Current obsessions

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tee // cup // flowers // spray // Anna

Baseball tees 

Long sleeve... short sleeve... pattered... sequined... lace... knit... I am obsessed with them all. They are so laid back, but great for a casual Friday at work. 

Pumpkin Spice Lattes 

Yeah... I'm kinda basic... but I love the whole "no coffee, just make it cream based" train. And I also love both hot and cold :) 

Navy & wine

Or Marsala and Indigo... however you want to refer to some beautiful colors. 

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte from Bath & Body

They finally released my favorite smell from last year, and I went and stocked up. I love how it just smells like a warm sweet pumpkin. 


Doesn't Anna Kendrick juts make you want to run out and buy the shirt she's wearing? I've never been into flannel until this year. I love how it's comfy casual and of course, is so fall! 

Are you currently obsessing over anything?

One month

It's been one month...

One month since I've felt your fur under my hand. One month since I've kissed you. One month since I've heard your bark. One month since we've played ball. One month since I've gotten puppy kisses. One month since I've seen your loving face. 

One month since I've said good bye.

I can't tell you how much I've missed you in the past month. Or how much I've cried since you left. Or how much I've longed to just cuddle with you. 

But I can tell you that with each day, it's getting a bit easier to live with the hurt. I can tell you that I'm starting to heal, a little. Unfortunately, every time I find one of your balls, I do feel the need to break down into a puddle of hurt and sorrow. But I takes time. I can tell you that I can finally talk about you without feeling like I have a rock in my throat. That part is certainly easier. Maybe it's because I want people to know how much of a good dog you were. How much we loved you.

You were an amazing dog, Duce. I hope you know that. You were so loving and fun and cuddly and comforting when I was sick. You were my baby. And will forever be.

It's not fair that our time with you was so short. But, with each passing day, my decision to let you go makes more sense. You were in pain. My selfish nature wanted to keep you around... but in the end, Daddy finally made the decision. He didn't want to. He wanted to keep you around! He loved you. And still talks about you.

Gav often wonders how you are doing in heaven.  He asks about you.  He says he misses you. He says he doesn't want another dog because he loves you.

I hope you are happy my friend.  I hope that there are plenty if treats and no shortage of people to play fetch with. I can't wait to see you again and hope you are up there looking down on us.

Until we meet again... 
With all my love  ♡

two years of blogging

*Disclaimer: this post was drafted the day before vacation at 5am, while listening to Youtube, because I couldn't sleep and Lil Man was sleeping. I apologize in advance for song lyrics/references. Just go with it. 

Well Happy Friday friends, and Guess what?
Today is this little blog's 2nd birthday!!!

Sheesh, I can't believe that TODAY is actually my two year anniversary of blogging. 

I guess I proved that this whole blogging this really wasn't a drive by... that I would be there for you (somewhat)... sorry, I'm currently listening to Train. But, really. I never thought that I would actually continue this whole thing. Especially make it to two years, and still not have a clue as to what I'm doing. Although, In the past two years, I have learned a few things. 

one \\ as much as you don't want to admit it, blogging will consume you

Maybe it's just me, but just like FUN, some nights I can't sleep because a post is on my mind. Some nights, I want to quit and some nights, I'm scared you will forget me. I'm still not sure what I stand for, but I do know that I have a voice and really need to stop listening to Youtube while I write out posts. But truthfully- how does that dude get his voice so high?

I digress. 

Basically what I'm trying to get to this: blogging is more than a few times a month hobby. It consumes your whole being, and ever thing you start doing identifies with being a blogger. From using hashtags, to making bloggy friends, to turning to Insta for fashion advice, to spending all your time on Youtube (me right now... Thrift shop this time... hum... maybe I need to stop at Goodwill), to buying things because they will look awesome in your DIY stock photography,  to wearing yoga pants and drink PSL's because it's cool, to having three boards dedicated to blogging on Pinterest, to shamless plugs. Blogging consumes and it is accepted with open arms. 

two \\ juts like any other hobby, blogging does include spending money

As much as bloggers hate to admit, blogging does take some spending money. Props, planners, sponsorships, PSL's, the latest craze... it all costs money. And it's money that you are willing to spend. Key word: WILLING.

three \\ blogging is about community

I love the community that blogging has brought me. I have made friends and connected with people that have similar interests. It's kinda like Facebook, but without all the bitching and annoying fake friends. Blogging is about supporting each other. It's about friendship. 

I love that I talk to my bloggy friends more than I talk to my real life friends. #friendfail In all seriousness- I love how I can ask for help or bounce ideas off another blogger and they are so willing to help. It makes me feel good and all warm and fuzzy inside (feel good... feel good... feel good... I love Gorillaz).

four \\ blogging takes work

Sure blogging can be fun, but it also takes work. You get out what you put in. You have to set aside time for drafting posts, taking pictures, and replying to comments. You need to be active to gain readership and you need to care about what you are doing. 

five \\ Blogger + Canva + Picmonkey = BFF

I can't even begin to explain my love for Picmonkey and Canva. They are the best things ever, especially since I have yet to learn the whole point of Photoshop (other than editing skills). But Photobucket on the other hand... no love there. One blogger once compared photobucket to a teenage girl with raging hormones. I think that's an accurate description. 

I can guarantee you that I have learned more than five things about blogging, but today really isn't about me... It's about saying happy birthday to the place that I have bared my soul to, the place that I have cried over, the place I have lost sleep over, and the place that I love...

 photo jenna-sue-new-signature_zpsevkylyn6.png

confession time \\ Instances when being married rocks

Happy Wednesday friends! Do you know what it's time for? Confessions of course! :) 

So I am currently in the wonderful state of Tennessee, enjoying the fresh mountain air, which is a huge change considering I live in the Midwest and the Midwest is saturated with nasty polluted air because of the steel mills. Which I'm not even sure why they are there anymore because half of the cars any more are built overseas. 

I digress. 

I love being a mom. I mean I just don't love it, I'm pretty sure it's the one thing that actually defines me. I would give my last dying breath to protect my child and tell him how much I love him. But there are just some instances when being a mom totally sucks... and in those instances I am seriously thanking the Lord that I married someone that I can lean on. aka the person I can push off parenting duties onto. 

Today's confessional is all about having a child and the instances when being married rocks!

1. When I have to poop. And feel the need to shut AND lock the door. 

2. When I need a drinking buddy. Or just someone to share a bottle of wine with.

3. When I'm laying on the bed stalking people on Facebook and the child has someone else to bother when the Paw Patrol recording ends.

4. When I don't feel like doing dishes. And someone else can pick up the slack. 

5. When I need someone to bitch about work to and need someone who just needs to listen and NOT have an opinion. #sorrynotsorry

6. When I need to bathe without a 4 year old all up in my junk.

7. When mother nature decides to bless me with her gift and I don't feel like explaining to a little boy why mommy had a band-aid in her panties. 

8.  When I want to cuddle.

9. When I want some adult conversation. Good thing we are both good spellers. 

10. I'm pretty sure there is a number ten, but I think nine is where we are stopping today. 

What are your confessions?

September goals

As you are reading this, I am mostly likely in a car and on my way down to Tennessee (I live in Indiana), and while I'm down there, I am most likely going to complete a few things on my 30 by 30 list. Anyways, since it's the middle of the month, I have finally decided to make some goals... 


Post more than once a week
I know I've been talking about for awhile, but here I am two years into blogging (on Friday) and honestly I have no drive for it anymore. Sure I have a ton of drafts sitting there, ready for finishing touches and the publish button to be clicked, but for some reason I keep adding to them or changing things and they never see the light of my readers *which is like five now*. So, my number one goal is to get my grove back. To set time everyday and actually follow through with it. To fall inlove with blogging once again. To sponsor some blogs and get my name back into the limelight. To post more.
*as I mentioned above, I am on vacay this week, but don't fret, I actually do have some posts scheduled

Take new profile pictures
Sure a selfie is good, but it's generic. It's a "hey, I was just too damn lazy to pull out my actual camera and do some picture taking" type of thing. And the picture just doesn't fit with where I am wanting to go with this thing. 

Redo old blog posts
This one may take me a while, but I need to redo my oldies. After two years of blogging, some of the oldies just don't fit with my overall this is me any more. Just like the profile pictures. 

Take some time and learn photoshop
Photoshop is a great tool for editing pictures, but I want to learn how to add awesome text like Canva does. Or I could just continue to use Canva? I'm not sure if this goal should even be on here now. 


Spend more quality one on one time with my kid
Lately, we have been at my parent's house until it's time to go home and get ready for bed, then we go home, take showers, and go to bed. I have barely spent anytime doing puzzles, playing trains, building legos, etc with the little guy. I can blame it on the weather all I want, but it's really my fault. This month I am going to set up a bed time routine with him. A eat dinner, take a shower, and read a book bedtime routine. I am going to TAKE the time and enjoy the little moments with him. 

Make a budget
Oh man, I suck at budgeting... 

Experiment with my hair
I have been in a hair rut for a bit now. And on Saturday, I went and dyed it two shades darker- Check out my Insta for pics. But what I am talking about here is the fact that I am always doing the same hairstyles- either flat ironed straight with pinned back bangs or up in a pony tail. I need something more. Correction: I need something more that isn't time consuming in the morning because I really love my sleep. 

Take more time for myself... and read more. 
I've started a board on Pinterest detailing the books that I want to read this fall and I have to say that I'm pretty psyched to read them all- considering that I am in the middle of reading three of them...

Do you have any goals for this month?

Parenting: taking the good with the bad

Everyone who has a child, knows that sometimes, parenting just sucks. Like when you are trying to use the bathroom, and you have a mid-sized human running up and down the hall, checking in to see what you are doing every 10 seconds, you know, just because they have nothing better to do. And it sucks. 

In that case I usually try and hold in my poop until my hubby's days off and then spend like an hour in n the bathroom. I think by now he things I have IBS because I use the excuse so much. But alone poop time feels so f'ing good!

Or when you have just finished a monster load of dishes, and then walk into the living room to find the ten dirty cups your child just magically found under miscellaneous furniture objects and nicely placed them into a pile of joy for you.

Or how about when you are getting out of the shower and a little face appears in the bathroom doorway, asking why mommy's belly is so jiggly or why her boobs hang low. At least he isn't puking at the sight of all my jello-ness. 

Or when you are midstream in the bathroom at Target and your little friend decides to unlock the door and you have about 2.57 seconds before the world of Tarjay sees mommy's pink undies, because someome thinks they are all so pretty. 

Or when you are trying to insert a tampon and that little mid-size human busts in the bathroom and just stands there. Scared for life and you know you just have to get them into therapy asap. 

Or when you sit down to watch an episode of your favorite TV show and realize that in the midst of the thirty some Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol recordings, your little love bug "accidentally" erased your coveted Scandal. 

Fun stuff, I tell ya.

Let's face it... even though we love those pint sized versions of ourselves, parenting has a tendency to suck sometimes. And in those times we just want to bury ourselves in the backyard. 

Like when you just filled up your child's juice cup, sit down to relax, and all of a sudden they say "Mommy, I'm thirsty". 

Like potty training. 
By the way, pull ups are just expensive diapers to a child. Either you're in or out. Don't spend the unneeded money that could be spent on wine.

Like a Target shopping trip meltdown because the $1 fruit snacks are all out. 

Like a no nap day. 
Jeeze kid,  just give it up already! Mommy's head hurts! 

Like when you just finish cleaning up the living room, walk into the kitchen, and return to a living room that resembles the remnants of an F5 tornado. 
Daily life right there...

But... it's also all worth it.

It's worth it when you hear an unprompted "I love you, Mommy". When you receive a hug after helping wash hands. When you get a masterpiece drawing (well, scribble). When you are handed a flower just because "you're pretty". When you hear a little voice singing the ABC song out of nowhere and you had been working on it for over two weeks. When they make it through the first week pullup free. When they fall asleep on your lap. When you receive the monster of all hugs after returning home from work... When they sit next to you on the couch when you are blogging, and share their blanket with you. Then fall asleep. All so cute. 

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there. It ain't for the weak. At one point you are ready to lock them in a room and throw and way the key; and in the same moment you are reminiscing about how cute they were when they were babies.

Today's wish is that you take the good with the bad, laugh when you are mad, and know that you will always be loved by your mini me. Forever.

And if all else fails, remember that nap time is not far off and the wine is chillin in the fridge.

five things that are KEY to a good marriage

I will be celebrating my six year wedding anniversary tomorrow. It's crazy to say that six years ago I married my best friend and father of my little one. But he is so much more. He is the love of my life... we have been together for eight years this coming November; he is my best friend; he is the one who keeps my secrets and is my confidant; he is the one I bounce ideas off of; he is the one who I could never imagine my life without; he is the one that I will be spending the rest of my life with. 

Within the past six years of marriage, we have definitely had our ups and downs. Everyone always says that the first year is the "honeymoon period" and then all the fun starts in year two... Yeah, well, we got married, and within 3.5 months, we found out that we were expecting our lil man. That was definitely a whirl wind, right there. We were still adjusting to being a married couple, and learning to work together, and we were adding a tiny human into the mix. It was insane.

But it all worked out... and in the past six years, we have never thrown around the idea of divorce or marriage counseling for five main reasons. Those reasons are why I am here today. To let you in on some advice... the five KEY things to a good marriage (in my opinion). I am using good because I don't believe in a GREAT marriage. I believe that everyone has their own issues and they know the secrets to working through those issues.

1. Communication is definitely key.

No matter how much people tell couples that communication is key, no one actually believes them. But it's true. It's the one thing that we have gone without and almost failed, and it's the one thing that brought us back to "our happy place". We talk about everything... what to have for dinner, who is going to pay what bill, how much money we have till pay day... everything. We have even had a conversation about poop. Yeah... 

2. Compromise is better than fighting.

No marriage is without disagreement. But when disagreement turns to a drawn out fight where you are both going to bed mad, then someone needs to be the bigger person and suggest the idea of a compromise. Why? Because a marriage includes two people that have decided to tie their lives to one another and if backing down and compromise are not in your vocabulary, then you have no business being married. You both need to learn to work together and come up with a solution. It saves time and feelings. 

3. Honesty & Trust are things that roots are made of.

So you don't like how he looks to go out to dinner with your parents, well tell him.Went on a shopping spree, and feel the need to hide the bags? Don't, because he will eventually find out. It's better to be honest in the first place, because lies will hurt a marriage. And sometimes, they can hurt a marriage beyond repair. Meaning that if you can't trust the person you are with, then what is the point of even being married?

4. Always be each others support systems.

In the past six years, there has been job changes, new vehicles, knee and back surgeries, and some other life changing events; but through it all, we have both had each other's backs. When I wanted to quit my job, and become a stay at home mom, we talked it over, ran the numbers, and made the decisions together. When my husband needed back surgery that took seven hours, I was right there for him, and we made the decision date together. If he or I have a bad day at work, we vent to each other and know that there will be no judgement. 

5. Indulge in the little moments.

Life is hectic and marriage is hard. Especially when there are two people who work opposite shifts and there are children and children's activities involved. It is easy to just feel like roommates or even two ships passing in the night. But the secret to pushing those feelings away and staying in love? Take a moment to remind yourselves that there is a reason that you married each other. Whether it be after the kids go to bed and you can watch a movie while enjoying a glass of wine, or sneaking a kiss when no one is watching, or using a baby sitter for a trip to Walmart, or even getting up earlier to spend a precious five minutes cuddling on the porch. It's the little moments that will keep a marriage alive.

What is something that is key to your marriage?
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