Parenting: taking the good with the bad

Everyone who has a child, knows that sometimes, parenting just sucks. Like when you are trying to use the bathroom, and you have a mid-sized human running up and down the hall, checking in to see what you are doing every 10 seconds, you know, just because they have nothing better to do. And it sucks. 

In that case I usually try and hold in my poop until my hubby's days off and then spend like an hour in n the bathroom. I think by now he things I have IBS because I use the excuse so much. But alone poop time feels so f'ing good!

Or when you have just finished a monster load of dishes, and then walk into the living room to find the ten dirty cups your child just magically found under miscellaneous furniture objects and nicely placed them into a pile of joy for you.

Or how about when you are getting out of the shower and a little face appears in the bathroom doorway, asking why mommy's belly is so jiggly or why her boobs hang low. At least he isn't puking at the sight of all my jello-ness. 

Or when you are midstream in the bathroom at Target and your little friend decides to unlock the door and you have about 2.57 seconds before the world of Tarjay sees mommy's pink undies, because someome thinks they are all so pretty. 

Or when you are trying to insert a tampon and that little mid-size human busts in the bathroom and just stands there. Scared for life and you know you just have to get them into therapy asap. 

Or when you sit down to watch an episode of your favorite TV show and realize that in the midst of the thirty some Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol recordings, your little love bug "accidentally" erased your coveted Scandal. 

Fun stuff, I tell ya.

Let's face it... even though we love those pint sized versions of ourselves, parenting has a tendency to suck sometimes. And in those times we just want to bury ourselves in the backyard. 

Like when you just filled up your child's juice cup, sit down to relax, and all of a sudden they say "Mommy, I'm thirsty". 

Like potty training. 
By the way, pull ups are just expensive diapers to a child. Either you're in or out. Don't spend the unneeded money that could be spent on wine.

Like a Target shopping trip meltdown because the $1 fruit snacks are all out. 

Like a no nap day. 
Jeeze kid,  just give it up already! Mommy's head hurts! 

Like when you just finish cleaning up the living room, walk into the kitchen, and return to a living room that resembles the remnants of an F5 tornado. 
Daily life right there...

But... it's also all worth it.

It's worth it when you hear an unprompted "I love you, Mommy". When you receive a hug after helping wash hands. When you get a masterpiece drawing (well, scribble). When you are handed a flower just because "you're pretty". When you hear a little voice singing the ABC song out of nowhere and you had been working on it for over two weeks. When they make it through the first week pullup free. When they fall asleep on your lap. When you receive the monster of all hugs after returning home from work... When they sit next to you on the couch when you are blogging, and share their blanket with you. Then fall asleep. All so cute. 

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there. It ain't for the weak. At one point you are ready to lock them in a room and throw and way the key; and in the same moment you are reminiscing about how cute they were when they were babies.

Today's wish is that you take the good with the bad, laugh when you are mad, and know that you will always be loved by your mini me. Forever.

And if all else fails, remember that nap time is not far off and the wine is chillin in the fridge.

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