How to create the perfect purse emergency pack

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Nausea, light sensitivity, pain, and dizziness. All the classic symptoms, and once you experience them, you know what is coming... a migraine. To be honest, if you have ever had one, you may have thought that you were somehow cursed, because they suck. I've had migraines since I was in my late teens. After trying a lot of different prescription drugs, most of which I didn't like, I decided that maybe an OTC medicine would be worth it for me. Or I could just become a hermit and live in my black hole of a bedroom.

Once I became a mom, a friend told me about Excedrin®, and suggested I give it a try. After doing research, I found out that Excedrin® Migraine starts to relieve migraine pain in 30 minutes and is the #1 Neurologist Recommended Among OTC medicine for migraines. Symphony Health Solutions, 2016. After reading that, I decided to give it a try, because moms aren't allowed to be hermits; and there would be instances when I couldn't shut myself off from the world to deal with a migraine, like when I had a little boy's birthday party to get ready for.

Friday Favorites & a freebie

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Sometimes I feel as if the week goes really fast... but this week, I am so happy for it to be Friday! Since the weather changed earlier in the week, I have been fighting either an allergy attack or a sinus infection (honestly, I'm leaning towards the allergies), so I am so ready for r&r with my two main men. 

Anyways... despite the health things, here's some things that I have been loving this week & there's a FREEBIE at the end!

60 blog post ideas for the uninspired

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Let's face it, when you have been blogging for a long period of time (September will be 4 years for me), you start to run out of the creative post ideas. Sometimes it's hard for me to either organize my thoughts and expand on a particular one, or it even can be difficult to get around writer's block. It happens.

To help me in those times, the one thing that I am always carrying around with me is a notebook. In that notebook, I usually write down all of my post ideas. From the very detailed post idea: "how to create a printable with Canva", to the obscure & needing brain power to make it happen post idea: "monthly beauty favorites", and in between, all my ideas are generally written down in that notebook. So it's a handy notebook, huh?

Today I wanted to open up my notebook and give you 60 blog post ideas that you can use in times that you are in need of inspiration.

The easiest way to make a photo book with Shutterfly

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Truth is, I take a lot of photos. Like alot. Since I do, I'm no stranger to making photo books. To me, it's just easier to keep everything digital, instead of printing things out, especially when I am always getting free 8x8 book offers from Shutterfly. Over the past few years, I have made a few photo books, and have always loved them, because with a Shutterfly photo book, the slimline design is beautiful and the covers are always stunning. When I display them, they actually look like they belong. 

One of my goals for 2017 is to finally organize all of my pictures, get them either printed out or in a photo book, and put them some where they can be enjoyed; instead of on my computer's hard drive. Unfortunately, I had been dreading the goal, due to how time consuming it can all be. I mean, I can be a little Type A personality when it comes to making things, especially when it comes to objects that are going to preserve my precious memories. It happens right?

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the new Make My Book Service from Shutterfly & I felt instantly relieved for one reason: it was hands down the easiest and most time effective way to make a photo book.

SoCozy kid's haircare review

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Before when it came to Lil Man's hair, sometimes I really didn't care what I used to wash it. I know that sounds bad, but he generally has rather short hair, and unless it short enough to spike it, it just lays there. On top of his head.

My thoughts on kids products changed late last year. I personally have been interested in cruelty-free beauty products, and when I thought about my kid, I learned that maybe he should be using cruelty-free products too. But that's the problem: there aren't a lot of brands out there that are designed specifically for kids, AND are cruelty-free.

A few weeks ago, Brandbacker introduced me to SoCozy.

4 fun & yummy snack options any kid would love

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Ok, let's be honest: one of the hard things about being a parent of a school-aged child is choosing the right type of quality snack to send with them everyday. Especially if your child is picky. 

For me, when my son started kindergarten last August, one of the main things that the school stressed was sending "quality" items for snacks and lunches. When I was informed about the "requirement", I was dumbfounded, to say the least. My son was, and still is, a picky eater. Sure, he loves all types of fruit, but even though he really doesn't have a taste for chocolate, he really likes his fruit snacks, mac and cheese, yogurt, and cheeseburgers.

When I was coming up with snack options, I ran into a few problems:
  • I would find something that he liked, send it everyday, and then he really didn't like it anymore. Of course, I couldn't blame him... I would get tired of the same things over and over too.
  • He only liked a certain amount of snacks items, and some of them weren't mom approved. 

So to combat my problems, I decided to make a list of 4 fun and yummy snack options. Out of that list, I decided to rotate the items to give my son a variety, and learned something very important too!

Detox your skin with Derma E

how to detox your skin with Derma E

Since 2015, I have been in love with charcoal beauty products. And the reason is simple: You know the clean & refreshed feeling you get when you go to bed with your makeup on, wake up the next day with an oily face, and wash you face? I get that feeling whenever I use a charcoal cleanser or mask.

I recently had the chance to work with an amazing brand: Derma E, and try out two of their charcoal products: the Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask & the Purifying Daily Detox Scrub. So today, I am going to tell you just why charcoal beauty products are the bomb dot com, and give you a review of the two charcoal products from Derma E.

Cruelty Free Beauty | 10 Valentine's Day gifts for HER

Cruelty Free Beauty | 10 Valentine's Day gifts for HER

For the past few months, I have been slowly descending into the world of a cruelty-free lifestyle, and I have to tell you, it's been going quite well. Early in 2016, I knew that I personally wanted to start the lifestyle, and my first change was to make a transition to cruelty-free beauty products. I am proud to say that as of now, 90% of my beauty products are not tested on animals, and the majority of them are vegan, also. 

For Valentine's Day, I wanted to make a cruelty-free beauty gift guide, like I did for Christmas, for one reason: to help you also go cruelty-free. I know that there are alot of people out there that love the idea of cruelty-free and using products that aren't animal tested, but sometimes there is alot of time and effort to do so, and quite frankly no one has the time for all that.

So to help you out, I am giving you 10 amazing beauty products from companies that are cruelty-free (some are also vegan), and they would be prefect for the beautiful women in your life.

February Goals

Ah.. monthly goals time again.

I mean, I really love keeping track of my goals, because I feel like if I post them on here, then I am being held more accountable for them. And I really love to compare the completed vs not completed monthly goals; as it helps me keep track of where I'm at. And I'm excited for a new month.

February is a wonderful filled month for me, as I have so much to look forward to: my dad's & hubby's bdays, the love day, and a few extra days off with Lil Man because of President's Day. But before I get into the joy that the month of red, pink, and candy, let's recap my January goals first.
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