Resolutions, Smesolutions

In all honesty, 2013 wasn't a bad year. Sure, I did things that I regret could improve on, but it wasn't one of those, "I am soo ready for this damn year to be over!" type of things, and it certainly was not a super-fun-year-to-remember. Ok, ok, it did have it's parts, but you are just going to have to wait for my recap, cause the year's not over yet :)
Well, the New Year is upon us (calling Dr. Obvious), and guess what time it is? Not only is it the time to experience the nostalgia of "the last pee, kiss, ect of the year", and the first hangover of the year, but time to write out a list of things that you  promise you will complete by the new year's end, but in reality you are still working on that list from like five years ago... wait, what are those called? Oh yeah, New Year's resolutions. Duh. And you know what I call them? (Hint... look at the title) 
I have written them out before, but for the past couple of years, I haven't understood the point. It's like walking in on your parents wrapping "Santa Gifts" and no longer wanting to take that coveted picture with Santa every year. Sure it looks cute for the scrapbook, but to actually put any effort into writing them... well, it just makes my head hurt.
But hey, if you are a twenty-something single (or attached) without any kids, and writing out a list of things that you will stop doing and stop following come March plus getting drunk on the last night of the year suits you, well, then go away now. Please don't listen to my ole' lady ass, you can stay and play. Promise!

For the rest of us... I share with you the following:

A couple of years ago, I found this cute lil template in Self magazine, and really liked it:

I am proud of....
in 2013.
I won't criticize my....
in 2014.
I can't wait to...
in 2014.
It basically brings combines the whole resolution and reality picture. Like showcasing your accomplishments, without making you write a list of "I won't blah blah blah".
I have written mine, and it goes something like this:
I am proud of...
leaving a job that I hated and landing one that I love
standing up for myself
starting my blog
starting my Master's degree and being only six classes away from graduation
making new friends
in 2013.
I won't criticize my...
ability to do something
parenting skills
in 2014.
I can't wait to...
graduate with my Master's degree (May)
go on vacation
see my bestie (April)
get another tattoo
potty train Lil Man
pay off my credit cards
be in the financial secureness to be able to buy a house
in 2014.
I also make up a list of short-term-achievable-goals, but they are rather personal, and I am almost positive that you would not want to read them. Cause I know y'all hate reading anyways :)
So, here's to the last post of 2013, here's to a great past four months of blogging, and here's to celebrating NYE mom-style... aka, at home, in my jammies, watching movies, with a glass of pink moscato champagne. Yep, I'm that awesome.
Oh btw, along with sponsoring Brianna from Endlessly Beloved, I am also sponsoring Erin from Two Thirds Hazel this month!! Both are great ladies you should check them out when you get a chance :)

Jolly Vox Box

I have been a member of Influenster for a little over a year now, and I seriously love doing it. If you don't know what Influenster is, you can browse the website here, but basically it goes like this: you fill out your profile, complete badges, they send you a box of stuff to review, and you review it on social media sites. It's pretty cool, especially since Influenster is sending you the stuff on behalf of the companies

I received my fourth Vox Box right before Christmas, and I loved everything in it.

My haul included: 
Puffs Plus Lotion to go pack
NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow in Long Beach Sands
Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer in Celestial
A Ducklings Mini Roll in a blue/purple cheetah print
A FULL BOX of Skinny Cow Divine Chocolates
Most of the following pictures, you can find on my Instagram, but I just had to share some of them with you!
The first thing I tried was the duct tape... which is no surprise, because I think that duct tape fixes everything! Ha! So, instead of the nasty grey color, I got one that was covered in this pretty blue and purple cheetah print. I used it to cover a jar that I use for my bobbies, one of my eye shadow brushes, and a picture frame that holds my favorite maternity photo.  Retail price for the mini rolls of printed duct tape? $2-3 a roll.

Next up was the eye shadow trio. I am one for the 'natural look', so these colors were perfect for me. They went on beautifully, stayed on all day, and didn't make my eyes itch at all. Yes, I would recommend this to anyone, since it doesn't have a bad retail price of $2.99! 

After trying the eye shadow, I knew I had to try the lip lacquer from Rimmel. I have tried several Rimmel products, and have yet to be disappointed, so I wasn't amazed when I actually did like this stuff. The color is rather rich, since it's the richness of lip color combined with the smoothness and ease of a gloss. It's available in 14 shades and retails for around $5.49-5.99. 

I have also tried the puffs and skinny cow, but I will share them with you in another post :)

Last H54F of 2013

HEY HEY HEY! Welcome to FRIDAY!!! Did you have a nice Christmas? I certainly did (as you will read below), but I personally am happy to get back to reality, especially since I have growing mounds of dishes and laundry waiting on me, and I am definitely ready to take down my tree. But for the next five minutes, I will do you a solid and tell you about my "most wonderful time of the year" week.
one... I received my Jolly Vox Box from Influenster over the weekend, and I was seriously psyched! Be sure to watch for my product review posts.
two... On Monday, me, the Hubby, and Lil Man decided to take a trip to the mall. I know, I know, the day before Christmas Eve is not the time to make a trip to the chaotic center of procrastination... but you know what, it really wasn't that bad. I bought the Hubby a 35 minute massage from Relax Magic as a present, and me and Lil Man went to explore. By explore I mean that we rode the carousel twice and bought toys at the Disney Store. 

three... Tuesday was, of course Christmas Eve. Each year, I go with my mom to my Grandparent's house, and then Me and Lil Man meet up with the Hubby and his side of the family at my Father-In-Law's house. Well this year, my Father-In-Law took us out to eat at Longhorn Steakhouse after we opened presents. Steak on Christmas Eve is amazing. Just sayin'.  -AND- when we got home we got into our jammies, watched Polar Express, and set cookies out for Santa.
four... Christmas at my house this year, was the bomb-freakin-diggity. No.Doubt. Lil Man is now at that age where he is understanding the concept of the big man in the suit, and gets excited about receiving presents from him. Oh, the magic of Christmas!
I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, and then after consulting the Hubby, we woke Lil Man up at 7am. I told him that Santa had visited and left him stuff. His response in a half awake, one eye open voice, "Well, let's go see then!" He ran out into the living room, and said, "Oh my god!" (I wish I would have gotten a picture of all the presents, but sadly I didn't) 
My favorite presents: A Fragrance Sampler from Sephora that comes with a certificate for a full-size bottle of perfume from Lil Man, a white and black diamond ring to match my birthday necklace, and a diamond anniversary band, both from the Hubby. Yep, I was spoiled.  
 five... Can you seriously believe that it's the last Friday of 2013! Where has the time gone? In honor of the impending new year, I have started writing some goals. No, I am not meaning resolutions, because who actually follows them anyways? I am referring to some actual short-term goals. Examples of these goals include potty training Lil Man, deep cleaning the house, paying off one credit card at a time, etc. I will be posting an actual list here within a few days.
As a bonus, I am including a true #backthatazzup song.... 
No Diggity by Blackstreet on Grooveshark

Yep, that was my super fun week!

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Beauty review | benefit's Sizzlin' Six

Welcome to another edition of All About Me Thursdays! Today, instead of sharing something Christmas, I am going to get all girly and share my favorite line of Makeup with you... Benefit :)

While shopping at Ulta (surprise, surprise), I decided to pick up what I describe as the six best things in the makeup world... Benefit's Sizzlin Six. The kit, which retails for $27 at Ulta, includes Six minis of Benefit's top selling products, and is well worth the money, because it is Amayyyzing!

The kit includes:

I loved everything about this kit. The POREfessional is basically a primer that reduces the appearance of pores, hence the name. And damn this stuff actually does what it says it does! It's kind of a heavy primer out of the tube, compared to the coveted Smashbox primer, but it's lightweight on the face and you can actually use this over makeup also, which is kinda awesome. Girl Meets Pearl is a face highlighter that you can use all over or just where you want to highlight, and it gives you a dewy glow. I personally am a fan of Watt's Up, but this is very nice. The Dandelion face powder is a brightening face powder and gives me that cutesy pink youthful appearance with a hint of shimmer. The Benetint is a cheek and lip stain in a rose color. I have never used it on my cheeks, but on my lips it gives me  very nice, natural, and plump light red color. The Dandelion Ultra Plush Lip Gloss is a soft pearled pink, is not sticky, and does not have a bad taste. It is now one of my top three favorite lip glosses. Last but certainly not least, the BADgal Lash is hands down my favorite and go-to mascara. It gives my thin lashes volume and does not clump.  

Though it would be nice, I have neither be paid or compensated in anyway for my opinions. I just wanted to share with you my love for Benefit, since they have an amazing line of cosmetic products, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Merry Christmas

For Christmas Eve, I decided to do the "box thing" from Pinterest for Lil Man. I bought jammies for myself, the Hubby, and Lil Man, a Mickey Mouse Christmas book for Lil Man to read, and Polar Express for us all to watch. Apparently I picked a really great movie, because between yesterday and today, we are on our FOURTH time watching it. Personally I don't mind, because for me, Polar Express is like Elf and A Christmas Story... I can watch it over and over and not get tired of it :)
Anyways, while watching the movie, I realized that even though I have had a really great Christmas (I received EVERYTHING on my list), I totally forgot to wish you, my lovely and much appreciated, readers a Merry Christmas. So, I found my favorite moose picture (link here) and personalized it for you!!

Also, I was at work last week searching for Christmas coloring pages for the children, and found some cute ones that I wanted to share with you. I personally LOVE coloring, and if you have children, these are great too! Before you ask, I searched Google, and when I found one, I saved it to the desktop, since they were for personal use. So, please don't download for commercial use :)

And from my family to yours: Merry Christmas!

Body Peace?

I was at work earlier today, drinking my Starbucks, taking Instagram pictures, surfing Facebook, you know, the norm. Shhh... don't tell anyone. Ha! Just kidding, I was on break. Anyways, I came across this post on Facebook about a girl who took a picture of herself in a bra and underwear, and wrote a nice little note to all her haters. Ok, so what's the catch? She was a bigger girl, and if you read the comments on the photo, they are either happy or hateful. (Here's a link to the original post)
The post really got me thinking. Why is it ok for a skinny girl with ribs showing to take a picture in her bikini and everyone likes it, but it's not ok for a bigger girl with some extra chub and stretch marks to do the same? Why do plus size girls get such a bad rap? Where the hell are all of the plus size models? Why the hell are there only a few plus size stores? AND when the hell did a size 14 become plus size?

I ask these questions because they always say that the normal size is size like 12 or 14, but all of the models are like a size 2. AKA Calling Barbie... No, I'm kidding, but I don't even think that my friggin thigh would fit into their jeans. And I don't dare walk into Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister.
It seems as if society is giving us girls a complex, and I hate it. I don't work out (I seriously don't have the time), I have stretch marks from my pregnancy, I have some extra chub bub, I seriously have a pancake ass, rather large boobs, and many other flaws, but I am me, and I am ok with that. Sure, I want to fix things, but it's all cosmetic, and below the neck. BUT according to societies picture of the ideal woman, I am ugly, and fat, and apparently I should just go kill myself. No, not really, but it's almost an accurate description of how 'bigger' women feel.
Why are people so mean? Why do we make fun of each other? Why do we tear each other down? Why? Why? Why?

But, this is nothing new. We all know that. Celebrities do it too. And NOONE is shielded from the agony of felling like you are worthless, because you have curves. Even the incredible Marilyn Monroe was criticized for her voluptuous figure.

And then just look at J Law over there ---------------->

Granted, that girl's got her head on straight, but this is a flippin epidemic!
With a society full of d-bags, for lack of a better term, how is a woman supposed to have body peace? How is a woman supposed to love herself?
Will I ever have body peace? I am going to refrain from answering that question, since it's a loaded gun...
Now, I am not hating on the skinny girls of the world, but I am saying that us bigger girls, have a place too. We should not be made fun of. We should not be bullied. We should not have to shop at a damn 'plus size' store.
Women come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and we should all be treated as equals.
Thank you. Rant over.
btw... I found the J Law pic on Pinterest, so I'm pretty sure that if you browse my "quotes" board, you will find the source.

It's the last Friday before Christmas!

First, I would like to say that this post is not late due to my procrastination tendencies. In fact, I had it written last night. Bam! The reason I am actually getting around to posting it late is because I couldn't find the right song to share with y'all. The good news... I finally heard the perfect one in the car today, but instead of running home and embedding it, Christmas sorta got in the way.
So on with the show, and I hope y'all enjoy :)
Like the title says, I seriously can't believe that it's the last Friday before Christmas, or that we only have four more days until the big fat man shimmies down the chimney to bring us goodies.
Crazy, huh? Are you ready? Big surprise: I'm not. Damn procrastination tendencies.
This week has actually been kinda fun, and I want to thank you for taking the time to view my favorite moments :)
one... For those who don't follow me on Instagram, I finally made a trip to the salon at Ulta, and walked out with a hair cut and demi-permanent darkened head of hair! I am seriously in love! I also loved my stylist, who actually talked to me, and was sweet as ever! Even though they are a little expensive, I definitely recommend a trip to see a stylist at Ulta!

two... After I "go my hair did", we decided to have a Family Date at Starbucks and then take our annual trip to Bass Pro Shop for a picture with Santie Clause. Lil Man was having fun, but when it  was his turn to say hello and sit on the jolly ole' stranger in red's lap, Er muh gawd... Lil Man freaked. Evidentiary support is below...


three... Even though I have said it before, I am going to say it again: I love my job. Wednesday night we had a Christmas party for our Non-custodial parents and their children, and I had a great time! This awesome group named BACA donated toys for all of the children and one of them even dressed up as Santa. We had 'live' music (Piano and Saxophone), and so many companies around the area and 4-H children donated food and goodies. It was seriously amazing to see the joy on the children's faces. Even though the photo is a little blurry, I wanted to share with you my co-workers, who I love.
four... almost all of my Christmas baking is done and I couldn't be happier. I don't cook, I bake, and I love to do it. But what I don't love is the mice, one rather large and one rather small, that keep stealing my cookies... and therefore making me bake more... UGH. If you couldn't tell, I was talking about my hubby and Lil Man. (BTW... look for a post on my Christmas Baking early next week!)
five... Oh, while at Bass Pro on Tuesday... I picked up THIS!!! My obsession with Moose was fueled by a 25% off sale, and a "are you really going to buy this" look from my hubby. I just had to HAVE it!
Yes, I had a really great week.

AND, for your entertainment I decided to link up with Whitney for #backthatazzup and give you this....

I have been into old school lately, and when The Outthere Brother's 1995 song 'Boom Boom Boom' came on the radio today, me and Lil Man started having an impromptu dance party. So, I knew it was the perfect one to share with y'all :)
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Best songs of 2013

So, for today's edition of "All About Me Thursdays", I was going to give you an insight to my taste in music, and then I found Helene's "Best Songs of 2013".... Lightbulb

So, in killing two birds with one stone, I have decided to a) do what I set out to do, and give you an insight into my taste in musical genius, and b) participate in a linky! Yay!!!

First about me: I have a very eclectic taste in music. I love everything from Country to Pop to Oldies to Rock to R&B to Dance, and almost everything in between. I even like some classical. Yeah, very wide taste in music.

Well, let's get to it!

Helene in Between
Two Thousand Thirteen has been a crazy, year in general, but great year in music:
Miley made 2013 her bitch, both Katy and Bey dropped amazing albums, Pitbull made his return, Luke was as hot as ever, Avicci was all over the radio, Biebs made headlines for non-music related things, Adele was apparently playing 'hide & seek', JT was, for lack of a better term, super awesome, Bruno was named Billboard's "Artist of the Year", Macklemore & Ryan made a statement, and so much more.
In reality, I had so many songs to pick from, but I have chosen MY top 15 best songs of 2013, ranked in order of personal popularity and singability aka... when a song comes on, you just HAVE to sing it.
15. Joe Nichols- 'Sunny and 75'
14. Eminem Ft. Rihanna- 'The Monster'

13. Passenger- 'Let Her Go'
12. Jerrod Niemann- 'Drink to that all night'
11. Pitbull Feat Ke$ha- 'Timber'
10. Lorde- 'Royals'
I would have called this sixteen-year-old girl 'Breakout artist of the year' because of her AMAZING voice. Imagine what it's going to sound like at 20?
9. Eric Paslay- 'Friday Night'
I wanna be your Friday Night!!!
8. Katy Perry- 'Roar'
7. Chris Young- 'Aw Naw'
6. Miley Cyrus- 'We can't stop'
5. Bruno Mars- 'Treasure'
When will this man stop dropping #1 hits? Considering that Billboard named him 'Artist of the year', you know that anything that comes out of his mouth is golden. 
4. Luke Bryan- 'That's My Kinda Night'
Have you seen his video... he is seriously dripping with sexiness. MMM...
3. Avicci- 'Wake Me Up'
 I love that it's such a great dance song, even though that it's definitely over played.
2. One Republic- 'Counting Stars'
1. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- 'Same Love'
Who seriously doesn't love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis? No, seriously who? First they were Thrift Shoppin in your Grand Dad's clothes, and not they are rollin on 24s... They have definitely come up in this world. But, their song 'Same Love', is my nomination for number 1 of 2013.

Definitely not a bad list, if I may say so, myself. :)
If 2013 was such an awesome year in music, I am wondering what 2014 is going to bring us?

What's your list of the best songs of 2013??

Redken Product Love

I used to be that girl that bought all of her hair products at Wal-Mart or Target. And then I had an epiphany, and tried this awesome little product line called Redken. Heard of it?

I, like a lot of women, remember my Mom using Redken during my childhood, and when their bottles were that dingy metal color. Well, Redken has recently (like in the past 5-7 years) reformulated their products, changed to bio-degradable plastic bottles, and packed them with mega proteins. I have seriously fallen in love with this transformation!

So, I have decided to share with you my newfound Redken product love...

one... Shampoos
I have rather thin and fine hair, so the first product I decided to try was the Body Full Shampoo. From the first scrub, it was like the heavens opened, the light shined down on me, and angels sang. Yes, I may be a bit over exaggerating, but I love this shampoo. It is perfect and gentle enough for the everyday hair scrub.
Since getting my hair done a couple of days ago, my stylist recommended using the Color Extend Shampoo. It has all the anti-fade UV filters and fun stuff that makes everything perfect and right in the world of dyed hair.
two... Conditioners
I was introduced to the Extreme Conditioner by Kate @ The Small Things Blog. She has a list of her "tried and loved" products, and well, this one is amazing for damaged hair, like mine. I flat iron my hair almost everyday, not to mention, I never get my hair cut every 4-6 weeks, so I have a lot of broken pieces and damaged strands. What I really need is a couple of salon strength protein treatments, but a) I don't have the money, and b) I don't have the time, so I resort to DIY at home treatments. Since I began using this "God's gift to women in the form of a conditioner" my hair has become more manageable, I don't see as many fly-aways, and my hair feels smooth and silky. This conditioner also smells amazing! BUT... It is not recommended that it is used every time you condition your hair. It's more like an every other condition, pick-me-up type of thing.
Another conditioner that I have just recently fallen for is the Real Control Conditioner. I have only used it like twice, but I can definitely tell you that it has made my hair feel moisturized.
Another way that I use the two conditioners, is to combine them, and use both in one condition. It seems to have made my hair feel "pretty". Also, both conditioners don't seem to weigh my hair down, which is GREAT for someone with fine and thin hair.
three... leave-ins and protectors
Along with the Extreme Conditioner, I also use the Extreme CAT Protein Reconstructing Treatment.  Holy Jeeze, say Bye Bye to frizz. I usually use this in the shower, and spray it on right before I condition. This is the one product that I use, and seriously recommend not using more than two to three times a week max. Too much of this stuff will make your hair brittle (it's already happened to me).
The next products, I use right after the shower and slather on, when my hair is still wet.
The Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-in fortifier not only smells very nice, it works as a split end mender.
Granted it's not Redken, but I have to have my It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Product. It's super popular, and there is no reason why it wouldn't be!!!!
Another Redken product that I love is the Real Control Thermal Resist. It is a really good heat protectant, and can be used wet OR dry. It makes my hair seem fuller after blow drying, doesn't give me a greasy feeling, and doesn't weigh my hair down.
Other products
Since my hair is thin, fine, and has a lot of damage, I also use bi-monthly Coconut Oil Masks, once a month Macadamia Deep Repair Masques, and when ever I feel dryness coming on Aussie 3-minute miracle.
I have not been paid or compensated in any way (though it would have been nice)for any of my opinions, I just wanted to share with everyone my Redken Love! You should all give them a try, Trust me, you won't regret it!

I'm goin' thru the big D, and don't mean Dallas

The other day I was in the car, and this song by Mark Chesnutt came on. Granted he wrote it in 1996, but I still laugh at how much of an upbeat song about divorce it is.

Divorce is ugly. Ugly for everyone involved. And it sucks.

Wait a second, did you think that I was confiding in you that I am in the process of getting divorced?

Oh God, no!

Yes, I have thought of divorce, but it was only due to a temporary misunderstanding and lack of communication. AND I would never actually go through with it, unless it was the best thing for my husband and I. Everyday, I am inlove with my husband, so what's the point in getting divorced if you still love each other?

Anyways, if you would have read my "About Me" section, you would have read that I am a child of divorce and remarriage, and the point of this post is to give you a child's and outsider's perspective on divorce.

My mom filed for divorce while she was still living with my bio dad. Not the best idea, since it caused a lot of complications. My mom wasn't in love with him anymore and after almost 15 years of marriage, she had had enough of my bio dad's emotional, and at times physical, abuse. I was a senior in high school, maybe 4 months away from graduation, when my world fell apart. In short, it sucked. My bio dad was an ass, and I chose my mom's side. During the divorce, my brother was used as a pawn by my bio dad. He used my brother to deliver messages to my mom, to get her hopes up, and then just crushed them over and over. I would watch my mom cry, and promise myself that I would never put my child through something like that.

Parents! Please don't use your children as pawns! Don't make them chose sides! Divorce is really hard on children, especially the younger ones, and when mom and dad fight, it just gets worse.

I work at a non-profit that does supervised visitation between a non-custodial parent and the child or children. Over half of the cases that we deal with, are court cases, and you can tell when the wound is fresh from a child. It's a hard thing to watch.

We also offer transfer services. Basically transfer services are the hand off of the child from one parent to another. Like, when the child goes to dad's for the weekend, well, we are the place that that child gets "transferred". Well, we have parents that use this service, because they just can't get along.

I don't get it. How can two people be married for 5+ years, and then all of a sudden, hate each other to no end. It's a complication of divorce, and it sucks.

I also hate to see that people are getting married and then divorced within a year. Seriously? What was the point of even getting married? Even celebs are doing this, and it's sickening. Do people not value the sanctity of marriage anymore?

Divorce shouldn't be a choice. It shouldn't be then end game. It should be a last resort.

The Blogmopolitian Quiz

Happy Sunday Friends!!! I know I said, via Twitter, that I was taking a break for this weekend, but I just had to give you guys this!

So, as I was browsing through blogs the other day, I came across the cutest little thing ever. I love reading Cosmo (what girl doesn't?) and reading the quizzes that the cover celeb usually fills out. I have even imagined myself becoming famous, and actually filling one out for myself, but for now, this will do :)

Erin, over at Two Thirds Hazel, came up with the template for this little Blogmopolitian quiz, and I am definitely in love.  You can also head over to her blog and read the other participant's answers (the link is in Erin's blog title).

I know this is one of those things that should be posted on Thursdays for my "All About Me" Thursdays, but I didn't see the quiz until after I had posted my post this week, and then the next day, Friday, was my super awesome week recap post, and well, I finally get to post it today.

So did you enjoy? I hope so!

Horray! It's Friday!

Well damn, it's already Friday! It seems like the weeks have been going super fast since I started this whole bloggy thing...
Anyways, this week I have a couple of things for you... my weekly recap, my Secret Santa reveal, and a fun song for you.
First let's start with my week :)
My motto of the week.
I seriously can't believe that it's like a week and a half till Christmas? Are you ready? I'm about halfway there, but let's not dwell on the "need to do list", and let's see what I did this week. :) A little selfish, eh?
One... While shopping at Target, big surprise, I picked up this totally cute and totally me sweater. Sometimes it feels like I am a walking #selfie, so the sweater is perfect. And then I threw on my Caroline G Shop three-stone necklace, and the whole outfit screamed "You finally did it!" :)
Two... I love shopping, especially when I am buying something for a good cause. Every year, Maurices sells either some cute necklaces or bracelets, and 50% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Association. This cute little necklace pack comes in gold and silver, and cost $12. Cute accessories and giving to a good cause? A win win, in my book.
Three... Me and Lil Man decided to start making Christmas cookies this week. He absolutely loved helping me with the mixer and everything else that came along with it!
Four... Guess what came in? Yep, my Christmas Cards! I am so stinkin happy about this and knowing that my Christmas Cards will actually reach people before Christmas! Take that procrastination tendencies!!!
Five... Holy Mollies! I can finally say that I am done with homework for the next two weeks, and then I am less than six months from holding my Master's degree in my hands. Good thing too, cause I needed a break!
And now for my favorite part!!!

At the end of November, I decided to participate in a Secret Santa Swap. A REAL secret Santa swap! I received Nikki from MakeupHer, and I seriously loved buying for her. Anyways, I received my package the day before my birthday, and I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

My haul..


The candles.... my Secret Santa seriously read my mind, cause I have been wanting those exact same smells from Bath and Body!!!

Thank you, who ever you are!!!!!!!!!!

And last but certainly not least... A fun song!

This song, "Burn" By Ellie Goulding, has been in my head 24 damn 7!
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