october favorites

October has been the month of a pumpkin obsession... maybe it's because it's the season, but I have been buying lotions, lip products, shower gels, candles, body sprays, and eating pumpkin flavored food. Hopefully the obsession will fade with the start of November and impending Christmas season... October was also the month of trying new things- as in trying lip stick and a new mascara. 

But before I get ahead of myself, here are my top five beauty favorites from the month of October.  

Bath & Body Works always seems to feed into my seasonal obsessions, and this Fall, they came out with four new scents: two centered around pumpkin, one that is apple, and a plum mixed one. Of course, this season I fell in love with was the pumpkin latte and marshmallow. It smells so amazing, and me being me, had to grab a lotion, shower gel, and body spray. I love the lotion the most, due to it's extreme hydration, quick absorbness, and lasting scent. Btw, all fall limited edition scents are fifty percent off right now! Yes, run, don't walk, to your nearest Bath and Body Works.

Oh. my. gawd! I love this stuff! I am a chap stick/lip gloss type of gal, and own very few- like under three-lipsticks. I don't know why... Anyways, when I received this stuff in my October Birchbox, I tried it immediately. Needless to say, but I fell in love with it. I love the color! It's a very pretty pinky melon and goes great with my light skin tone. It's also shiny without being sticky- a feature that I have to deal with with most lip glosses, and stays put. In my opinion, it's the best of both worlds- lip gloss & lip stick. 

three | Chap Stick in Pumpkin Pie Flavor (find at Target or Walmart)
Sure it's Chap Stick, but it tastes like pumpkin pie, and it's cheap- under $1. Enough said.

To me, eos is the high society of lip balms. They are hydrative, taste amazing, contain natural conditioning oils, shea butter, and all those amazing ingredients that make for softer lips. Oh, and the sphere is different, and kinda cool. A few months ago eos decided to release two new flavors- Vanilla Mint and Coconut Milk to complement the six flavor varieties they currently had. I have a thing for new flavors, so I tried both- but the smell and taste of the coconut milk reminds me of lying on a beach in Tahiti (one can dream, right?).

Honestly, I didn't think I would like this when I picked it up. I am super picky with mascara, and I have always had a "thing" for higher end- my current favorite is Benefit's Badgal Lash. I don't know why, but I just do. I grabbed it, along with eyeliner, on a buy one, get one free coupon. Once I did try it, I realized it was a contender for my beloved Benefit, at a fraction of the cost. It's goes on rather smoothly, stays on all day, and is easy to get off at night. 

Have you tried any new beauty products this month? 
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october birchbox

I was pleasantly surprised when I received my Birchbox this month! Despite my addiction to dry shampoo, I have never actually received a sample of any- and trust me, Birchbox really does send them. 

If you don't know what Birchbox is- it's a monthly subscriptions service that sends you a box with 4-5 deluxe samples and 1 full size product every month according to the beauty profile that you fill out. You basically receive beauty products (which includes hair and makeup) and one lifestyle item for $10 a month. You can cancel at any time, and it's a pretty nice "try before you buy" service, as no box is ever the same. They also offer free shipping deals all the time, and for every item you review from your box, on the Birchbox site, you receive 10 points. Oh, and every 100 points equal $10. If you would like to sign up, you can do that here

October marks my eighth month of being a subscriber and I love it! I love getting a surprise in the mail every month, earning those review points, and lusting over what I could buy with my points. Currently I have twenty bucks in points and trust me- they are burning a hole in my figurative pocket. 

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the amika dry shampoo! I had head alot about amika products and truthfully, now I know what the buzz is all about. It smelled like beautiful, fresh grown, and placed in your house flowers, didn't have a noticeable residue, and made my second & third day hair look amazing

The Mally Liquid Lipstick was a full-size! Meaning by itself, it was worth twenty bucks! Birchbox has started this think of sending out "pick your sample choice" email, and the Mally was one of the choices- which I picked. But, I had no idea it was going to be full-size. And I love the color! It's a very pretty pinky melon and goes great with my light skin tone. I will be doing a full review on it very soon. 

The dr. brandt pore no more vacuum cleaner was interesting... it goes on as a liquid/serum and when it turns a dusty blue, you wash it off. Yes, I did look like a smurf when I used it. It did however, make my skin feel amazing, but it didn't pull the gunk out of my pores, per say. I do like dr. brandt products, so I would love to try the other items in the kit. 

Unfortunately, I really didn't like the face serum or the eye pencil. I have rather sensitive skin, and the serum seemed to irritate it- my face was red and itchy for about thirty minutes. Plus, it smelled like orange, and I am not a fan of putting things that smell like citric fruit- orange, lemon, lime, etc- on my face. The pencil was an awesome concept- black eyeliner with flecks of glitter, and the more you put on- the more glitter you get. Trust me, I was excited about this- but it smelled so bad, crumbled horribly, and when I actually did get it on- it was so.hard.to.get.off! 

Overall, I received a great box, and will be keeping my subscription! 

Do you receive a Birchbox every month? How was your October box?

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pretty little beauty swap

Happy Monday friends! I've decided that this week is going to be the week of reveals, so first up is my pretty little beauty swap reveal.

A few months ago, I signed up to participate in the pretty little beauty swap with Chelsee and Justine. I participated once before, and honestly a swap centered around beauty is definitely up my alley. 

This time around, I was paired with Alena from Modern Mommy Files, and I LOVED everything I received. Alena was such a sweet gal, and it was really nice getting to know her.

My package included a black and white polka dot makeup bag, Pacifica coconut water cleansing water, three Que Bella masks: relaxing, refreshing, & rejuvenating, EOS coconut milk lip balm, Yes to Coconut hand cream, Clut Abbot Kinney nail polish, Bee Silk hard lotion bar, and Physicians Formula organic wear mascara. 

I told Alena that I had a thing for coconut, so this package was definitely made for me! 

The coconut water wipes smell amazing!  And are great for use in the morning! I had been looking to try the new EOS lip balms, and when I went to Target, they only had the blue one- they were out of the pink. So I was super ecstatic to see the pink- coconut milk- in my package! 

If you are interested in signing up, head over to Chelsee's place and view all the details!

Have you ever done a swap? What about a beauty swap?

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sunday currently 10.26.14

The feeling of numbness hasn't subsided yet, and honestly I really don't think it ever will. Well, at least until I break down and become the hot mess of grief that is boiling below the surface, some time this week... 

In all honestly, I really thought that Saturday was going to be that day, and I was going to go through the same thing that I did when we laid my grandpa into his eternal rest eight years ago- I refused to go to the casket and see him. I was a crying mess, and everyone was telling me that I needed to go say goodbye. I had seen him the night before, and that had been enough for me- so no matter how much pleading they did, I refused to go. 

Since Saturday was a no-go, I think it's going to happen when Lil Man and I visit my mom's house this coming week. And like everyday for the two weeks proceeding last Wednesday, she was there- but won't be now. I know that may sound confusing, but hopefully you get it.

For those of you who have no idea what the hell I am talking about- I lost my grandmother on Wednesday night. I blogged about it

So in light of my mental unstableness over the past couple of days, I think I am just going to share a currently post...  because I love blogging and truthfully, I'm kinda forcing myself to write this post. I know you guys would be ok with me randomly taking a couple of days off, but I think writing is my therapy. Plus writing at night is best, because Lil Man is asleep.

I would also like to take a moment and thank everyone for their beautiful comments and outpouring of support. You guys have no idea how much it really means to me. I know now why I joined this bogging community.


R e a d i n gAlmost every damn post by Don't Quote The Ravenshe is just too damn funny and I love her. Btw, her words have been the only thing to make me smile the past few days.

W r i t i n g | This blog post (duh) and some random posts for the week.

L i s t e n i n g | To the shows cluttering up my DVR from the week... The Originals, Scandal, Grim, How to get away with murder...

T h i n k i n g | About Halloween costumes for me and Lil Man. I really want to dress up this year- I just don't know as what.

W i s h i n g | That Lil Man's grieving process is over... meaning that he will be ok and not break down in the very near future.

H o p i n g | To get a phone call on Monday informing us that insurance has approved the hubby's surgery and they are ready to schedule.

S m e l l i n g | The leftover Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow lotion I put on earlier... ps- absolutely love the smell!

W e a r i n g | New fuzzy socks from Target

L o v i n g | The new crochet blanket that I picked up from my mom's today... My grandmother made it. Pictures to come soon.

W a n t i n g | The Ben & Jerry's ice cream that is currently in my freezer.

N e e d i n g | A hug.

F e e l i n g | Numb... we have already addressed this.

M i s s i n g | My grandmother....

She is going to be cremated, so that's why there isn't a gigantic hold near where I'm sitting... after the funeral we took a bunch of flowers to the gravesite- my grandpa is right next to me.

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when things don't go as planned

For the past two days, I have been a little MIA and I know some of you have noticed... Well, if you follow me on Insta, you would have known the reason.

No I didn't up and decided to move to Chicago. ... or even take a mini vacay for that matter...

At 4pm on Monday, the hubby's back surgeon called and offered us the daunting date of surgery I have been dreading... Wednesday,  October 22. Yes, less than two days from the phone call. Which meant over 2 months worth of honey - do list items to squeeze into maybe 48 hours. We took it.

We arrived at Rush University Medical Center at 8:30am on Wednesday morning for a scheduled MRI and after, we headed to registration. There we were informed that surgery wasn't until 4pm, but insurance was still pending- basically the doctor had sent the information and paperwork into our insurance company, and it was still under review. 

Once registration was completed, we headed to the 7th floor nurses station. They took my hubby back, did some blood work, and told us to be back around 2pm for surgery prep. 

We were both tired, so we headed to the car for a much needed nap- considering that by that time, we had about a three hour gap till surgery prep. 

Long story short, the nap never happened. My hubby was on the phone, almost the entire time, with the doctor's nurse, insurance, and the car payment company. The doctor's nurse informed us that insurance was indeed still pending, and if they didn't approve by surgery time, the surgery would be cancelled and rescheduled. Neither of us were happy. The insurance company decided to be shitty with us and told us that the doctor should have known that the review process was a lengthy one, and there was no way of telling if surgery would be authorized by 4pm. 

Needless to say, we were both worn out by this point- In a year's time, the hubby had seen three surgeons, had umpteen MRIs, taken several pain medications with no avail, been through the pain of physical therapy & pain shots, and now was at the finish line of being fixed, but the insurance company was dragging its feet and we were looking at the possibility of being stuck with a hundred-thousand dollar bill. 

A bit before 1pm, the nurses called us, and told us that they were ready to prep the hubby for surgery. As soon as we got into surgery prep, we told them about our dilemma. Many phone calls later, the doctor's nurse finally said she would make the final call at 2pm. I started to pray. Seeing your loved one in so much pain and knowing you can't help is unbearable. Knowing that you had spent a large amount of one of your last days before surgery on the phone getting everything sorted so you can return to a job after being off and get paid during that time (FMLA & short-term disability), and the possibility of it being for nothing- that is mentally exhausting. 

2pm came and we received a phone call... insurance was still pending, and they were cancelling the surgery. The nurse explained that once insurance decided to authorize, we would get a call and reschedule the surgery. Unfortunately, there was no way of telling when there was an opening. 

The pre-op nurses had a heart, and for our time, they gave us a voucher for free parking and free lunch. Which was the first good thing about our day.

After lunch, as we were walking to the parking garage, we saw the news van setting up to most likely do a news segment about the Ebola patient at Rush. No- the patient didn't actually have Ebola. They arrived at O'Hare airport from Liberia exhibiting Ebola-esque symptoms, and transported to Rush on Tuesday. After testing, it was determined that the adult patient did not have Ebola, but was quarantined just as a precaution. 

We got to the car, and left. The view from the parking garage.... 

Traffic was horrible due to a combination of driving in Chicago and construction, but when we made it home, we decided to take a nap. I personally was running on three hours of sleep- and the hubby had none. 

Unfortunately, our nap was interrupted by my mother calling to tell us to come pick up our son- he had been staying with my parents since the night before. She explained that my grandmother (step-dad's mom who was living with them) had said she couldn't breathe, and had fallen. My mom had called the ambulance, and someone needed to be with Lil Man, because they were on their way to the emergency room.

The hubby and I picked up Lil Man. On our way home, he told us that he had seen grandma fall. I felt so bad for him.

A few hours later, I received a phone call from my mom. She told me that my grandmother had passed away. She explained that the doctor said that she may have had a clot and that they were so sorry. 

Needless to say, explaining death to a 4 year old has been quite difficult. Every time I try to explain to him about what happened- he had grown rather close to her- he asks if we can go get her from the hospital. 

Personally I am in a place between numb and extreme sadness. There were so many factors that my grandmother had over come- being abused by my aunt and uncle for almost eight years (no one was aware until four months ago), having a stroke that left the right side of her body near-paralyzed, going from near-paralyzed to a walking, talking, all around amazing person with the help of rehab, moving into my parents house, and then this. It's not fair. 

I didn't even get to tell her goodbye. 

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my worst fear

In a world of YOLO and FOMO, there is no room for fear, right? I mean, it's almost like with all the super awesome things going on around us, society is taunting us to be fearless. But is that fearless as in living life to the fullest or fearless as in, I'm going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and pray to the heavens that my chute will open so I don't become a pancake in a field somewhere? Morbid, I know. But it paints the picture that I am trying to display- how much fear is acceptable in today's society?

Personally, I like the mid point- the 'halfway to fearless' point, if you may. Yes, I know it used to be a blog, but we won't go there right now- I just liked the title. I think that a little bit of fear is good for an individual, so when they over come that little bit, it's a celebratory occasion. And it's always something that the masses can identify with... ie. fear of public speaking, fear of being naked, fear of spiders, fear of asking a boy/girl out... 

Like everyone else, I may put on a show, but I can't walk the walk. I do have fears- both rational and irrational. And those irrational fears are most likely deep-seeded from childhood. Today we could talk about my very real, rational, most likely everyone has them, fears like public speaking, accidentally stabbing myself in the eye with a mascara wand, stepping on a lego or other small toy accessory, cutting my hand when washing the knives, but I won't. 

Tay and Helen's #blogtober14 prompt for today was my worst fear, so I am going to confess it...

I have a fear that I am going to loose my child. I am generally an optimist, but for some reason, when it comes to Lil Man, I have the very real fear that I am going to loose him- and it's not going to be from someone actually taking him. Maybe all parents have this fear? It's hard to describe, but I am the type of Mother that used to get up in the middle of the night to check to see if he was still breathing. And I still do it to this day. I also used call and text whoever is watching him multiple times a day to check on him. Yes, I am slowly getting better with everything, but it still happens every now and then.

All of it could be part of my depression, or some type of mental illness that hasn't been addressed, or it's just an insecurity of being a parent. But I really have no idea and it scares the living hell out of me.

But... I am a bit grateful for the fear. I know that sounds super messed up, but it's true. I mean, a bit of parental fear is a good thing to a point, right? I know what you're thinking, and yes, I know I have issues. I just wish I could find someone who identifies with me on any of this.

As you can already tell, I am the type of parent that is a bit over protective. Like, I love watching my child climb trees, but the fear of him falling still exists in the back of my mind. And I love having him walk beside me in the store, but when he wanders like two feet away, I have a mini panic attack, because I think someone is going to steal him. That fear is most likey due to being a Criminal Justice major and know that there are some really freaky people out there. 

Now that I'm pretty sure you think I'm a mental case, how about I give you my top three irrational, I know you can identify with, fears? 

one || death by drowning or being eaten by sharks

two || getting struck by lightening or sucked up into a tornado

three || being chased by the clown on American Horror Story: Freak Show

*Linking up with Ember Grey, Tay, & Helene

Do you have any rational or irrational fears?

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happiness is in the eye of the beholder

Being happy is something that is very much attainable. Whether in a moment, a life time, a materialistic item, etc, happiness always something that is unique to the beholder. Yes, two different individuals can share a happy moment, but the happiness is always celebrated differently. And those self-help books about how to be happy are crap. #sorrynotsorry

But I'm getting off track.

Today, I want to share with you...

// Spending time with family

// Hearing Lil Man go potty (we had been potty training on and off for almost 6 mos before he got it)

// Getting into the car and realizing my favorite song is on the radio

// Pumpkin pie blizzards & pumpkin spice lattes

// Painting wine glasses & making jewelry

// A new tube of mascara

// Finding copyright free pictures to use on the blog

// Finishing a blog design element

// Kitty cuddles

// Getting a notification that one of my Etsy shop listings sold

// A glass of pink Moscato

// Getting an unexpected package in the mail

// A great hair day

// Finding a great font

// Find something to feed my moose obsession

// Date night with the hubby or a mommy & me playdate with Lil Man

// Finally getting accepted into Blogher

& so much more!

*Linking up with Tay & Helene

What makes you happy?

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Another week down...

Have you ever just wanted to sit around the house all day and do nothing? Welp, that was me yesterday.  Besides organizing my jewelry making parts containers, getting dressed, and immersing myself into public at the wonderful world of Target, I did nada. Yeah didn't even blog, if you couldn't tell. Sorry for that if you visited yesterday.

But I know what you came for today... A recap of my week, right?

One | I made and listed some new delicate necklaces in the Etsy shop and more will listed rather soon (probably by Monday). I'm also working on some new wine glass designs- so be on the lookout. Btw- I still have a sale going- use code HELLOFALL25 for 25% off your entire order.

Two  |  I'm finally happy to say that Lil Man is potty trained! I am soo happy for and proud of him.

Three | I finally got my booty in gear and designed Lil Man's thank yous from his birthday party... Sure they aren't my finest work- that's why I dare not show you- but they will do. Side note- my Christmas cards are going to be flippin awesome!

Four | I received the second best Birchbox ever... I will be giving full details next week, but let's just say it was freggin awesome!

Five | I read some amazing blog posts this week... 

What can I say... I'm a sucker for those outfit posts and the way Ash but together some outfit infographics is awesome! And shows me that I really need to buy some boots!

Since I've been thinking about doing a gallery wall, I've been on the lookout for how to do it for cheap.... I love how Kallie shows how to do it for cheap and uses Picmonkey for some framed quotes & Instagram inspired collages. 

Holy apple goodness... I love me some apple crisp in the fall (well any season except Summer), and this recipe looks ah-maz-ing!

In reality, perfection is far from attainable, and I love the way Kate & Adam talk about how they go against the grain, and don't have a desire to attain that perfection. 

I, like Rachael, struggle with loving myself and sometimes refuse to accept my "flaws". I love the way Rachael describes it, and explains the things that have gotten her to the middle place between hate and love. 

How was your week? Any blog posts that you absolutely loved?

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my favorite quotes

I have a thing for quotes and fonts, but more so quotes. I mean, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to quotes, because I love how a sentence or two can inspire, explain, or entertain. 

Anyways, since today is fifteenth day of #blogtober14 with Tay & Helene, I've decided to share with you two of my favorite quotes.

number one || Sweet Home Alabama may not be my favorite movie, but there is always one quote that stands out to me... 

The reason that someone would love this quote, shouuld be self explanatory, but why I love it? Because every time my husband asks why I married him, I tell him the same thing :) Cheesy, but that's how we work. 

number two || Lately I have been obsessed with the arrow and most of all, the meaning behind it... 

I have had alot of setback in my life, but they always seem to work out, and I come out on top. The arrow is real. It's a sign of impending greatness. It's a sign of hope.

In December I am also looking at making my obsession permanent, and getting three arrows on my left arm. Why? Because my birthday is on the 3rd, my favorite number is three, and there are three members of my little family- me, the hubby, and Lil Man. Rule of three, right? 

Oh, btw, if you are as obsessed with the arrow as me, Amy Cornwell has an awesome arrow ring for a great price. 

*Linking up with the #blogtober14 gals & Fitness Blondie

What's your favorite quote?
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why I will never own an iphone

In the world of smartphones, the iPhone vs. Android debate will forever be a staple. Each one promises to be the best, and each one can deliver in their own ways. But when you read articles comparing the two, they always talk about the technical specs of each and compares them, right? Seriously, who really cares about anything other than camera megapixel and available space? I wanna know good my pictures will turn out, how many apps I can download and use, etc, etc...  

I have been the proud owner of two different Android phones within the past three years, and I am proud to say... I will never switch to an iPhone. Granted I am not an Apple person- yes, I have an IPod- but that is not the main reason that I am against iPhones. Heck, I don't even think I am actually against iPhones, because I would so love to play with Facetime with out having to go through Google Hangouts, spruce up my Insta posts and text messages with flippin' awesome Emojis, sport a bad-ass case, and download amazing photo editing apps from the App store, but I will never switch for six simple reasons. 

one || user friendly vs. customization
Hands down, the iPhone is the most user friendly phone I have ever seen. I mean, damn, the phone does everything for you... but I like to customize my things, meaning that I don't want all of my apps on display for the world to see. Maybe it's just the phones I have used, but with Android, you can pick and choose what you want on your screens... and even add folders on your screens for several apps of the same type. You can also customize each one of your screen's wallpapers... text... how your text messaging looks... EVERYTHING. On the flip side, sometimes customization presents issues with user friendliness, but it's something I can deal with.

two || three buttons vs. one
Maybe it's because I have the Samsung Galaxy S4, but I really hate that the iPhone only has one button (my parents have the iPhone 4). Whenever I am "forced" to use an iPhone, I am so lost. Apparently the button is multi-functional? But I'm just not sure if it's supposed to be a back button, a select button, or what... 

three || battery life
I, like most people, am always on my phone. Whether it's replying to emails, posting on Insta, or getting the latest Ebola outbreak news from Facebook, it's always on and the battery life is phenomenal. Now, my parents, who do the same things and have an iPhone, are always needing to charge their phones for some reason. Apparently it comes down to the battery life. 

four || removable memory
The one thing that I love about my Android, is the fact that I can buy a micro sd card and instantly have more memory for my pictures, apps, music you name it! See, I told you the technical specs really don't matter to me... 

five || S beam
Ok, this may be unique to the Samsungs (Android royalty), but I love, love, love the S beam. My husband and I both have S4s and if we want to share pictures, all we have to do is put our phones back to back, touch a button to "beam", and bam! It even shows up in it's own folder in the gallery! Beats the heck out of text messaging five different pictures! 

six || swipe messaging
I wish I had a picture to show you, but basically I just have to slide my finger over the letters that I want to type, and the phone translates my swipe into a word. It's pretty cool, but does take some time getting used to.

Do you have an Android or iPhone? What do you like best about it?
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Light sunday reading

Sometimes I like to do some light reading on Sunday mornings. Granted most of the time I am working and reading court orders, old visit reports, and the like, but there is usually some down time in which I can catch up on my ever growing Blogloving feed... I swear, that thing has a mind of it own and is slowly morphing into a complete cluster f*ck. Anyone else feel this way? No? Well, great...

Anyways... the light reading. Sunday posts usually consist if Currently or Sunday Social Posts. Or whatever Tay and Helene had picked for #blogtober14. I love how the Currently posts give you a peek through the half drawn shade into the sometimes "locked up in a safe" life of some bloggers. On a side note, I think I can best identify with the blogger if they post a Currently update... I love seeing the commonalities. The Sunday Social posts are fun because for the past two years, Ashley and Neeley (congrats on the wedding girl!) have been giving bloggers a series of six questions to answer and then link up with them. The reason I love these posts are the same reason I love reading open ended survey questionnaire results... the answers. Give five people a question to answer, and you will get five different answers. It proves that in today's world, it's ok to be different. To be interesting. To be unique.

Yeah, so I just on the verge of turning a simple blog linkup into something Political. I apologize and digress. 

If you couldn't tell, I have participated in a couple of Sunday Socials, and today is no different. Except for the fact that this one is the last one ever... No, I don't know why, that's just what they said on their posts... But here is my last and final Sunday Social, and guess what! It's all about blogging!

one | How did you come up with your blog name?
I rather hate being asked this question... because I never know how to answer it. When I decided to start blogging, I had originally named the blog "Tabitha Lynne." It was kinda cute and since it was my first and middle name, I thought why not, the cool kids are doing it. And then I realized that it sounded a bit redneck. A couple of days later, Lil Man and I were taking a walk around the yard. He picked up a white dandelion seed flower and said, "Lets make some tiny wishes." All of a sudden, I said, hey, now there's a non-redneck blog name, and something I can work with. And then a hundred tiny wishes was born. 

two | What is your favorite thing about blogging?
The opportunities that it opens up. Yes, blogging has allowed me to bear my soul and what not, but it also has given me the chance to make friends, connect with people, sharpen my Photoshop skills, open an Etsy Shop, make some money, shop at Target more, have a need to buy a DSLR, and so much more. 

three | What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now can’t live without?
My Plum Paper Designs planner. It's kinda like an Erin Condren or that other popular with the bloggers planner, but cheaper and more functional for me. It had the monthly calendars, but then it breaks down each day of the week into up to 7 different customizable categories. Yeah, so I know that was confusing, so here is the one I have... 

four | Facebook or Twitter? Why?
Both? Neither? I love Twitter for it's up to the moment, easy 140 character quips, but I love Facebook because everyone has one, and it's easy to share photos and such with family. Overall, I would have to break the chains, and go with Insta... because in truth, cliche-ness and all, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

five | If one celeb read your blog, who would you want it to be?
There is such a long list... Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Lawrence, Tina Fey... 

six | What is something you want people to know about your blog?
I am flippin' awesome? No... that's too braggy and not even right... Basically what you read is what you get. Who I am in real life, is who I am on here. 

Btw, if you want some other light Sunday reading... read these :) 

What do you like to read on Sundays?
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another friday....

I can't believe that yesterday was already Friday! And that we are already in the middle of October? Oh my! But... at least the trees are finally turning and the smell of Fall is in full swing (at least by me).

This week has been super productive blog-wise for me. Even though I have kinda slacked on scheduling blog posts ( I've kinda gotten rather good about writing them on the fly), I have been working on a new about me & advertise page, changing around some font related items, working on new sidebar labels, and making some pretty awesome buttons. No, I won't be changing the whole design in this process -I really love the confetti look- but I'm tired of it all not being put together. Yes, I do know that it looks rather nice as is, but I'm weird like that.

Life wise, let's take a look at my Insta... 

one // I made my Grandmother a necklace for her 70th birthday, and I think it turned out rather well. And I plan on offering the necklace in the Etsy shop soon... and yes, I have other colors!

two // Last month some Birchbox subscribers recieved the new dual-ended Chapsticks in their boxes. Sadly I did not. But since there was so much buzz about them, I decided to drag my happy butt to Target and pay almost three bucks a pop. Are they worth it? Yeah.

three // This week the weather took a major turn in the cold direction. Since I have a lack of riding boots, or any other acceptable Fall boots for that matter, I pulled out my Target winter boots circa last year. 


four // Apparently Fall being in full swing has given me an obsession (and craving) with anything pumpkin... And Starbucks answered my craving call. Oh yes, my tummy was happy! 

five // Tuesday nights for us usually means Family Night (the hubby works midnight Wed-Sat). Tuesday night, I decided to make some hot cocoa and caramel apple "nachos" for use to enjoy while watching Chicago Fire. Loved!

Oh, and you know what blog posts I absolutely loved this week?
Cash In Your Pockets (or PayPal account!) by All the Joys | Let's be honest, blogging costs money. I love how Meagan gives us the run down on creative ways to make money to finance the fun endeavor.
You are Loved. You are Enough. You are Worth Something. by 34 Magnolia Street | I'm not a very religious person, but embedded in this post is such a great message... read it!
An Open Letter To The Douchebags of Chicago by The Daily Tay | Taylor's response to a guys open letter to the single women of Chicago. Hilarious!
Letter to My Future Self by A Labour of Life | I love, love, love letters like this... And I really don't think there is an outfit that Linda can't work!
How to Run a Kick Butt Sponsorship Program by Becoming Adorrable | Oh man... I am still on the fence about offering sponsorships, but Becca gives a great guide if I decide to start... also she features some awesome bloggers and they give their great advice (and maybe some sponsorship discount codes)!
How was your week? Any favorite blog posts that you want to share?

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letter to myself in ten years

I had an idea for a post today... but in true Tabitha fashion, I just couldn't finish it. So, I decided to take the lead from Taylor and Helene's #blogtober14 and write a letter to myself in ten years. 

Dear amazing and more experienced version of me,

Don’t worry about the whole forty thing coming up next year. We both know that I was the same way at thirty. Just think of all the things that you have accomplished, and know that you are surrounded with love. And that you can stay thirty-nine for the next what, nine years? 

How’s Lil Man? Gosh, he’s got to be… oh my, Happy late birthday to him! Is he hitting puberty yet? Oh boy, I bet it’s really throwing you off. We both know how you were with potty training. Don’t worry, he will always be your baby, and it’s all just a part of growing up. Btw, are we still referring to him as Lil Man? Please tell me we aren’t. Because if you’re doing it in front of his friends, you are embarrassing him. I know you don’t realize it, but sometimes you need to just give the boy some space. He is one smart child, and with love and patience, he can do great things. 

I hope that you finally talked the hubby into adding another midget to the mix. She should be around five now, and just going into school, right? I bet your world is turned upside down, and you feel bombarded with stress. Take a breather girl! You have done this forever. You get stressed and start to shut down. Stop it. It’s life and we both know that it all started with teenager Tabitha. Yeah, one of these days, she’s going to get a stern talking too. 

How’s the wine glass painting? Have you hit a thousand sales yet? Well I damn well hope so, considering that would only be ten a year and somewhat non-profitable. I hope that you are doing amazing with it, and possibly landed a contract with a major chain store… maybe Michaels? Oh man, tell me that you did. 

Besides the wine glass thing, I really hope you finally landed that great job with a non-profit and it pays well. And you’re awesome at it. And you’re student loans were paid off five years ago. I hope that you and the hubby were able to go to Europe for your tenth wedding anniversary, and you just celebrated your fifteenth. I hope that you finally moved into that dream house of yours. You know the one with four bedrooms, and at least two bathrooms. 

I hope that you are at least halfway done with your novel. Did you go with the one about your life? Or the other route? Nevermind… we both know it was the other route.

I hope that you have lost some weight, and for sakes, joined a gym. We both know that I needed the time and motivation to work out. Since you should have had some time between Lil Man starting school and the second child, you should have gotten your back fixed, and found a good weight. And hopefully you are eating well, and haven’t smoked in at least nine years. Great job, girl!

I hope that you are happy. That you have found your happy place. That you are content with your life, and besides the stress, thank your lucky stars for such a loving family. 

I hope that you have finally found yourself and figured out what you stand for. That you never compromise your beliefs for the sake of compromise. We both know you are a snarky and outspoken individual, and I hope you never lose sight of that and always stand up for what you believe in. But I wish you would realize that you are strong and can be independent.

Love your younger self who doesn't have it figured out yet,

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*Linking up with Anne, Shanna, Taylor, & Helene

awesome everyday things we tend to take for granted

Sometimes in life it's fundamental that we remember the little things that make us happy. Sure a new purse, a pumpkin spice latte from the ever so popular coffee shop chain, getting your hands on the highly coveted Iphone 6 or another new-for-the-next-five-minutes tech gadget... (this list could go on forever)... is pretty cool, but what about the things that are free in life?

Mastercard's commercials used to sum this point up... new dress, $600... new shoes, $100... seeing your daughter's face as you walk her down the aisle at her wedding... priceless. 

The awesome things in life is what this post is about. Those repetitive and ordinary things in life, that to the right person, are the best. That are awesome. 

// Lil Man's and my bedtime ritual... we read a book, say a series of 4 things (I love you, good night, sweet dream, and you and me against the world boo), and give a good night kiss

// That first sip of pop after filling it up at a restaurant

// The quiet in the morning when no one is awake except me

// Kitty cuddles

// Seeing a happy customer post a picture of their wine glass or coffee mug, bought from my Etsy shop, on Insta

// Blog comments

// When Lil Man curls up on my lap and falls asleep

// The sound of birds chirping in the morning

// Watching the sun rise

// The smell of pumpkin baked goods... well, pumpkin anything

// Crossing things off your to-do list

// Putting on those ratty & falling apart, but comfy as anything, sweat pants after a long day at work

// Finding an amazing bottle of pink moscato wine, and finding out it's under five bucks

// When Lil Man gets up on his own and uses the bathroom (we are in the middle of potty training)

// Seeing a text from my hubby that just says "I love you."

 *Linking up with Anne

What would your list of "everyday things that are awesome" look like?
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september favorites

Before you correct me, and tell me that it's October... I already know. I was planning on tell you about my September favorites in September, but apparently that just didn't happen. One of the main reasons could have been the fact that posts centered around  Lil Man's birthday kinda took over the last week, and then there was a week of Fall centered posts, and then there was... Wait! Nevermind. I'm getting off track. Basically, we are six days into October, and I'm finally getting around to it. 

My favorite beauty products in the month of September include...  

This baby is Shiseido's new powerhouse. It's supposed to protect skin against signs of aging, stress & environmental factors but enhancing the skin's natural defense power. In a nutshell, this stuff is incredible! I use it every morning, after washing my face of course, and I can tell a difference. My face is smoother, and I haven't noticed any breakouts. I am the type of gal who gets those dreaded hormonal breakouts about the time of Mother Nature's gift, and there was nothing on my face this month. Nothing!!!

two || Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner in Silver
I had originally received this in my June Birchbox, and at the time really wasn't a fan... I had only tried it once. The past month I have experimenting a bit with my makeup... and this eyeliner came into play. I really love to apply my eyeliner first, and then my eyeshadow; and by doing that, the silver don't make me look like I'm going to a rave and makes my black mascara pop. I am undeniably inlove with the color. Why? Because it's not black (Lord know I have enough black eyeliners to last me a couple of years), goes on smoothly, and stays through an 8-hour workday.

three || Pureology Colour Stylist Supreme Control Hairspray
Oh man, do I love me some hairspray! But I have rather thin & light colored hair, so I am relatively picky about how I want my hairspray to preform: hold must be amazing, must not leave a residue, can't be sticky, must be able to be brushed out at the end of the day, must smell good & must not weigh my hair down. Ok, I am excessively particular about my hairspray..... Anyways, I had received a sample of Pureology hairspray from Ulta, and fell instantly inlove with it. It met all of my requirements and smelt wonderful!!!

four || Gender Bender Chunk BIG Bath Bar
Back in August I was able to review a handful of products from Perfectly Posh, and I reviewed them for you guys in September. The Gender Bender bath bar was by far, my favorite product I got to review from the company! Why? Because I love me some charcoal cleanser (I use a charcoal face wash everyday), because of the natural ingredients and non-drying attribute. The bar seemed to find that middle road with my skin, and made me feel clean without the "after" feeling of NEEDING to moisturize.

five || Tresemme Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum
You probably recognize this product from my Birchbox CEW boxes review... and what I said then, is the same now- this is hands down my favorite hair serum. I love working it into wet hair and then blow drying. It makes my hair feel so silky- but without that "weigh down" feeling. And it's cheap- like under five bucks!

Have you tried any of my favorites? What did you think?
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fall bucket list recap

If you are a blogger, you have probably heard of Tay & Helene's #blogtober14 by now. If not, well, go check it out. Don't worry, I'll wait. 

But.... on the off chance you really don't want to leave me just yet, basically it's a list of blogging prompts for the month of October. But why, you ask, would bloggers need prompting. See, most amazing bloggers just have random post ideas that pop into their heads, and then there are a few stranglers like me, who just don't have it all together like that. Or have so many ideas zooming around your brain like it's the freakin' Autobahn, and you can't think. Or want to be part of a linkup. Remember newbies.... linkups equal views, views equal potential readers, potential readers equal new followers. 

Ok, I'm getting off subject,

Today's prompt is the girl's & bloggers Holy Grail of Fall Favorites... the Fall Bucket list. Now, if you have been around here for awhile, or just visit every now and then, you have heard me talk about my Fall Bucket list. Don't worry, I'm not just going to copy and paste my post from the beginning of September, or whenever the heck I decided to do a week full of Fall centered blog posts... instead, I am going to tell you what I have accomplished thus far. 

Things I've completed:

Enjoy at least three pumpkin spice latte's from Starbucks
I am actually enjoying one as I type this! :)

Pumpkin pie blizzard
Oh lord, I can't tell you how amazing these things are!

Drink apple cider
Completed at least five times, and I have a gallon from Walmart sitting in my fridge at home...

Visit the apple orchard
The orchard we have around here is both an apple orchard and pumpkin patch. When we visited the apple orchard, we sadly did not grab a pumpkin because I didn't want it to sit for almost a month. We will be going back however.

Corn Maze
Along with the visit to the apple orchard, Lil Man decided that he wanted to go play in the corn... and so this was completed!

Watch a Halloween movie
Hocus Pocus, Freddy vs. Jason, Girl vs. Monster (on Disney), most of the Disney Jr Halloween shows

Things I have left to complete:

Visit a pumpkin patch 
See above :(

Jump in a leaf pile
Planning on doing this week!

Make a leaf imprint with Lil Man
Will be doing tomorrow!

Trick r Treat
Bonfire with S'mores
Decorate a pumpkin (either painting or carving is acceptable)
Fall photo shoot
Complete at least one Halloween craft
Go on a hay ride
Go to a haunted house
Go to the zoo
Attend a fall festival

Make & enjoy caramel apples
Have you seen Anne's recipe for this... oh man, I really need a apple, snickers bar, & some caramel!

Learn how to make a new festive desert
Take a walk and enjoy some nature

Yeah, so I think I am really chuggin' along on this Fall Bucket list... and should be able to knock it all out before the snow falls and actually sticks this year! Btw, if you are looking for some lovely Sunday reading, go take a look at the other linker-upper's lists :)

What's your Fall Bucket list look like? Have you completed any of the items?

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