Hello and happy Thursday friends! Today is another edition of Thirsty Thursday and I know you are as excited as I am. Let's dig in!

I read a total of 15 books in March and I actually liked all of them. I didn't stick with a certain troupe, but they were all romance and fiction. 

How I read
I read on Kindle Unlimited, and I do that for a few reasons: 1) convenience- the books are literally at the tip of my fingers, and 2) it's cheaper. Kindle Unlimited is only $10 a month and it works like the library- you borrow a book and then return it. You can have up to 20 books in your "library" at a time, which does not include the books you do buy. You can still buy Kindle copies of books and there are a bunch of authors that offer Kindle Unlimited books.

This month I bought 2 Kindle copies of books and I read Kindle Unlimited, like usual. I also bought a few paperback copies of books, so I hope to showcase them next month!

The rating system
  • 1* Eh, not memorable
  • 2* Just ok.
  • 3* Good book, definitely recommend reading.
  • 4* Great book, can live without a print copy.
  • 5* Wow, would read again. Probably will get a print copy for my library at home.

Kindle Unlimited

*Please read any and all trigger warnings before diving into any of my read books*

King of Corium: Dark Enemies to Lovers Bully Romance (Corium University Book 1) - J.L. Beck & C. Hallman // 3*

As the name says, this is a dark enemies to lovers bully romance, but to be honest, there is also a mafia aspect and I really didn't see a hell of a lot of romance... So, the story starts off with Aspen, who arrives at Corium, a different type of university, and she is immediately targeted because her father, who was a gun seller, decided to turn "rat" and sell out Quinton's father. Everyone at Corium knows this and treats her like shit. She doesn't want to be there because of this, but her mother is convinced that she is "safe" within the walls of Corium. Quinton is a damaged young man, and sees Aspen as target. He sees that she needs protection, her room cleaned, basic necessities, and other stuff, and convinces her to trade sexual favors for them. Aspen is just trying to survive and Quinton takes advantage of that. A lot of other things happen in the book, so yes, I decided to continue on with the series. 
Drop Dead Queen picks up after King's cliffhanger and continues on with the story between our two main characters: Aspen and Quinton. It starts to get interesting, because Quinton is becoming possessive over Aspen and Aspen is starting to feel her heart go out to Quinton.  There was a lot of smut in this one and the previous one, but it almost seems to be a non-consensual type... I mean, Aspen needs things, basic life things, and Quinton is taking advantage of that. The end has a cliffhanger (again), and I really needed to know what happened.

Dear Heart, I Hate You: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance (Easton High)- Eliah Greenwood // 4*

*Note: this is a duet and the second book isn't releasing until May* Dear Heart is about Diamond and Finn. Diamond is hired as a summer house-sitter by Finn's dad, and when Finn is kicked out of Basketball camp, he wants her gone. Dia is saving up for a car, so she says she is staying. Dia and Finn go head to head and some where in there, they start developing feeling for each other. Finn is the first to break and tell Dia that he thinks about her and she is stunned... probably because he acts like he hates her. Things happen and they finally get together. School starts, and Finn is a complete asshole, but is also redeeming in a good way. More things happen and we are left with a mother of cliffhangers.... ugh! At least the smut was on point. 

Hard Ride: An MC Romance: Filthy Dirty Desires- Logan Chance // 4*

A novella about a MC president and the Police Chief's daughter... lots of sexiness and smut! There is a twist, so be warned.

Stepbrother Weekend: Filthy Dirty Desires- Olivia T. Turner // 3*

A short & smutty novella about a girl who just found out that she has a HOTT step-brother. Lots of dirty talk, sexiness, and the loosing of double V-cards. 

Empire of Hate- Rina Kent // 5*

Empire is a second-chance enemies to lovers novel with a touch of unrequited love thrown in. Nicole has been in love with Daniel for the majority of her life, but he just saw her as the bitchy step-sister of his best friend. Nicole always had to put up a front, and no matter what she did, Daniel never saw saw her- he just saw what he wanted to see. After the story talks about the past, the present picks up and Nicole is meeting her boss- Daniel, who vows to make her like hell, like he thought that she did his. Things happen and truths are revealed.

There really isn't a lot of smut, but the story is beautiful. This one is my FAVORITE read of March!

Sabotage- Shantel Tessier // 4*

A dark enemies to lovers, Sabotage is about Raylee and her step-brother, Colton. After sleeping together for like 5 years and nearly ruining Raylee's life, Colton decides that he loves her and is willing to fight for her. For Raylee, it's just sex. She hates Colton with a passion, especially after he releases a video of her going down on him, and ruins her 5 month relationship; because that's what Colton does- sabotages all of Raylee's relationships. After Colton drops the bomb that he loves her, will Raylee say the same? Or is it still just going to be sex for her? In all honesty, the smut level is pretty darn good! The book starts off with a bang... well more than just one bang... haha! AND it's pretty kinky too! Unfortunately, there really isn't much of a story line, but still a great smutty dark enemies to lovers book!

Praise- Sara Cate // 4*

A romance novel about a sexy dom and a girl who wants to learn... So Charlie and her boyfriend break up, and she wants back her half of the security deposit on their place. Her ex tells her that they sent the check to his dad and gives Charlie the info. Charlie then meets Emerson- the dad, who is sexy and owns a shhh.... members-only BDSM club. At first Emerson mistakes Charlie for someone else, but that is soon rectified... but it also leaves Charlie wondering why Emerson did what he did (he wanted her on her knees and told her that she was a "good girl"). Emerson later offers Charlie a job as his actual secretary and oh man, the angst between these two! HOT! After some encounters, Emerson finally can't hold back. The smut isn't the "best" I've seen, but the steam in this book was good!

The Four Leaf- Lee Jacquot // 4*

A best friends to lovers novella about a sweet girl who has been in love with her bestie for all of her life, and a primal dom who is afraid his bestie will run if she finds out about his kink. The story was really hot once it got going. Short, sweet, hot!

Cruel Lord- Ivy Thorn // 3*

A reverse harem bully romance novel with some secret society stuff mixed in, Cruel Lord is about Athena and her little harem of rich boys. Basically Athena is drugged and while under the influence, she signs a contract that she belongs to the boys. They are really mean to her, degrade her, make her do sexual things, and even bet who is going to get her virginity; and she doesn't really even stand up for herself. Ugh. The book was ok, but honestly, I probably won't be reading the next books in the series.

Royal Savage- Victoria Ashley // 5*

A romance between a tatted up damaged biker dude and the girl who just couldn't stay away from him. Royal is a swoon-worthy male lead, and Ava is just so damn persistent. In the beginning of the book, Ava is talking with her bestie about breaking up with her boring boyfriend, and then goes to a party where she accidently runs into Royal. Royal lost his fiance and baby when a drug deal, that he wasn't even a part of, went bad. He misses them like crazy, and to keep his demons at bay, he drinks and works out at night. Royal will also do ANYTHING for the people that he loves and that's what makes him so swoon-worthy. Ava and Royal wind up hitting it off, things happen, Ava's heart gets broken, but then it's mended again. I loved the smut and the chemistry! I will definitely be reading the second book of the series.

Mischief Night- Delaney Foster // 4*

An enemies to lovers, secret society type of novel, Mischief Night is about Caspian and Tatum. It starts out like it's going to be a Romeo and Juliet type of thing- Tatum's family and Caspian's family hate each other, but it turns into a beautiful love story. There are secrets within secrets woven in between lies and betrayals. Overall, I really loved this book. The smut was on point and the way that the author described how the FMC felt whenever the MMC was near was swoon worthy. I will definitely be reading the second book of the series.

The Words - Ashley Jade // 5*

An enemies to lovers, second chance romance, The Words is about Lennon and Phoenix. In high school, Lennon was asked to tutor Phoenix, the bad boy. Lennon finds out that Phoenix actually has dyslexia and tries to help him. The two become friends quickly and Lennon tells Phoenix that she writes songs. Phoenix, who is in a band, is very interested. Lennon falls for Phoenix, but Phoenix breaks her heart. Fast forward, Phoenix is a famous musician and Lennon is hired as his babysitter. Things get steamy from there. Overall, the book was long, but I LOVED it. My heart broke so many times for Lennon and I was so happy to see that they finally got a happy ending. 

Books I bought (Kindle Edition)

Electric Idol- Katee Robert // 4*

After the buzz from Neon Gods, I knew I had to buy Electric Idol, a modern retelling of 
Psyche and Eros. Psyche is one of Demeter's other daughters and Eros is Aphrodite's son. Eros is basically his mother's henchman and after Aphrodite demands that he bring her Psyche's heart, he grows a conscience and winds up marrying her to keep her safe. The plot is just that, but the steam between the two is off the charts hot!

Second Chance Scandal- M. Robinson // 4*

An enemies to lovers, fake marriage romance, Second Chance Scandal is a swoon worthy story. Angsty and emotional, the story surrounds Jax and Sophie. In the past, Jax broke Sophie's heart, then they reconnected, only for her to walk away from him. Fast forward, turns out Sophie got pregnant and then hid the baby from Jax. When Jax finds out, he is pissed to say the least, and then since he needs Sophie's help to clean up his playboy image, he blackmails her into signing a contract that they will be "fake" married (and no one outside of a few will know the fake part). The first part of the book is slow, but then it speeds up. I really liked the story and don't regret buying it.

Have a Thirsty Thursday, Lovelies!

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