Top blog posts of 2016

Finally after blogging for three years, in the world of a hundred tiny wishes, 2016 was a really great year. I have seen so much growth social media wise, and my page views have sky rocketed. Both of which I attribute to the fact that in May, I decided to get serious about blogging. To kick off my yearly recaps, I am going to start with blog posts... because, ahem, that's why I'm here :)

most popular blog posts of 2016

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago Review

One of my first pitched projects, the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago Review was one of my funnest blog posts reviews. The hubby and I took Lil Man to the center for his birthday, and of course, he had a blast.

Put a bullet in world hunger with HALF UNITED

I really have a thing for and love companies that give back in some ways. After contacting HALF UNITED, they graciously decided to work with me and send me one of their most unique necklaces: the bullet necklace. Made from an actual bullet casing, the bullet necklace represents a great mission.

4 things to do for your blog right now

When I'm not debuting a new post, I am generally doing ALOT of blog reading and participating in Facebook group threads. Over the course of a few weeks, I started to notice a few things that were bugging me, and wanted to offer some help.

Fifteen tips for growing Instagram

In July, I finally hit 1k followers on Instagram and shared 15 tips on how you could too grow yours.

10+ more places for free stock photos

Clean, crisp pictures are the foundation of every blog post, and I shared 13 of my FAVORITE places to get some.

Since it's a great place to connect, there is no doubt that people spend way too much time on Facebook. You can sell gently used items, read company reviews, connect with old friends, and more. But Facebook is also essential to bloggers and online entrepreneurs for one main reason.

Christmas Gift Guide | 11 companies that give back

My first gift guide was a huge hit. Featuring brands like HALF UNITED, The Daily Tay, and more , each company on the list gives back to the community in some way. And each product is amazing. 

What was your favorite blog post of 2016?

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