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Being blessed with skin that burns, I don't like to spend an absurd time in the sun, but I love to have sun kissed hair. When searching for something that would give me my "dream hair" year around, I looked into salon lightening, diys, and different products. After trying things that didn't work, I came across SunIn. I figured that since it had been around since the 70s, I would give it a try. 

Oh my... it not only helped, but is now my go-to for natural highlights!

About the product

Like I said, SunIn has been around since the 70s and is made to make you look like a sun goddess with sun kissed hair. It comes in two scents- Lemon Fresh and Tropical Breeze and is for blonde to brunette hair. Since SunIn is alcohol-free, it does not damage/dry out my hair; plus the formula has an advanced conditioning system which includes botanical extracts and special illuminators that give my hair an extra dose of shine. 

How to use

SunIn gives me the same natural highlights I would get from the sun - only faster and not with all the burning or salon pricing! It is heat activated and can be used two ways: in the sun or with a blow dryer. Personally, I like to use a blow dryer, since I am trying to avoid the sun and all.

It is also really easy to use: 
1. Spray all over damp hair & comb to evenly distribute the product
2. Blow dry hair or sit in the sun
3. Enjoy your beautiful hair

After using the blow dryer, I use my flat iron to help with the heat activation and to smooth out my hair.

I had to do a before and after picture to show you all why I love SunIn so much... In the picture, you can see the SunIn brought out the natural reddish tint of my hair and lightened my roots. 

My hair also smelled like summer- I used the tropical breeze scent. My hair didn't feel dry or damaged, it actually felt soft and hydrated.

Here's another view

Overall Experience

Truthfully, I highly recommend SunIn to anyone wanting to lighten their hair. I LOVE IT! Not only is is easy to use, it is safe and effective, it is cheap- meaning that you don't have to pay salon prices, AND you can buy it at Walmart for under $5. Um, yeah, I think you should grab some when you are out grocery shopping next!!!

Have you ever used SunIn? What did you think?

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This was a sponsored post, sponsored by PRIMP Network, but I only promote products that I fully believe in, LOVE, and think you will love too! 110% honesty is my number one prerogative. Thank you for reading!

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