Hello Lovelies!

When I first started my #bookstagram (book-Instagram) I ran into a lot of different types of lingo that I had no idea what people were talking about and I had to kinda just learn as I went along. 

So after having my #Bookstagram for a little over 5 months now, I have learned a bunch of terms when it comes to books, and today I am going to share those terms with you. 

ARC- Advanced Reader Copy (authors usually have a team of readers that will receive ARCs before the book is published so they can pre-read the book to find any mistakes, grammatical errors, etc)

Bookstagram- Book Instagram

MC- Main character- story is told from their point of view

FMC- Female Main Character

MMC- Male Main Character

POV- Point of view

First Person- Story is told from a first person point of view, using I, me, my, etc

Third Person- Story is told from a third person point of view, using he, she, they, etc

Multiple pov- Story is told from multiple view points

RH- Reverse Harem- 1 girl and multiple guys in a relationship

Rom-com- Romantic Comedy

YA- Young Adult- A type of genre of books

PNR- Paranormal Romance

DNF- Did not finish

TBR- To be read

Book Boyfriend/Girlfriend- Fictional character you wish could be your real life love interest

Twist- unexpected event in a book

Mood reader- someone who doesn't plan what they read and chooses their books by whatever mood they are in

Triggers (TW/Trigger Warning)- Things in a story that could "trigger" a freak-out, panic attack, melt-down, etc. Authors will list these before every story, if there are any.

Cliffhanger- When a book ends in the middle of a dramatic scene

PB- Paperback

HC- Hardcover

Kindle Unlimited- Amazon's "Library" program where you can read an unlimited number of books for $10 a month

QOTD- Question of the day

HEA- Happily Ever After

For more, visit here or here or here.

I hope that helps!

Till next time!

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