I LOVE you Target...

I have a problem. That problem is I am addicted to Target.
I used to be one of those "Well Target is just too damn expensive, so why should I shop there?" kinda people. Why, yes, I worked at Wal-Mart, but today I am going to give you the top ten reasons to 'pull the emergency break of the Wal-Mart express, so you can jump off at Target junction.' (basically justify mine, and everyone else's addiction)

one... the friendliness of the employees and awesome customer service. The employees actually seem like they don't hate their jobs. This is an unheard of phenomenon. Either they are being brain washed or Target is truly a magical place.

two... cartwheel. The app is awesome, since it saves you money on the things that you already use.

three... their maternity section. No, I am not preggers, but I love their maternity tanks. I have been looking for tanks long enough to cover my booty, so I can break into the world of leggings, and the maternity tanks do the job.

four... their clearance selection. Who doesn't love getting a good deal? I sure do, and the clearance selection at Target is amazing! I mean, where else could you get a 14k gold necklace for under $5?

five... high quality goods at a low price. It's no secret that shopping at Target can get a little expensive, but with their sales and clearance, the price is something you can't beat.

six... the one spot. The dollar/two dollar/ three dollar area is just simply amazing. Granted its only three aisles, but you can get a lot for $20.

seven... the up & up brand diapers. Yes, I'm a mom saying this, but I seriously love their diapers. A lot a different brands of diapers have touched Lil Man's booty, but the ole' faithful has been the up & up brand. They stretch, are hypoallergenic, and hold an insane amount of fluid.

eight... Christmas. Sure it only comes around once a year, but Target's Christmas area is truly a magical place. They have ornaments and stockings that look homemade, cute as a button wrapping paper and boxes, and more one spot items that double as stocking stuffers.

nine... the fact that there isn't a "people of Target" website! People actually shower and care what they look like before going to Target. Yep, no butt cracks, bumps in a shirt that run down to the waist band and resemble boobs, and no woman with the three screaming kids and cart full of groceries have been seen at Target (at least by me).
ten... Target is simply amazing. Enough Said.
-and four reasons why Target is the devil-
one... you can never just buy what's on your list. Target has magical powers, and lists are powerless inside the walls of Target.

two... having to care about what you are wearing. Even though it is one of the GREAT things about Target, having to shower, comb your hair, and not being able to wear your sweatpants up into a Target store, is a bit annoying. Oh, you can wear your yoga pants, but if you wear those ole' ratty sweatpants with the crotch almost falling out, you are just askin for looks, and may be thrown out of the store. Just sayin.

three... no money, no Target. You can't get drunk and just "window shop" around Target. One, I have yet to see an actual Target store be open 24 hrs, and two, due to Target's magical powers, you will leave the store with at least one thing. Effin great deals.
four... the Target scandal. Something happened at Target, and all of a sudden everyone who shopped at the magical place, received new debit cards, because someone evil decided to try and steal out information. Well, a big eff you to that evil individual, and apparently my bank says I'm ok, so I will keep shopping at the magical place.

Are you a fan of Target? I know you are... What are your favorite things?
Each one of the pics you can find on my Pinterest.


  1. Those are amazing reasons! You forgot to add that most of them have Starbucks inside which is just the most wonderful thing ever! Target + Starbucks + Money in my pocket=happy! happy! happy!

  2. I go to Target at least 4 times a week because we literally directly across the street from one. Talk about prime real estate!

  3. I've been there twice this week. One cashier knows the boys on sight. *sigh*


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