2016 // a recap

Happy New Year's Eve friends! To be honest, I really like to do yearly recap posts. It helps me remember what activities I had experienced and what I learned throughout the year. Honestly, I had been thinking about how do my recap post for 2016 for awhile. I didn't know if I wanted to go through month by month and do a yearly recap that way, or if I wanted to do something similar to my "Letter from the Editor" series. In the end, I realized that the best way, was to just share my top 9 moments/learning experiences from the year

Top blog posts of 2016

Finally after blogging for three years, in the world of a hundred tiny wishes, 2016 was a really great year. I have seen so much growth social media wise, and my page views have sky rocketed. Both of which I attribute to the fact that in May, I decided to get serious about blogging. To kick off my yearly recaps, I am going to start with blog posts... because, ahem, that's why I'm here :)

most popular blog posts of 2016

3 last minute activities to get you in the holiday spirit

three last minute holiday activities to do in Chicago

Hey hey, Christmas is only like five days away, and it's time to get a little excited! All the shopping, decorating, baking, wrapping, and card writing is about to culminate into one beautiful holiday! Personally, I haven't done a lot of holiday activities this year... like the baking and major decorating (besides putting up a tree), instead I have been concentrating on family activities and spending time with those close to me. 

Recently, the hubby and I had a date night in Chicago, and it was pretty fun. It really got me into the holiday mood, and yes, you all should take in these three last minute holiday activities. 

Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex Review

In the past few years, skincare has become more and more important and essential to mean for a few reasons: 1) I'm not getting any younger, and 2) I don't have unlimited funds for cosmetic surgery. I tend to steer towards skincare products that will help with anti-aging, wrinkles, and dryness. One product line that helps with all three problems is Exuviance. I have used a few products from Exuviance and have never been disappointed, so today I want to introduce you to their Evening Restorative Complex.

Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex Review

Holiday travel beauty must haves

The holiday season is in full swing, which means hustle, bustle, and of course, traveling. My schedule is already fully booked with parties and get togethers. Personally, I don;t travel that much, but whether you are traveling to several family functions in one day, or if you are actually getting on a plane to see loved ones, there are a few holiday beauty essentials that you should have with you. 

Holiday travel beauty must haves

five tips for a calmer holiday

People seem to be a lot nicer and giving during the holidays, and it's a nice change from everyday life. It really makes me kinda warm and happy. Granted this type of happiness is like a rollercoaster: with the giving and cheer happening around Thanksgiving, then there is the rampage and fighting like you are Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (it's an 80s movie reference, FYI) because you have to get that "best deal of the year", and then the hustle and overwhelming-ness comes into play. Yes, the holidays are nice, but with kids running around, being in cleaning mode, family dinners, and being in a state of craziness for a few days, you can tend to loose your sh*t. And by sh*t, I mean mind. 

But, that's ok... cause I have five tips for a calmer holiday and guess what... they will help you enjoy this time of the year.

five tips for a calmer holiday

my secret for cleaning up holiday messes with BLACK+DECKER

I have a confession: I really dislike cleaning. I love doing crafts and diy projects with Lil Man, especially around the Holidays, but I loathe the cleanup. I mean, there is just something about sweeping that really gets to me. 

For the past couple of years, I had been using a off brand version of a lightweight and upright vacuum, combined with a hand held to clean up any type of craft/diy mess, because like I said, sweeping kinda sucks. It was really inconvenient that I generally had to use both, plus the upright doesn't want to stay upright anymore and the hand held didn't hold a charge that lasted more than 5 minutes (it's 7 years old). So after getting tired of the two, I set out to find something a bit more convenient; and found something would become my favorite cleaning tool and secret for everyday messes.

Gift Guide | 10 Cruelty Free Beauty Products

Since I talked about the possibility of going cruelty-free when it comes to beauty products in June, I have been slowly making the transition over the past six months. I still use some products that are not certified, but 85% of what I use is. This year, I decided to come up with a cruelty-free beauty Christmas gift guide for one reason: to help you go cruelty-free. I know that there are alot of people out there that love the idea of cruelty-free and using products that aren't animal tested, but sometimes there is alot of time and effort to do so, and quite frankly no one had the time for all that.

So to help you out, I am giving you 10 amazing beauty products from companies that are cruelty-free (some are also vegan), and they would be prefect for the beautiful people in your life.

Christmas Gift Guide | 10 Cruelty Free Beauty Products

Holiday bucket list

Each season I like to make a Bucket List centered around that particular season. From Summer to Fall, and now onto winter, each season has a particular set of things that I like to do. Today I am going to share what I love to do in the winter, and actually combine my holiday goals with my bucket list items. 

2016 Holiday bucket list

Letter from the Editor | December

Happy Holidays Folks! It's finally December, which means its officially the start of the holiday season for me. My tree went up yesterday, so I'm in that Christmas spirit. Well, kinda. As in kinda, meaning I'm not all about the Christmas music 24/7, because let's get real, that stuff get's annoying. There, I said it. Anyways, a lot is happening this month, and here's a little rundown of the things that you can expect...

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 Review

Skincare is essential to me, and since turning 30 last year, I have been looking for products that helps with anti-aging & premature wrinkles, because frankly, I would like to look like Christie Brinkly does in her 60s. So instead of having to do some plastic surgery later in my life, I like to steer towards products with ingredients to help with my goal. 

A few weeks ago, I introduced you guys to Exuviance's Purifying Cleansing Gel and today I want to introduce you to one of Exuviance's powerhouses: the Performance Peel AP25

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 Review

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