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Ever since posting about my favorite reads of 2021, I have been thinking about telling you all about my favorite authors... Spoiler alert- I have a few....

I have read a lot of books, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. According to my kindle reading insights, since 2019, I have read a total of 761 books, with 327 of them being just in 2021. Yeah, I really meant A LOT. So it's fair to say that I have read a bunch of different books by different authors. In that time, I have come to realize who exactly they are, and exactly who my top twelve favorite authors are.

1. Tate James

I was introduced to Tate in October 2019, with Broken Wings, a dark romance series that she co-wrote with Jaymin Eve. After that I was hooked. I love Tate's writing- it's funny, it's sad, it's hilarious at times. She is such a fantastic writer that I saw myself reading my very first reverse harem with her! To date, I have read a total of 20 of Tate's books:

2. Amo Jones

I started reading Amo's books in 2021, with Loosing Traction, book 1 of the Westbeach series. Since then, I dove into Amo's darker series- The Elite King's Club, and never want to come up for air again. I love seeing Amo's darker side and it is fan-freaking-tastic! I have read 16 of Amo's books:

3. Meagan Brandy

I was introduced to Meagan in Nov 2019 with the first book of the Brayshaw series- Boys of Brayshaw High. The Brayshaw series is a new adult romance (or as I like to say, enemies to lovers) that features a bad-ass FMC and a hunky MMC to go along with her. Meagan writes romance- enemies to lovers, bully, etc. To date I have read 8 of Meagan's books:

4. Ivy Smoak

Ivy caught my eye in Oct 2019 with her popular Hunted series, which features James and Penny. The Hunted series is a student/teacher college aged romance, and spans over a total of 7 books. To date, I have read 5 of the books in the series. Ivy also wrote some stand alone books, and I have read a total of 11 of Ivy's books:

5. Siobhan Davis

I was introduced to Siobhan back in Oct 2019, with Cruel Intentions, the first book of the Rydeville Elite Series; and I instantly fell in love with her writing. Siobhan writes emotionally intense romance. Her books span over different genres- bully romance, enemies to lovers, mafia, dark... etc. She is an exceptional writer and I have read 14 of her books (and plan on reading more):

6. Rina Kent

I started reading Rina's books in Nov 2019 with Deviant King, book 1 of the Royal Elite series. Rina writes romance- bully, enemies to lovers, & dark, and mafia. It is safe to say that after reading 23 of Rina's books, I have basically read nearly everything that she has written (besides like 2).

7. Ashley Jade

I first started reading Ashley's books in 2019. For me, it was Cruel Prince, book 1 of the Royal Heart Academy Series, that started my love for her. Ashley writes bully romance, enemies to lovers, and second chance. I have read 12 of Ashley's books:

8. Sheridan Anne

I was introduced to Sheridan with Ugly Girl, book 1 in the Aston Creek High series, in 2019. When I came to see that Sheridan's writing captivated me, I knew I needed to read more. Sheridan writes dark romance- bully, enemies to lovers, etc. To date I have read 10 of Sheridan's books:

9. L. J. Shen

L. J. first caught my eye with Broken Knight, book 2 in the All Saints High series, in August 2019. Fun fact: it was in my first 10 books ever read with Kindle Unlimited. L. J. writes enemies to lovers, bully romance, contemporary romance, boss/employee, rock-star, mafia, and arranged marriage. I have read 14 of her books:

10. J.L. Beck & C. Hallman

The duo of Beck and Hallman is ah-mazing, and I have been reading their books since October 2019. I love the writing style, the story lines, and the smut. They write different genres- depending on the series, but the most re-occurring genre is the enemies to lovers. I have read 19 of the duo's books:

11. Michelle Heard

I was introduced to Michelle with Heartless in 2019. I instantly fell for her writing style and was hooked. Michelle writes romance- bully, enemies to lovers, mafia, etc. To date, I have read 24 of Michelle's books:

12. Shantel Tessier

I first heard of Shantel when I read Code of Silence, book 1 of The Dark Kingdom Series, in early 2020. I love her dark writing and the bad men that she features. Shantel writes romance- mafia, buyy, enemies to lovers, dark... Since then, I have read 10 of Shantel's books:

AND those are my top 12 favorite authors. As you can see, I have a type haha! I also suggest you go check out some of them, because they are amazing!!!

Do you read? What are some of your favorite authors? 
Tell me in the comments below!

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