letter to myself in ten years

I had an idea for a post today... but in true Tabitha fashion, I just couldn't finish it. So, I decided to take the lead from Taylor and Helene's #blogtober14 and write a letter to myself in ten years. 

Dear amazing and more experienced version of me,

Don’t worry about the whole forty thing coming up next year. We both know that I was the same way at thirty. Just think of all the things that you have accomplished, and know that you are surrounded with love. And that you can stay thirty-nine for the next what, nine years? 

How’s Lil Man? Gosh, he’s got to be… oh my, Happy late birthday to him! Is he hitting puberty yet? Oh boy, I bet it’s really throwing you off. We both know how you were with potty training. Don’t worry, he will always be your baby, and it’s all just a part of growing up. Btw, are we still referring to him as Lil Man? Please tell me we aren’t. Because if you’re doing it in front of his friends, you are embarrassing him. I know you don’t realize it, but sometimes you need to just give the boy some space. He is one smart child, and with love and patience, he can do great things. 

I hope that you finally talked the hubby into adding another midget to the mix. She should be around five now, and just going into school, right? I bet your world is turned upside down, and you feel bombarded with stress. Take a breather girl! You have done this forever. You get stressed and start to shut down. Stop it. It’s life and we both know that it all started with teenager Tabitha. Yeah, one of these days, she’s going to get a stern talking too. 

How’s the wine glass painting? Have you hit a thousand sales yet? Well I damn well hope so, considering that would only be ten a year and somewhat non-profitable. I hope that you are doing amazing with it, and possibly landed a contract with a major chain store… maybe Michaels? Oh man, tell me that you did. 

Besides the wine glass thing, I really hope you finally landed that great job with a non-profit and it pays well. And you’re awesome at it. And you’re student loans were paid off five years ago. I hope that you and the hubby were able to go to Europe for your tenth wedding anniversary, and you just celebrated your fifteenth. I hope that you finally moved into that dream house of yours. You know the one with four bedrooms, and at least two bathrooms. 

I hope that you are at least halfway done with your novel. Did you go with the one about your life? Or the other route? Nevermind… we both know it was the other route.

I hope that you have lost some weight, and for sakes, joined a gym. We both know that I needed the time and motivation to work out. Since you should have had some time between Lil Man starting school and the second child, you should have gotten your back fixed, and found a good weight. And hopefully you are eating well, and haven’t smoked in at least nine years. Great job, girl!

I hope that you are happy. That you have found your happy place. That you are content with your life, and besides the stress, thank your lucky stars for such a loving family. 

I hope that you have finally found yourself and figured out what you stand for. That you never compromise your beliefs for the sake of compromise. We both know you are a snarky and outspoken individual, and I hope you never lose sight of that and always stand up for what you believe in. But I wish you would realize that you are strong and can be independent.

Love your younger self who doesn't have it figured out yet,

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  1. I'm really loving these letters today! This one is just awesome. Sounds like you have a lot of goals and ambition for the future and I'm sure you'll get exactly what you want!

  2. I love this letter....I think we all are on a constant stat of trying to figure life out. I can only hope I know more in 10 years than I do now...at least let me be wiser!!

  3. That last part. Its weird. I struggle with loving myself in the moment sometimes, but looking back I'm always amazed at myself.


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