awesome everyday things we tend to take for granted

Sometimes in life it's fundamental that we remember the little things that make us happy. Sure a new purse, a pumpkin spice latte from the ever so popular coffee shop chain, getting your hands on the highly coveted Iphone 6 or another new-for-the-next-five-minutes tech gadget... (this list could go on forever)... is pretty cool, but what about the things that are free in life?

Mastercard's commercials used to sum this point up... new dress, $600... new shoes, $100... seeing your daughter's face as you walk her down the aisle at her wedding... priceless. 

The awesome things in life is what this post is about. Those repetitive and ordinary things in life, that to the right person, are the best. That are awesome. 

// Lil Man's and my bedtime ritual... we read a book, say a series of 4 things (I love you, good night, sweet dream, and you and me against the world boo), and give a good night kiss

// That first sip of pop after filling it up at a restaurant

// The quiet in the morning when no one is awake except me

// Kitty cuddles

// Seeing a happy customer post a picture of their wine glass or coffee mug, bought from my Etsy shop, on Insta

// Blog comments

// When Lil Man curls up on my lap and falls asleep

// The sound of birds chirping in the morning

// Watching the sun rise

// The smell of pumpkin baked goods... well, pumpkin anything

// Crossing things off your to-do list

// Putting on those ratty & falling apart, but comfy as anything, sweat pants after a long day at work

// Finding an amazing bottle of pink moscato wine, and finding out it's under five bucks

// When Lil Man gets up on his own and uses the bathroom (we are in the middle of potty training)

// Seeing a text from my hubby that just says "I love you."

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What would your list of "everyday things that are awesome" look like?
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  1. I must know what pink Moscato this is.... sounds delish!

    1. Pink Moscato is basically my favorite dessert! You should try it. Sparkling pink is also pretty amazing.

  2. Crossing off the "To Do" list is a fabulous feeling...sometimes I find myself putting ridiculous things on the list that I KNOW I'll finish (or maybe even something that's already done) just so I'll have something to cross off! Haha!

  3. I'm so, so glad that you posted about this! I'm an absolute advocate for finding joy in the little things and am ALWAYS talking about 'the little things' in life. They truly do mean the most, and it's sad that they are most often taken for granted. Thanks for reminding us of this today! Also, I agree and must know what pink Moscato you're talking about! I'm a recent pink moscato addict :).


  4. catching every light on the way to work.....that was the case yesterday.....but not today :-(

  5. Thank you for joining me! Love your list! Bedtime routines are calming for our littles and us! Great way to end the night. Pumpkin scents are great...the whole house smells like Autumn. Love it!

  6. These all sound lovely. I know out-of-the-blue "I love you" texts mean the world to me.

  7. Are you a morning person, by any chance? :) A great list! I adore that moment when my little one crashes out when I'm holding her. She just relaxes and goes heavy, and I have the hardest time setting her down. I'd hold her the entire time she slept if I didn't have so many things to do!

  8. PINK MOSCATO...yes please :)


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