yeah? Awesome! Well, I have something fun for you today!!! What is it, you ask? Well read on, and be amazed at my skills :)

A little hobby of mine, which is fueled by Pinterest, is DIY. Basically, I love to DIY everything, and if I had a sewing machine in my house, I would probably start my own clothing line. But, alas, I don't have a sewing machine, and sometimes I only have like twenty minutes to myself, due to being a stay-at-home mom to Lil Man. So, instead of turning to sewing, I decided to start crafting, if you could actually call it that.
On a side note, I grew up with a crafter mom. It was a hobby of my mother's. See, we didn't have a lot of money (we were comfortable, but not overly loaded), so when it came to buying Christmas gifts for 20+ relatives, homemade was the way to go. With my mom's help, my brother and I would make ornaments and paint wooden things to give as gifts. As I grew up, I sorta got to the point when I just didn't want to participate anymore, and crafting was no longer my second nature.
Queue launch of Pinterest...
When I heard that my step-brother was getting married a couple of years ago, I asked my soon-to-be-sister-in-law if I could paint their wedding glasses. I was addicted to trying things on Pinterest, and was dying to try one of the glittered wine glass tutorials that I had found. Long story short, she said ok, and the result turned out amazing.

Painted Bride and Groom Glasses
Bride and Groom glasses

Painted wedding party glasses
Two of the six wedding party glasses // painted in purple

The tutorial I used can be found here: DIY Glam Champagne Glasses. AND the best thing? They are all dishwasher safe and the glitter/paint will not rub off! I will explain why below.
After I completed the glasses, it became a goal of mine to start a 'Pinterest Bucket List', and try at least one DIY tutorial a week. I made jewelry, crayon art, glitter everything (except edible... kinda weird to eat glitter), scrapbook pages, painted on canvases, introduced myself to Microsoft Publisher, wrapped bottles in twine/yarn, ect. Yeah, I even got so into making jewelry that I thought I may be able to launch an Etsy shop and make a fortune. But, the dream died once I started working.
Alas life got in the way, like everything else, and I stopped my quest.
Queue Christmas.
This past Christmas, my mom reminded me that I had a brother, two step-brothers and their wives, and four nieces to buy for. Me and the hubby haven't been struggling with money, per say, but I wasn't about to spend a fortune on people I rarely see. (If either read this, I am sorry for this confession) Ok, it's not that I rarely see them by choice, it's just that they live like two hours away, and everyone's schedules conflict. Anyways, I told my friend of my dilemma, and she suggested that we make salt-dough ornaments for them. I immediately fell in love with the idea, and my finished product.

Painted Saltdough Ornaments
Salt-dough ornaments // yes, those are camo in the bottom left

Even though it took me a really long time, like a week, to finish the ornaments, I found out that I really enjoyed the painting aspect. Sure, Lil Man was all up in my face the whole time, because he wanted to paint too, but it still turned out to be an enjoyable experience. FYI Lil Man painted the "R" in the upper right-hand corner.

As you probably guessed it (or you follow me on Instagram), my love of painting has turned to glass products. Unlike the glitter wedding glasses above, I decided to start free handing. Ha! That sounds naughty. No, I was talking about actually drawing letters and such on glass.

What comes next is the reaping of my efforts to beautify my wine drinking experience :)

Painted Daisy Wine Glass
Daisy wine glass
This candle holder, which was inspired by the Anthro tumblers DIY floating around Pinterest, is actually an upcycled Febreze candle holder. You can find the tutorial on how to get old wax out of the glass holders HERE. And you can find the tutorial for the Anthro tumblers, that I used HERE.
Anthro inspired candle holder
Anthro inspired Candle holder
Basically in order to make the wine glass and candle holder above, you need: a glass item, alcohol, q-tips, paint, and an oven.

You wipe down the glass with the alcohol, paint with q-tips, and let dry. Then you stick the items in the cold oven on a baking sheet, set to 350*, and once the oven is pre-heated, let "bake" for 30 minutes. After the timer goes off, let the glass items cool down with the oven. They say that if you don't follow this, the glasses will explode. Better safe than sorry, right? Also, DO NOT OPEN the oven at anytime in the process, until the end, because they will also supposedly explode.

The 'baking' makes sure that your design will not wash off. You also have the option to let the items air cure for 21 days, but who seriously wants to wait for that?

In all, I made two wine glasses and the candle holder. Nice, huh?
Painted wine glasses
Cheers wine glass, candle holder, daisy wine glass
 I personally love making things, rather than buying from  store, because I believe homemade items are worth more. They are filled with love, sweat, and sometimes blood, and most of all, someone actually took time out of their day, and thought of you :)
Have you ever made anything homemade?
Oh, since it's Tuesday, you know I am linking up with Karly and Niki for Totally Posted Tuesday :)

Weekend Confessions

Happy Saturday darlings!

So, I know that I already confessed that blogging has changed me here, but apparently that wasn't enough for me... I feel like you need my IRL (in real life) confessions also. Yeah, I don't know why I feel this way... maybe it's my need to link up and fit in... maybe it's my need to talk about myself, I mean, why else would someone blog? Whatever the reason, it's about to get real up in here...

one... I am so tired of all of the drama. I realize that we don't live in a sugar coated world full of unicorns, but some people really need to dial back their shit. Now, this is a general objective opinion, and is in no way hinting at anyone (hence the word GENERAL), but you people gatta know, I am tired of the soap opera. Alright fine... I am talking about Facebook people. I have posted about this kinda shit before, and I hate to have to talk about it again, but it bothers me, ya know. I get all my news from Facebook, and truthfully I would rather see another selfie of your skank ass in a bar mirror, then read another status on how your man cheated on you. Dude, you gat to GTFO!
two...  I am tired of winter, and counting down the days till summer decides to peak it's little head out of it's hibernation hole.

three...  I am way over the fact that I am still in school. Granted it's for my Master's, but truthfully, I am so ready to be done.

four... I can't do the perfect ballerina bun, the amazing smokey eye, or keep my nails long, and it just sucks.

five... I have major split ends because I really hate getting my hair cut. For some reason I always walk out like this....

Not literally, but you get the picture.
six... I have a jealousy of other bloggers and I love it when they post the 'behind the scenes' photos of them looking like a tornado just went by. And I guess that's why I keep coming back to read their words like gospel. Because let's face it, bloggers with DSLR cameras and mad photoshop skills are in a league of their own and run this mother. Note to self, buy a DSLR and attempt to run this mother.
seven... I really have no idea why I have pinned 178,964 things on Pinterest. Oh, wait, I know... for a rainy day? Yeaahhh that's right... cause I'm expecting a monsoon, sometime soon. Ha! That rhymed.
eight... Something about this picture makes me laugh....

nine... I sometimes drink during the week... and sometimes it's more than one glass of wine...

ten... I love to cuddle... Yep :)

So, I feel like I could go on and on and divulge a ton of confessions, but like Fat Amy said, "Well... sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm... better not." Maybe I should listen? Anyways, linking up with Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition :)

H54F: A 'feel good' week

Happy Friday Darlings!
To be completely honest, I don't think that I am a Friday person... Allow me to explain, before y'all start saying "well, what the h-e-double hockey sticks!" My hubby works in the casino business, which means that it is open almost 24/7, and the shifts are non-traditional. Basically, he works four 10 hour shifts, Wednesday through Saturday, with Sunday through Tuesday off. And then I work Saturday through Monday, which means that Monday is my "Friday" and the first actual day I get to spend time with him, since I only work a couple of hours on Monday. So, technically speaking, my week kinda begins on Tuesday... Weird.
Anyways, I have been linking up with Lauren for awhile now, and it actually helps me look at all the good things that went on during my week. You see, I'm a full-time stay at home Mom of a three year old lil boy, whom I refer to as Lil Man on here, and I also work part-time (which I explained above). That being said, if you have children, I shouldn't need to further explain. But if you don't, then imagine your house. Now, put your house into a blender and start it up. Can you imagine that mess? Yep, that's what my house looks like on the daily. I'm going to throw this out there, raising a child is hard, but so very worth it. For each and every single time that he doesn't listen and pisses me off, at the end of the day there is a cuddle and an "I love you, Mommy." That, in a nutshell folks, is the crazy blissfulness of being a parent.
Yeah, I just unloaded a lot on you guys. Sorry, not sorry. BUT I think you deserve to see what you came here for.... the top highs/favorite moments/the culmination of my awesomeness of the week.
First, I am going to start with a fun song, which kinda describes what this link up means to me :) Ok, maybe not the whole song, but the repeatedly said "feel good".
And my week...
one... We took Lil Man to go get his hair cut on Tuesday, and afterwards went to this awesome pretzel place. The pretzels were amazing, and definitely worth the money. No, I didn't take any pictures of Lil Man getting his haircut, because a) it was his like 4th haircut and b) he kept moving the whole time, so if I would have taken some, they would have been blurry.
two... While at a weekly shopping trip to Target, I picked up two new scarves and two packs of cute little Valentine's Day cards. Oh, did I mention that the scarves were under $10 together? Score!

three... Also on that shopping trip, I picked up the remaining items I needed to buy for my Cara Box and Valentine's Day Swap box partners. I will be sending them out on Monday, and I can't wait for them to receive, open, and share with the world what they got.

four... I decided to splurge on myself this week, and pick up the Olay ProX, some sensitive face towlettes, and Essie's apricot cuticle oil. I tried the ProX, and immediately fell in love with it. My face feels so clean! And the cuticle oil... amazing! This horrible January that we have been having has been the worst on my hands, and the cuticle oil makes my nails feel 10x better.
five... I just recently put in my THIRD order at Oakleigh Rose, and I can't wait till my package arrives... And guess what! I approached the owners of Oakleigh Rose about doing a giveaway, and after some e-mails, I will be doing my first SOLO giveaway, which will go live next week. Yay! Go Me!!!

Yep, that was my week! Not bad, eh? I didn't think so either, so that why I'm linking up with: Lauren for H45F, Jennie for Friday Favorites, Whitney for #backthatazzup, and Darci, April, Christina, & Natasha for 5 on Friday.
How was your week? Do anything fun?
Oh, want to see a cute picture of my dog?

My Duce Moose :)

I. am. addicted...

Happy day after hump-day and the day that's not yet Friday.... THURSDAY!

So, I was reading Tay's and Erin's combined blog post yesterday, and had an epiphany... I realized that I may be am addicted to blogging. And the funny thing? Each and every blogger can identify with that post, and me. Hopefully... or I'm just talking out of my ass.
My symptoms...
#1- I have been buying the crap out of what fellow bloggers are advertising. No, this isn't a bad thing, because apparently all bloggers have great style and should be idolized, but when my hubby opens the credit card/PayPal statement, it's not going to be pretty. Yes, I am only kidding (I take care of the finances), but you get the picture.

Can be found on my Pinterest
If not, here are some examples that explain this symptom:
one/two... Lauren featured a necklace from Caroline G, and I bought it... and three more...  (if you look closely Lauren is the model, so there is no reason to link the post) And then the woman featured a cute little giraffe ornament made of polymer clay in this post. Welp, I messaged Samantha over at Emariecreations, and asked her if she could do a moose. Long story short, she could, I ordered it, and it will be featured in an upcoming post.
three/four... Erin featured an amazing leopard print scarf in this post from this cute little boutique called Oakleigh Rose. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  AND then Niki featured a tunic and scarf from them also in this post... Needless to say I have fallen in love with Oakleigh Rose, and I am waiting on my third package as we speak :)  You can see what I have already bought here.
five... Each month Whitney features a IWYP by Whitney shirt, and December's shirt was in this post. Yep, I bought it. Weird, considering that I would have never worn anything hashtag six months ago...
six... Kate said that she loved Redken products, and  I now only use Redken (shampoo and conditioner)... Yeah... no words.
Those are the main ones that I can remember. I have yet to sign up for Birchbox, Beauty Box 5, or Julep, even thought they have been featured by my favorite bloggers. Maybe because they aren't a one time purchase, and will keep coming back every month to remind me that I am a blogging-shopaholic?
#2- I know fellow bloggers, who I have never met, better than the ones that I talk to IRL (in real life). AND I usually talk to those fellow bloggers on a daily basis. Crazy, huh? I blame blogging, and the fact that we put ourselves out there. AND considering that I have done a couple of swap boxes, they even have my address. Eep... Please don't stalk me :) Just kidding, I welcome all stalkers bearing gifts.
You can not resist the smile... bring me your gifts!!! :)
#3- I would rather write up a blog post, instead of doing my grad school homework (not a good thing) or cleaning my house. Good thing I have a kid and responsibilities, or I would just sit on the computer all day, while the filth builds around me, and then freak out when my battery dies, and I can't find the outlet underneath the chaos. #firstworldproblems
#4- I check my bloggy stats more than once a day. And I actually pay money to be a pretty sidebar ornament, so I can see those stats jump every day. What can I say, it gives me a rush :)
#5- I draw post ideas from everywhere. Yes, I plan my posts around my Instagram pictures and whatever I am doing, I usually make sure that I have a camera so I can photograph it. Yes, I am talking about bathroom mirror selfies at home and Target...

Yes, that is a #selfie picture of my boobs... new low?
#6- I have multiple drafts in my posts box that are unfinished. New ideas are coming to me like every five minutes. I swear, having a blog is like having ADD. I mean, it's like I'm hemorrhaging blog post ideas all over my house, and it's only a matter of time until I start carrying a post it note pad and pen with me 24/7. Or maybe this...
{you can buy it here}
So, after reading the last six symptoms, do you think that I am addicted to blogging? Personally, I think I am....
Oh, have you ever met Brianna over at Endlessly Beloved? You should go check out her blog TODAY, because yours truly is being featured! SCORE!

The girl with the freckles

Do you ever sit on your couch, watching the million reruns of Grey's Anatomy on your DVR, and wonder to yourself, "who the hell am I?" To most people, I am Tabitha. To the hubby, I am wife, and to Lil Man, I am mommy. To the vet, I am Duce's owner, and to the people I work with, I am the super awesome person that happens to be their co-worker (just kidding, but probably). To my professors, I am the good student who apparently writes well, but lets her procrastination tendencies get in the way, and doesn't submit her assignments till five minutes to the due time.

But, I think blogging has changed me... 
I am no longer that person who updates their status on Facebook every hour, hoping for likes. Hell, I barely even post a status, and if people really wanted to know what was going on, they could either read my blog or ask me? Yes, I'm reaching a bit here. I don't even post that many pictures anymore (that's what Instagram is for) and when I do, I am very particular. I guess I am just trying to pull back from social media. I mean, for the blog, it's one thing, but for my personal stuff, it's another. Is it bad that the people liking my stuff, are the ones whom I've met through blogging, and never actually seen them in person? Yes, I confess, I have a lot of vacations to take...
I am no longer that person who sits in the corner, twiddling their thumbs. I am the type of person who now gets out there and gets shit done. Hold the eff up, what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks did I just say to you? Yeah, disregard all that corner crap, it's a total lie. Sure, I get shit done, because in the words of Tina Fey, "Bitches get shit done", but I am still that shy girl, who's head is buried in her phone waiting at the doctor's office.
Anyways, back to what I was saying. Blah blah blah, blogging has changed me and all.
Well, I think I am a better dresser now (since starting my usual clothing link-up on Wed). I'm not sure if this is the one thing that comes with age, or it's because I like to take pictures of my outfits and share them with y'all. I think it's both. Even though I do like getting dressed and taking pictures, I must confess that whenever I am at home, I wear a usual uniform of yoga pants and a tank/short sleeve fitted shirt.
And I feel like I have a better state of mind. I know that there are people out there like me, and going through the same struggles that I am. I don't feel alone anymore, which is a good thing. Side note: I have never been that girl that has a lot of girl friends. I often find it hard to ration my time between people, and have a jealousy issue when my friends are hanging out with other people, and not inviting me. It kinda sucks. BUT with the friends that I have "met" through blogging, it's not like that. Maybe it's because we have never met in real life? Whatever the reason, I find comfort in the fact that I can e-mail someone and be able to "talk" about some things that are bothering me. It's a good feeling.  Honestly I have never done this, but I feel as if I can, and it's nice.
But my body image has not changed. I still feel like a busted can of biscuits and this hamster on a daily basis.
Truthfully, it kinda sucks, but eh, what evs. I don't exercise (who has time for that?), I eat junk food, and I'm a Dr. Pepper addict. Yeah, it's no ones fault, but my own, and I'm ok with that, because I will forever be the girl with the freckles, strawberry blonde hair, and a great slimming undergarment that resembles spanx.
Oh, wanna hear my favorite quote of the day, straight from my hubby's mouth? Here it is... "It's like bringing a paper airplane to a gun fight." Interpret as you wish.

Ps. This past week, I didn't take any pictures in a Maurice's dressing room or in a bar bathroom, and I felt like this post was more along the lines of a confession type/ random post, so I decided to link up with Bella & Kathy for Humpday Confessions and Shanna for Random Wednesday. Did you like? Should I do it again next week?

Five DIY Beauty Treatments

If you have read my 'about me' you would have read that I HATE paying full retail price for anything, and this is especially true for beauty products. This is sometimes a big problem for me. Like, I would love to try the Clarisonic face brush, but I seriously can't justify the $200 price tag. Can you? Or I would love to try that amazing, but $50 bottle of face wash. For me, there just isn't a justification. Especially when I still have to buy diapers and I work for a non-profit.

In order to combat this issue, I have taken to magazines and Pinterest for DIY beauty treatments, and I have actually found a lot of them. In my opinion, Pinterest is like the holy grail for all things beauty related. So, I have decided to share the wealth (well, only five for today), and tell you how I am able to walk around with the face/body of a 16 year old at 28.
one... how-to reduce redness

Ingredients needed: 1/2 cucumber
                                   2 tbsp. aloe vera gel (that fun stuff you put on to cool a sunburn)
                                   handful of chopped mint

Directions: Peel and chop the cucumber, and then using a fork, mash all ingredients into a gel-like
                   substance. Smooth all over face for 20 minutes, and then rinse with room-temp water.
two... how-to reduce dryness

Ingredients needed: juice of one lime (I usually use 1-2 tbsp lime juice)
                                  2 tbsp. olive oil
                                  1 chopped peach

Directions: Peel and mash up peach in a bowl, and then pour out the juice. Add lime juice and olive
                    oil to the mashed peach and mix. Smooth a thin layer all over face. Leave on for 10 min
                    and then rinse with room-temp water.

three... how-to reduce dullness

Ingredients needed: 1/2 c chopped strawberries
                                   1 tbsp. milk
                                   1 tbsp. rice powder (can be found in the baking section)

Directions: Mash up strawberries with a spoon, and then stir in milk and rice powder. Gently scrub
                   face with mixture in a circular motion, and then rinse.

four... how-to whiten teeth

Ingredients needed: toothpaste
                                  baking soda
                                  1/8c  peroxide
                                  1/8 c mouth wash

Directions: Mix mouthwash and peroxide together, and rinse mouth for 2 min. Rinse with water.
                    Mix toothpaste and baking soda together, and then bush teeth for 1 min. Rinse mouth.
                    *Only do this every couple of days, and then limit to once every two weeks once you 
                    have achieved wanted results.*
                   *I have really sensitive teeth, and I am ok doing this.

five... how-to exfoliate your body

*This is the best DIY body scrub I have ever tried*

        There you go. Try them and tell me what you thought :)         

Sunday Social {Week 85}

Happy Sunday Darlings!

This week's Sunday Social is all about the number three, my favorite number, and me! And you know what... I actually really like participating in Sunday Social. It's like doing a "Ask me anything post" without the twenty strange questions.. it's only six. :)
For those of you who don't know what Sunday Social is, it's a link up brought to us by Ashley from Ashley Lately and Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup, and in this link up, you answer six questions, and then link up on either one of their blogs. Dur. :)

This week's questions are all about me and the number three (I think I said that above?).
one... Top three favorite kinds of food...
Pizza, pickles, and ice cream, but not all together.
two... First three things you do in the morning...
I actually did a post, explaining my morning, and if you really want to read it, you can here. But to sum it up, go pee, get me and Lil Man something to drink, and smoke.
three... Last three things you do at night...
Brush my teeth, read Lil Man a bedtime story, and give Lil Man a kiss (even if he's sleeping).
four... Three TV shows you never miss...
Grey's Anatomy, The Originals, and The Blacklist
five... Three places you want to visit...
Paris in the Fall, the pink beaches of Bermuda, and a collection of the Creepiest Places on Earth.
six... Three people you can always count on....
my husband, my mom, and my bestie.

I LOVE you Target...

I have a problem. That problem is I am addicted to Target.
I used to be one of those "Well Target is just too damn expensive, so why should I shop there?" kinda people. Why, yes, I worked at Wal-Mart, but today I am going to give you the top ten reasons to 'pull the emergency break of the Wal-Mart express, so you can jump off at Target junction.' (basically justify mine, and everyone else's addiction)

one... the friendliness of the employees and awesome customer service. The employees actually seem like they don't hate their jobs. This is an unheard of phenomenon. Either they are being brain washed or Target is truly a magical place.

two... cartwheel. The app is awesome, since it saves you money on the things that you already use.

three... their maternity section. No, I am not preggers, but I love their maternity tanks. I have been looking for tanks long enough to cover my booty, so I can break into the world of leggings, and the maternity tanks do the job.

four... their clearance selection. Who doesn't love getting a good deal? I sure do, and the clearance selection at Target is amazing! I mean, where else could you get a 14k gold necklace for under $5?

five... high quality goods at a low price. It's no secret that shopping at Target can get a little expensive, but with their sales and clearance, the price is something you can't beat.

six... the one spot. The dollar/two dollar/ three dollar area is just simply amazing. Granted its only three aisles, but you can get a lot for $20.

seven... the up & up brand diapers. Yes, I'm a mom saying this, but I seriously love their diapers. A lot a different brands of diapers have touched Lil Man's booty, but the ole' faithful has been the up & up brand. They stretch, are hypoallergenic, and hold an insane amount of fluid.

eight... Christmas. Sure it only comes around once a year, but Target's Christmas area is truly a magical place. They have ornaments and stockings that look homemade, cute as a button wrapping paper and boxes, and more one spot items that double as stocking stuffers.

nine... the fact that there isn't a "people of Target" website! People actually shower and care what they look like before going to Target. Yep, no butt cracks, bumps in a shirt that run down to the waist band and resemble boobs, and no woman with the three screaming kids and cart full of groceries have been seen at Target (at least by me).
ten... Target is simply amazing. Enough Said.
-and four reasons why Target is the devil-
one... you can never just buy what's on your list. Target has magical powers, and lists are powerless inside the walls of Target.

two... having to care about what you are wearing. Even though it is one of the GREAT things about Target, having to shower, comb your hair, and not being able to wear your sweatpants up into a Target store, is a bit annoying. Oh, you can wear your yoga pants, but if you wear those ole' ratty sweatpants with the crotch almost falling out, you are just askin for looks, and may be thrown out of the store. Just sayin.

three... no money, no Target. You can't get drunk and just "window shop" around Target. One, I have yet to see an actual Target store be open 24 hrs, and two, due to Target's magical powers, you will leave the store with at least one thing. Effin great deals.
four... the Target scandal. Something happened at Target, and all of a sudden everyone who shopped at the magical place, received new debit cards, because someone evil decided to try and steal out information. Well, a big eff you to that evil individual, and apparently my bank says I'm ok, so I will keep shopping at the magical place.

Are you a fan of Target? I know you are... What are your favorite things?
Each one of the pics you can find on my Pinterest.

Happy Friday :)

Yeah, it's Friday...

I have been a bad blogger this week. I have lost track of my days, haven't scheduled my posts, and haven't even taken AWESOME picture. AND there is just no excuse for this behavior.... Sure, I have started back to my Grad classes, we found out that the hubby's back is, for lack of a better term, way the effed up, and if he doesn't have surgery in like a year, he's not going to be able to walk, and I am stressed to the max (if anyone is offering an all expense paid vacay to a beach off the coast of somewhere, hit me up), but I love blogging, so in my mind, there is no excuse. I love comments and shout-outs on twitter, because they give me butterflies, and if I don't post, I don't get them. Boo!

Anyways, my week...

one... I was paired with Stephanie from The Dreams Weaver, for a Valentine's Day Box Swap, and I must say, even though we have only exchanged a few e-mails, she is just simply amazing and I look forward to getting to know her more. An interesting fact: she works at the Costco of wine. I am so jealous! If I was working there... "Hey boss, I get a 30 minute break right?" "Yeah..." "Awesome, I will be in the pink moscato aisle." Returns 2 hours later... "Where the hell have you been?" "Um... hosting my own private wine tasting?" Yes... an awesome job. Btw, she orders the wines from France, so this probably wouldn't happen to her, just me.

 photo ValentinesDayBoxSwapButton_zps3453c6dc.jpg

two... Sunday night me and the hubs met up with his friend and her sister, and well, to save you the un-fun details, we all got a little drunk, and there was dancing and the worm (not from me). No, I didn't take pictures, because I didn't have my camera, and who really wants to see half-lit blurry ass pictures of drunk people? And the flashes just mess with the drunkos anyways. Seriously, it's like a pack of scurrying cockroaches... everyone just runs. Yeah, would not make for good blogging pictures. But I did have my phone, and took about a million drunk bathroom selfies. If you want to see a couple of my outfit, you can see this post.... HERE Fun shit, let me tell you.

three... Apparently, I am really yearning for summer, cause I'm just really tired of this damn snow... At the bar, I was ordering Mai-ties, I ordered the "Rio Beach" scent pack with my Scentsy order, and I painted my piggies (even though no one can see them). Pure and simple, I wish I could just go lay on a beach, covered in sunscreen, for about a week.

four... My Moose finally arrived! He's a Scentsy buddy, and smells like the beach. I am in love with his name... Magus (his birth/given name, not mine). Ain' he cute?

five... Remember when I told you that my hubby loves me so much, that he bought me the Sephora Favorites perfume set for Christmas? No, well refresh your memory here. Anyways, the perfume set came with a certificate for a full size bottle of your favorite of the nine perfumes. My favorite was LancĂ´me's La vie est belle, and every time that I went into Sephora, they were out, because the certificate was only for the 1.0 oz bottle. Well, on my third trip to JCP, I expressed my concerns with the manager, and guess what... they upgraded me to the 1.7 oz bottle for free. Yes, that is a $78 bottle of amazing perfume for basically free. Score!

Since I've been a bad blogger this week, I am going to give you two freebies...

six... Pitch Perfect was on Max this past week, and I recorded it. Yes, I am in love with the movie, you Aca-bitches and I am seriously Aca-happy. (Ok, yes, that was stupid, so you can just punch me now)

seven... While I was out Sunday night, I figured out which song I wanted to link for #backthatazzup... You're welcome.
So, this week, I am linking up with Lauren for H45F, Jennie for Friday Favorites, Whitney for #backthatazzup, and Darci, April, Christina, & Natasha for 5 on Friday. Wow, that was a mouthful!
I hope I have just redeemed myself, and I promise that next week, I will be back to regularly scheduled programming.

How was your week? Buy or do anything fun?

WIWW: Online Boutique Cuteness

Hello... Anyone there? I really hope so, cause I really messed up today and I need to apologize...
You see, I have been scheduling my posts lately, and for some reason, I didn't schedule anything for today. No, it wasn't because I forgot, it was because I had no idea what to actually post. You see, again, today is Wednesday, and on Wednesdays I usually like to share a cute outfit or jewelry or something like that. Well, as I was going through my phone a couple of days ago, to show you a really cute outfit (by outfit, I mean top) that I picked up at Maurices last week, and apparently my phone ate it, cause it's not there. And then, I wore my new leggings, that I got last week, on Sunday, and I told my hubby not to forget to take a picture of me, cause I was smokin', and apparently we were so excited to go out, we never took the picture. On second thought, my camera would have been able to hold in all that hotness, anyways.

So, basically what I am going to show you is how I styled my leggings and scarf from Oakleigh Rose, a cute mother/daughter ran boutique out of Missouri.
Leggings: (please excuse the fuzziness of the photos... I was two mai-ties and three shots in, before I even thought about a picture).
Shirt: Maurices
Long Black Tank (Yes, it's a tank, not a dress): Target 'Be Maternity'
Leggings: Oakleigh Rose
 Necklace: Caroline G
Cute boots, eh? I bought them last year from Maurices (I freakin love that store),
and they have a nice little two inch stacked heel on them.
Scarf: I wore it to work on Saturday, and if you followed me on Instagram, you would have seen the cuteness firsthand :)
Cardi: Target
Cami: Maurices
Well, that's all I gots for y'all today. :) Oh, did I mention that I was linking up with The Pleated Poppy? Yes, there is always a reason behind my madness (well, usually).

Are you from Tennessee? Cause you are the only ten I see :)

When I found out that one of my favorite bloggers, Amanda from Voyage of  the MeeMee, was hosting her first link up with Danae, from Duh! Danae!, I knew I just HAD to participate. Basically it was like, well everyone else is doing crack, so apparently I am required to also, cause I wanna be one of the cool kids. Yes, it was like that... well, without the crack :) Ok, it was like drinking the Kool-Aid.
The problem came when I realized what the link up subject was... "Sh*t Men Say" and the fact that it was derived from a post about Amanda's boyfriend and the sh*t that comes out of his mouth (which is flippin hilarious). Ok, so what was my issue? Well, the fact that my hubby rarely says anything that would constitute even half of a post, and the fact that even tho some crazy sh*t comes out of Lil Man's mouth, he is three and a three-year-olds ramblings about how "I have a pee pee" is certainly not "proper" subject matter. To elaborate on that rambling... I was changing him, and all of a sudden he says, "Do you have a pee pee?" I said, "No, I am a girl. Girl's don't have pee pees." He asks, "Boys have pee pees?" I said, "Yes. You and Daddy are boys." He replies, "I am a boy! I have a pee pee. Daddy has a pee pee. Ok!" Yeah... the joys of being a {boy} mom.

Basically the last paragraph tried to explain that I wanted to link up, but felt like I had no subject.

Stay with me here...

Sunday night, my parents agreed to take Lil Man, and the hubby, me, and two of the hubby's friends went out. Basically, we never go out drinking, because a) ours and my parents schedules always conflict, so it's hard to get a night when Lil Man can spend the night, b) neither one of us can afford a DUI, c) we are broke asses (ok, not really, but you catch my drift), and d) I don't really drink anymore, except for a couple of glasses of wine after Lil Man goes to bed.

So, while we were at the bar, I finally figured out what I was going to do for the link up. (Honestly I asked Amanda about the subject like two weeks ago, but never put any thought into it.)

What was my awesome idea? Well, read on my friend, read on!

Voyage of the Mee Mee
As women, we are used to being considered attractive by the opposite sex and this attraction is often multiplied by a thousand when alcohol is involved. To handle this attraction, men are often stupid and rely on lines to "express themselves" in attempt to remedy the attraction (usually this is in the form of getting some). These lines range from downright hilarious to "you need to be punched in the face" horrible. These lines are referred to "pick-up lines", and today I am going to share them with you :)
Hold up, what the eff did I just tell you? That men are horn dogs and want to get laid, so they feed women lines of bull at the bar? Yeah? Good :)
Have you ever heard any of these?
Are you from Tennessee? Cause you are the only TEN I see.
Are your legs tired, because you've been running through my mind all day.
Do you know karate? 'Cause your body is really kickin'
Did it hurt? When? When you fell from heaven.
Do you wash your pants with windex, 'cause I can see myself in them!
Can I have your phone number, 'cause I lost mine.
How do you like your eggs? Why? So I know how to make them in the morning.
Someone call the cops, 'cause you just stole my heart.
Do you have any Irish in you? No, why? Would you like some?
Yeah, so I know that there are so many more out there, and I could go on for days, so I just gave you my favorites.
Wanna know a secret? I asked my hubby for some help on this, and he did rather good (he gave me the last five). Unfortunately when I asked for more, he said he was all out (we have been together for a little over six years). I expressed my disappointment, so he gave me this, "After all of the years of going to bars and what not, if I was single right now, and at a bar, I would just turn to the girl and say, "Hey, do you wanna fu*k or not?"" I couldn't stop laughing. Yes, that is my hubby. Straight foreword and blunt, like me. (Good thing I married him, or he would be getting slapped a lot)
What are your favorite pick up lines? Have any of them ever worked?

Sunday Social {Week 84}

Happy Sunday Darlings!

It's been awhile since I have participate in Sunday Social, so I decided that this weeks questions would be a great to 'get back to it' with. For those of you who don't know what Sunday Social is, it's a link up brought to us by Ashley from Ashley Lately and Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup, and in this link up, you answer six questions, and then link up on either one of their blogs. Dur. :)

Sunday Social
This week's questions are all about me and my little corner of the dot com world.
1. What is the name of your blog? How long have you been blogging?
The name of my blog is 'a hundred tiny wishes'. I went live with my first post on Tues, September 17, 2013, so in all, I have been blogging with this one for almost 4 months. But in reality, I have been blogging for a couple of years. This one is my first public blog, though.

2. Why do you blog?
Quite simply, it gives me something to do. My life is so hectic with raising a three-year-old, working part-time, and being a full-time grad student, blogging is the one thing that is always in my control. I don't have to post everyday (but I usually do), I can talk about what ever I want, and it's mine. Basically it's like taking a vicodin with a glass of wine, without the hangover.

3. What is the first blog you ever followed?
The Small Things Blog- I love Kate and all of her hair tutorials!

4. What is your favorite post you wrote in 2013?
I have a lot that were my favorites, cause I wrote them. Ha! There is actually a tie between my favorites... either my 10 favorite things: holiday edition or the one I wrote on Body Peace.

5. What are your blogging goals for 2014?
I would like to grow my following, host more giveaways, sponsor more blogs, and keep making friends. I love writing each and every post, and I would also love to get paid for it... eh, maybe one day. But, I would also love to promote some Etsy shops that I am in love with. Hint, hint.

6. Top 3 favorite blogs to follow?
I can only pick three? What about top five? Like which five blogs are at the top of your reading list? Works for me :)
-Endlessly Beloved
-Two Thirds Hazel
-Voyage of the MeeMee
-Living in Yellow
-I Wore Yoga Pants to Work
I have more, but I decided not to stray to much from that top five. :)

Well, have a great Sunday! I am working and then finally going out with the Hubby!

{via some pin on Pinterest}

H54F: A winter story

Happy Friday darlings!!!
This past week has been filled with nothing but snow. If you haven't been watching the news, and have no idea where I live, let me explain. I live about an hour east-ish of Chicago, in Indiana. Friday the snow started, and didn't end until Monday, when hell froze over. Basically a blizzard decided to upchuck a big screw you the fluffy wonderfulness all over us, and because of it, Indiana basically shut down. And once the snow stopped, the wicked coldness set in. Like I am talking -15 degrees, which meant NEGATIVE FORTY EFFING DEGREES with the wind chill. Yes, I now understand how all those Alaskan's feel, and I don't plan on taking a trip there anytime soon, even if I had the chance to pet a moose. No way Jose!

Yeah, so since winter wanted to, for lack of a better term, bitch slap the crap out of Indiana this week, life has kinda sucked. Well, except for five little things that amused me and this #backthatazzup song...

1) So, because of the blizzard and the freeze that followed, DEFCON 1 (military for the most sever threat) was instated for the State of Indiana and the Commissioner issued a  "warning" for all travel, which meant that you weren't allowed to drive ANYWHERE, because they pulled all the plows off the roads. This seriously sucked, so I decided to amuse myself by "melting" my handprints into the inside of my screen door, just incase the Indiana National Guard has to come dig us out. {below}


2) At least the good thing was that we had enough white bread and other groceries to keep us full, and enough toys to keep me and Lil Man occupied (the hubby was either sleeping or shoveling, but once he came in, we decided to play Imagine Next city).

3) To keep warm in all of this cold (I was thankful that the power did not go out), I decided to put the new moose, penguin, and polar bear flannel sheets that I picked up on sale at Target last week.

4) On Tuesday, the hubby, me, and Lil Man decided to venture into the land of people, and make a trip to Wal-Mart (Target doesn't have a big enough food selection). The roads were for lack of a better term, shitty. I was so scared that wore my seatbelt in the back seat and it was stupid cold, but it was actually nice to get dressed and leave the house, even if it was only for an hour.

5) Since Tuesday was the first and last time I have left the house since Saturday, I was super happy to receive my package from Oakleigh Rose. I first saw the leopard infinity scarf being modeled on Erin at Two Thirds Hazel, and instantly fell in love, since I was sold the moment that I saw it, because of the white background, and I'm so tired of the brown/orange ones. And as an added bonus, while browsing the boutique's website, I came across some fleece lined leggings. I have been wanting to break into the world of leggings, but I haven't been able to find some fleece lined ones that I would be able to fit my big booty in. Bingo! Sure, I spent like $40ish on a scarf and leggings, but they came wrapped in pretty purple flowered tissue, and I also received a personalized note, a free bottle of hand cream. Yep, I definitely recommend Oakleigh Rose to everyone!!!

Five awesome highs, huh? Well, at least I thought they were, and that's why I'm linking up with Lauren @ Lauren Elizabeth, Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife, and Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants!

How was your week?

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