January Beauty Favorites

I stopped doing my monthly beauty favorites about mid 2016 for a few reasons: a lot of my products that I had discovered in previous months had become part of my beauty routine, so it would be redundant to tell you guys about them EVERY month, and I really wasn't buying any new beauty products. One of my goals for 2017 is to bring back my monthly favorites, as I want to discover at least 3 new beauty products a month, because to be honest, it's fun!

In January, I discovered a great nail, a new all natural shampoo/conditioner company, and some really helpful makeup.

Instagram Comment Pods

Social media is essential for bloggers. It allows a person to connect to blog followers, interact and show that they are real people, and to create and maintain relationships. My favorite form of social media is Instagram. I love how a picture can spark emotion in a person, and allow that person to connect with another on a deeper level. 

When Instagram changed their algorithm mid-2016, it made it harder for accounts to grow for one reason: they took away the chronological order. So instead of seeing the photos in order of when they posted, with the just posted at the top (like Snapchat), the algorithm made it that the most popular photos were seen first. A lot of individual users were not amused by the change, but some figured out a way to beat it. The most useful idea that emerged was and still is, is Instagram Comment Pods.

If you are an Instagram user, and have no clue as to what I am talking about, then this post is for you! I will tell you what Instagram comment pods are, why they are essential to growth, and tips for commenting.

Friday Five

Hey there friends, and happy Friday! I am so happy that it's the weekend! I finally get to spend some much needed family time with Lil Man and the hubby, because this week hasn't been super awesome & amazing for one reason: I have been battling a sinus infection. Thankfully I am starting to feel better and get the motivation to get off the couch and do things, so this weekend even if we are going to go grocery shopping and out to dinner, I am good to go!

Other than the sinus infection, this also happened this week...

Your best body with Nip+Fab

a review of Nip+Fab products

Nip+Fab is a UK based company that was founded by the creator of Rodial, and they offer premium skincare at everyday prices. They are best known for targeted body and skincare treatments that are jam packed with ingredients that smooth, firm, and boost. Nip+Fab's products are not tested on animals and the majority are also vegan friendly, meaning that they don't use any ingredients derived from animals (they have a list on their site detailing which products are NOT vegan). 

I recently had the chance to partner with Nip+Fab, and I was impressed with the products that I had received. I had used Nip+Fab products when they first came out a few years ago, but since turning 30 a year ago, I have been looking for products that are targeted.

five beauty hacks every girl should know

Do you like beauty hacks? Here's 5 that every girl NEEDS to know about.

Let's face it, beauty can be hard sometimes. From deciding what your perfect foundation shade is, to figuring out what your face shape is, and even looking for money saving beauty products, beauty in itself can be a little difficult. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. Today I am sharing five of my favorite beauty hacks, and trust me, every girl should know about them.

15 best beauty products of 2016

Even though we are already two weeks into 2017, I have to say 2016 was a great year for new beauty products. Even though I broke up with my subscription boxes in July, I was able to work with a few brands and sample a lot of products from Sephora. In the end, I found so many hair, nail, makeup, and skincare products that I loved. Fifteen of those products that I tried in 2016 have either became my HG products or have been integrated into my daily routine, and today I want to share those with you.

four common blogging myths busted

When I first started blogging three years ago, I didn't know ANYTHING about blogging. I mean, sure, I knew that I needed to promote myself, be authentic, and take great pictures, but I didn't know anything about social media, hosting, branding, and everything else that goes with the lovely hobby. Thankfully there was Pinterest, because after three years, I feel as if I am finally on the level that I want to be on.

Unfortunately there are so many things that are very wrong on Pinterest, like the fact that you NEED to be on Wordpress to be taken seriously, and today I am going to bust some of those similar myths.

January Goals

Back in September I stopped doing monthly goals for one reason: I really didn't see a need for them. But in the past few months, I realized that monthly goals are essential to my blogging identity. I mean, goals are a great tool in measuring my progress through the month; they allow me to see what I've done as well as gives me something to aim at. Writing down my goals also helps me not get too overwhelmed because let's face it- life can be just a little too demanding. 

letter from the editor | January

Alot of people talk about how much 2016 sucked, but after looking at my yearly recap, I actually had a great year. Sure there was some ups and downs, but there was a lot more ups in my personal life then in the reality of the world. Yes, there was the political upset and trying to figure how much it would cost to move to Canada (btw, it's really expensive and there are alot of BSL (breed specific laws) everywhere so it would be really complicated), and of course, I quit my job, and I saw alot of famous people die, but there was also the day that Lil Man started kindergarten, the month that we brought Ellie home, the 1000th follower on Instagram, and the first time that I made $100 with this here blog. 

2016 was actually really good from that perspective. And to top it off, the ending of a good year was spent with my loves. 
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