Merry Christmas

For Christmas Eve, I decided to do the "box thing" from Pinterest for Lil Man. I bought jammies for myself, the Hubby, and Lil Man, a Mickey Mouse Christmas book for Lil Man to read, and Polar Express for us all to watch. Apparently I picked a really great movie, because between yesterday and today, we are on our FOURTH time watching it. Personally I don't mind, because for me, Polar Express is like Elf and A Christmas Story... I can watch it over and over and not get tired of it :)
Anyways, while watching the movie, I realized that even though I have had a really great Christmas (I received EVERYTHING on my list), I totally forgot to wish you, my lovely and much appreciated, readers a Merry Christmas. So, I found my favorite moose picture (link here) and personalized it for you!!

Also, I was at work last week searching for Christmas coloring pages for the children, and found some cute ones that I wanted to share with you. I personally LOVE coloring, and if you have children, these are great too! Before you ask, I searched Google, and when I found one, I saved it to the desktop, since they were for personal use. So, please don't download for commercial use :)

And from my family to yours: Merry Christmas!

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