The "Lazy Girl's guide to Summer": 3 ways to get no-heat curls

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Ah, sweet Summer time! The weather is warm, the drinks are yummy, the mood is laid back, and the beachy curls are all the rage. Personally for me, I LOVE the beachy curls. They don't require a lot of product, are low maintenance, and look pretty awesome! Basically they are great for lazy girls like me! So today, I wanted to let you in on my secret for getting them... aka 3 ways to get no-heat curls. 

BUT Before I get into the 3 ways to get those beautiful no heat curls, I have to gush about my new hair color >>> 

The only dry shampoo you will need this Summer

I have problem with dry shampoo. In fact, I may be a dry shampoo addict. Don't worry, I do wash my hair every 3 days, but you better be sure that on the second & third days (and possibly the fourth), I am using dry shampoo. I mean, dry shampoo is amazing! All you do is spray it in and then the oil from your scalp disappears and your hair is refreshed! 

Product wise, I have tried almost every brand out there. From drug store, to high end, and even the weird DIY stuff, you name it, I have tried it. Why? Because I am one picky gal. There are four characteristics that I always look for when testing out a new dry shampoo- 1) smell, 2) residue, and 3)choke out factor, 4) weight and feeling. 

One of my favorite hair product brands- HASK- just came out with four new dry shampoos last month, and I about jumped for joy. Basically, I was the dancing guy emoji because I was so excited. 

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June beauty favorites

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One of my favorite things about being a beauty blogger is being able to try out new beauty products and then share my views/opinions on them. Granted the whole trying new products out has lead to me having a hoarding issue, but hey, it's all good, right? Ha! Anyways, since I started a full time job, the month of June was essentially about finding products that could either multitask or could cut down on my morning routine. The next five products did both!
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