When it comes to skincare, I tend to be sort of a snob. I don't like drug store brands... I like the high end stuff. AND my FAVORITE skincare brand happens to be Kopari Beauty

If you have never heard of Kopari Beauty, their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, never formulated with phthalates, sulfates, or parabens, and they have no-no list of more than 200 ingredients. 

Also, In 2021, they transitioned their entire product line to fully recyclable packaging, integrating post-consumer recycled plastic whenever feasible, as part of their commitment to reducing landfill waste. How cool is that??

You can find Kopari Beauty products on their website, Ulta, TJ Max, Marshalls, or on Amazon.

Kopari Beauty items currently in my regiment:

Kopari Lychee Clean Vitamin C Foaming Face Cleanser // I love that this stuff is foaming. I feel like it gets into all of my pores and cleans them out.

Kopari Antioxidant Face Shield Mineral SPF 30 // This is a good daily SPF and moisturizer too! 

Kopari Exfoliating Lip Scrub with Fine Volcanic Sand and Brown Sugar // This is such a good lip scrub- it scrubs and moisturizes at the same time. Oh and it smells great!

Kopari Hydrating Coconut & Squalane Lip Glossy | Clear // This is great for when ever my lips are thirsty and need a drink. THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE LIP GLOSS!!!

Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy | Nude Tint Birthday Suit // I love the sheer tint that this gloss gives off AND it's not sticky at all.

Kopari Moisture Whipped Ceramide Cream // I usually put this on after I wash my face or after a shower and it moisturizes so well!! Oh, and a little bit goes a looong way!

Kopari Hydrating Body Wash // Made with organic coconut oil, this body wash is so hydrating and smells great!

Kopari Tahitian Vanilla Hydrating Body Milk Lotion // I can't tell you how good this actually smells! I love to lotion myself up after a shower with this!

Products I have tried:

Kopari Organic Coconut Melt // I actually keep one of these in my fridge for the summer. It's a great after sun moisturizer and smells so good!

Kopari The Perfect Body Scrub and Moisturizer Set, Mini Hydrating Coconut Melt Moisturizer and Exfoliating Coconut Crush Scrub // This is a great set to try out the Coconut Melt and the Coconut Crush Scrub!

I really love using Kopari Beauty products! They always smell wonderful and the fact that they are vegan and crulty-free sell me. 

Have you ever used Kopari Beauty products???

Till next time.

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Kopari Beauty: My Favorite Skincare Brand

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