my online persona explained

Back in January, Tay wrote a post in reply to Nadine's post, at the end of Tay's post, she asked the questions: How do you match up to your online persona? Do you think there's a difference?

Other than singing the Brad Paisley song in my head, Tay's post post really got me thinking... 
When I tell people that I have a blog, they look at me kinda funny. In real life, I am shy, and an introvert. I tend to keep to myself, I rarely ever keep eye contact, and hate making new friends because it gives me the heebie jeebies. Well, unless I know you. Then I usually speak my mind, and I am rather outgoing. But if I don't know you, forget it. But I don't present myself like that online. 

Today I have decided to break down my online personas in an attempt to figure out in which one is the most true to myself. 

Instagram is my favorite app, but in my opinion, it's also one of the most edited versions of myself. Granted, it gives me the chance to let people see the world the way I do. But, most of the time, I use a filter, edit with VSCO, and crop the hell out of my photos. Sometimes I misjudge what people like, but it happens. 

I have two Facebook pages- my personal page and my blog page. I actually take the time to think about what I am putting on my personal page, whereas, the blog page is more for post promotion. A few years ago, I would post everything from my daily life on my personal page. I would add multiple pictures into albums- especially of Lil Man, but lately, I have pulled back a lot. About ninety percent of the friends on my personal page are people that I have actually met in person. They are family, friends, people that I have worked or gone to school with, and my privacy settings are rather high. But in the end, I could say that my Facebook persona on my personal page is one of the least like me. I hate posting things about my daily life, especially since I could use some of the people as personal references and I don’t want them to think the worst of me. Plus I hate when people get all judgy… like receiving a text asking why I posted something; or forgetting to invite someone to a party (and that’s why I’m old fashion and still send actual invites to Lil Man’s parties). 

Twitter is something that I use for the random shit that pops into my head and half the time I don’t think before I post it. Oh and for blog promotion.

My blog is my outlet. Basically when I write, it’s like writing to my best friend. You are getting the outgoing, smart, speaks her mind side of me. I try to post the good with the bad, and that even goes for the picture quality. I am starting to not censor myself on the blog as much- because there is more to me than makeup and wine- I have strong feelings on issues today, and I am looking to offer that side of me. 

What you see on Snapchat is my daily life. The unedited part. The photos are usually low quality and I typically post a lot of videos of my kid or dog. I would say that Snapchat is most like me. 

As you see, there is definitely a difference in my online personas. Sure each presents a part of me, but one persona doesn't really match the whole. But that's ok. I mean, can you really ever KNOW a person?

Do you match up to your online persona? Which one is most like you?

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Always say yes to the wine.

five on friday

Happy Friday friends! I can't believe that it's not only Friday, but also the LAST Friday of February. It just crazy to know that March is literally right around the weekend and so is the long awaited Spring.

Five things that made me HAPPY this week

1 // The hubby's birthday. I was a bad blogger and didn't really post any pictures to social media, cause my phone was dying, but just to recap- I took the day off, and we went out to Orland Park, IL (Close to Tinley Park- where all the concerts are) to the Cheesecake Factory. We didn't want to drive into Chicago, and then pay like $20 to park. The hubby had alot of fun, and I'm pretty sure Lil Man and I did too!

2 // While we were in Orland Park for the Cheesecake Factory, we went to Orland Square mall- where they have a stand alone Sephora, Bareminerals, and Lush. I swear, if I lived out that way, I would be so happy- they even had a Nordstrom Rack close by. Anyways, I picked up the deluxe travel size of Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. I had been wanting to try it out since Kate mentioned it on Instagram, and wasn't wanting to pay $45 for it.

3 // If you follow along on Snapchat (tl_tinywishes), then you saw that I got new glasses! I can't really tell you that I am beyond happy about them- but I am happy and thankful that I can finally see. Before now, it had been about four years, since I updated my prescription. Sure, I went for my exam two years ago, but due to the financial strain, I wasn't able to get a new pair.

4 // We were able to get to the park on Tuesday. I had been promising Lil Man for a few days, but things had always gotten in the way. So after work on Tuesday, the hubby and I decided to finally take Lil Man. He was so happy! And it was a good thing, because the snow started Wednesday.

5 // Wednesday and Friday were snow days this week- meaning that this this week, I've only had to work two days. Weird- but satisfying. But the snow was terrible and Northwest Indiana was basically shut down due to the driving conditions.

Four things I'm looking forward to next week

1 // Doing our taxes. I know it's mundane, but I am really looking forward to the money.
2 // Warmer weather. The weather is supposed to break, and we are in store for temps in the 50s by the weekend. 
3 // My pain management appointment. Saying that my back has been hurting is putting it lightly. I'm hoping the doctor can help without putting me on all sorts of pain medications, which I don't want. 
4 // Time with the hubby and Lil Man.

Three favorite blog posts of the week

1 // My struggle with Postpartum Depression | A Beautiful Little Adventure

Two goals (personal & blog wise) for next week

1 // Work on the budget.
2 // Finish my blog buttons, and get to sponsoring. 

One recipe to make

**Cheers to the weekend and Diary of a Real Housewife, the high five for Friday gals, the oh, hey Friday gals, Momfessionals & gang, Meet @ the Barre,the Friday blog hop, Love the Here and Now, Eat Pray Run DC, & the Five on Friday gals

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Valentia Review

*I was given product in exchange for a review, but opinions and thoughts are all mine*

A few weeks ago, Valentia (via Brandbacker) offered me the chance to try out a few products in their skin care line- the True Glow Eye Cream and the Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask. I was so excited when I saw that they wanted to work with me, since I've worked with Valentia in the past, and I must say that I love their products. All of their products are alcohol free, paraben free, cruelty free, and made with 98% natural ingredients.

Valentia True Glow Eye Cream

True Glow Eye Cream*

A luxurious antioxidant rich eye cream that helps lock in moisture, repair and tighten skin for a youthful looking glow around the eye area. 

This product:
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Nourishes and hydrates
  • Tightens eye area
  • Brightens dark circles
  • Restores radiance

Key Ingredients:
  • Astaxanthin: A powerful antioxidant that increases moisture levels, smooths fine line and wrinkles, and restores elasticity to the skin.
  • Resistem: Natural Plant Stem Cells repair and protect the skin from harsh environmental pollutants and stress related aging.
  • Vitamin C: Leaves the skin smooth and visibly brighter for a well-rested and bright-eyed look.
  • Organic Rosehip Oil: Provides intense hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Arnica: A key anti-inflammatory agent to the restorative process that works to diminish the appearance of dark circles.

My Thoughts:

I don't get a lot of sleep due to the fact that I'm a mom and we have a puppy, so that and the fact that my allergies are the epitome of my under eye existence, eye creams become my best friends. I am entirely in love with this eye cream for dark circles and puffiness. It does have a slight citrus smell, but it's not potent. It hydrates my under eye area without irritation and to be truthful, I can definitely tell when I am not wearing it during the day- or when I need it. During the last two weeks, it has made a noticeable dent in my dark circles. I know they are there, but it seems they are aren't as noticeable anymore. The bottle has a pump, which I like. It makes it easier to use.

Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask*

A blend of silk protein amino acids and botanical hyaluronic acid work together to flood the skin with moisture providing intense hydration and nourishment. The result is a softer more luminous looking completion that feels rejuvenated from the inside out.  

This product:
  • Boots collagen production
  • Increases skin radiance
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Secures skin moisture

Key Ingredients:
  • Silk Protein Amino Acid Blend: These natural miracles increase moisture content and help in the production of collagen and elastin which decreases the appearance of visible lines.
  • Botanical Hyaluronic Acid: Penetrates deep into the skin to secure moisture and plump skin from within.
  • Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil: An anti-aging wonder berry that results in fewer fine lines, diminished sun spots, more even skin tone, and firmer more supple skin.
  • Japanese Green Tea: Contains catechins that provide anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-irritant effects to the skin.
  • Aloe Vera: This botanical moisturizers skin and fight aging by improving skin firmness.

My Thoughts:

My face had been feeling really dehydrated lately due to this oddball winter we have been having and I must say, this hydration mask really didn't let me down. It left my face feeling soft and full, not tight like most masks that I use. It also didn't really irritate my sensitive skin- which is huge for me. It did tingle a bit once I put it on, but once the mask dried, the tingling stopped. The consistency was a turn off for me, though. It reminded me of pudding, and I wasn't sure on the smell. It wasn't strong, and didn't smell like oranges, like most of the Valentia products, but it did have a slight citrus smell. Again, once the mask dried, the smell went away. In the end, I left it on for the allowed time (15-30 minutes), and when I removed, there wasn't any redness, and my face felt so amazing. 

I would definitely recommend both products to anyone with hydration or dark circle issues. They are both amazing. 

*Information has been supplied by Valentia

Always say yes to the wine.

Five on Friday

I have been going back and forth with how to approach my Friday posts: do I do a links and loves post, a favorite pins post, a recap of my week post, not do anything at all? I'm still not sure, but until I figure it out, here's a Five on Friday Post. 

Five things that made me HAPPY this week

1 // I have been using the cleansing balm that I received in my February Popsugar box and my skin feels so hydrated! Granted I would never pay an absurd amount for a beauty product, unless it was the holy grail of products, but it was nice to receive such a luxurious product.

2 // Thanks to the gift card in my Popsugar box, I bought my first Victoria's Secret Bra in over ten years. I'm a busty gal and gave never been able to fit their bras, but now they actually carry up to a size 40 DDD and they fit ah-mazing. Sure, they are a bit pricey, but what GOOD bra isn't? 

3 // I finally officially joined the Windy City Blogger Collective, and I am super excited about it. I would love to make blogging a part-time job instead of just a hobby, and I believe that this the fist step for me. 

4 // I made appointments to go see a pain management doctor, and the appointment is the first week of March. My back has been hurting more than normal- almost to the point of not being able to walk and I decided that it was time to see someone. 

5 // Puppy kisses. Valentine's Day Roses. Cuddles from Lil Man. 

Four goals for the upcoming week

1 // Work on the budget
2 // Continue the purge; selling what is in good condition & donating things that aren't meant to be sold
3 // Finish all laundry and cleaning on Saturday, so I can spend Sunday giving the hubby and Lil Man my undivided attention
4 // Schedule two blog posts for next week

Three things I'm looking forward to next week

1 // The hubby's birthday is on Monday and we are going to lunch/dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. 
2 //  Doing our taxes. 
3 // Warmer weather

Two favorite blog posts of the week

2 // You matter. And so does your story | 34 Magnolia Street

One book to read

1 // I am Malala | Malala Yousafzai

***Photo credit: Ashley Ella Design
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what's in my... makeup bag

I have a confession... I have an addiction to makeup. Well, not putting makeup on my face persay, but I am a hoarder when it comes to makeup and makeup related products. And I never leave the house without mascara on. So today... I am showing you what's in my makeup bag. 

If you remember my post on small bathroom organization, you would know that I have a whole Sterilite drawer dedicated to my makeup. Since that post, I have added multiple makeup bags, and some of my old Birchboxes to organize my stash of eye products, face products, and brushes. Currently, I only keep the products that I am using in my small Bare Minerals bag- and I generally will switch items out depending on the season/weather. 

The contents of my whole makeup bag:

Urban Decay Naked Basics 
Urban Decay Naked Basics 2
Cargo Swimmables (but I use as an eye liner)

Bareminerals Bareskin
Dr. Jart + BB cream
Bareminerals Original Foundation

Urban Decay Perversion

Eye Liners
2 Bare Minerals- both brown- one is more shimmery

Bareminerals Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 in Bisque

Bare Minerals mineral veil
Cover FX Mattifying Primer With Anti-Acne Treatment
Rimmel Eyebrow pencil
Bare Minerals Well Rested cc eye primer
Too Faced bronzer in milk chocolate

Sephora eye lash curler
flat top foundation brush
3 eye shadow brushes (2 bare minerals dual-ended brushes)
2 fluffy brushes (one for powder and one for bronzer)
Mary Kay eye shadow brush- used for concelear

Daily makeup products:

Of course, I don't use all the products in my makeup bag on a daily basis- I mean if I were to layer just the foundations, I would look like a clown. Ha ha. Anyways, here's my daily makeup:

Daily, I am known to use a bb cream, especially when I am just going to work, or in a hurry. And since I use the bb cream, I switch out my concelear. I like the feel of trèStiQue correct & cover concealer crayon instead of the powdery feel of bare minerals, especially when I'm using a liquid.

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of Bare Minerals products. I love the look and feel, the fact that the products are not tested on animals (which is huge for me when it comes to cosmetic products), and are formulated without parabens, binders, fillers, or synthetic chemicals

What are your favorite makeup products? 
What products do you keep in your makeup bag?

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Favorite nail products

I'm a nail bitter... and I have been for the better part of my childhood. But I am consciously trying to stop- and doing rather well with the whole identifying my triggers and such. So don't judge me. Ok?

Anyways, since my nails are rather short, brittle, and peeling- from the biting- I usually don't wear nail polish. Instead I give myself a manicure every week, and every time, I use oil and a clear coat- usually something that has the words strengthener or grow in the title. Today I am sharing five of my favorite, tried and true, nail products. The products that help my horrible nails and the products that make me feel better about the look of them. 

1.Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment
Described as a  nutrient-rich formula with protective UV filter, I love how this oxygen treatment gives my nails a subtle pink sheen. It feels as if I'm actually wearing polish while it's strengthening my nails, and letting my nails breathe. 

2. Essie Grow Faster
Labeled as a base coat, grow faster is formulated with Argan Oil and Algae Extract. I love how it seems to actually work, when used by itself and used everyday. 

3. Butter London Horsehair Nail Strengthener
I have mixed feelings on this strengthener. I love the fact all Butter London nail polishes are formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP, and that it can be used as a basecoat or topcoat, and uses herbal ingredients to strengthen and repair, but I hate that due to the herbal ingredient, it can damage your nails. The directions say to apply one layer per day for seven days, then remove and start again. You repeat for four weeks. Then you need to take at least 4 weeks off, or damage can occur. Basically my thoughts are this: I love it, but I hate that it may damage your nails. 

4. Essie 3-way Glaze
Base coat, top coat and strengthener... this stuff is great. It looks like a clear coat on my nails, and feels like actual nail polish. The draw back is that it does take a bit to dry and it tends to have a strong odor. 

I had received this oil treatment in a Popsugar box and love how it feels on my nails. It's ultra hydrating to my cuticles and the skin around my nails, and smells great. Simply, the Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil locks in moisture, while a rubber grip dropper makes it easy to use. 
*ncLA also has two other scents in the So Rich category- Dark Almond, and Rose Petals. 

What are your favorite nail products?

Always say yes to the wine.

links & loves

I wanted to do a little something different today. I didn't want to give you guys a recap of my week, because I'm not sure being a Debby Downer would be a good look right now. I love the way that Kate from The Small Things blog does her links posts, so I figured, why not give you some of the things that I have been loving right now?

I just purchased and received the treat, style, and finish hair set from Ulta. It was only $10, and you receive eight deluxe size products, including two from Living Proof, a Wella dry shampoo, and more. It was so worth the price, and I actually bought two...

I think I may be purchasing this little shadow box or this one from Target. They are cute & functional, plus they have so much potential with me being a blogger.

Valentia sent me their new true glow eye cream and mask to review (via Brandbacker). I have tried a few of their products- like the facial serum- and I have to say that the eye serum is my favorite. Be on the look out for the review in the next coming weeks.

I'm really going to miss Emily while she is on her hiatus from the blog world and pursuing her dream... not only do I love her blog, but her grateful heart link up has pushed me to look for the greater good in life. To remember that there are so many things to be grateful for. I wish her all the best and hope that she knows that there are so many people out there that will miss her.

What do doggie booties and judgy people have in common? A great blog post from Taylor.

When being an adult, it's sometimes a struggle to wash clothes, but Cherie breaks it down for you.

Relaxing and treating myself for Valentine's Day should be on the top of my list... thanks Becca!

I love finding new blogs to follow and both Kay and Brooke give some pretty awesome recommendations!

With as much as I talk about Maurices, they should definitely start giving me some free stuff or something... but whatever. Just an idea. Anyways, I've been obsessed with arrows, and they have so much arrow stuff right now... plus they just came out with their Spring line, and most of their blouses are on either 50 or 75% off right now. I bought this one and I really want this one...

*I really need to stop shopping... ugh. Anyways, happy weekend friends! 

***Photo credit: Rekita Nicole
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five last minute valentine's day gifts

Procrastinators unite! Today I have rounded up five amazing Valentine's Day gifts that you can either tell your significant others about or you can buy for your gal pals (or get for yourself). 

last minute valentines day gifts

I may be biased, but Birchbox is my all time favorite subscription service. Basically every month, you will receive a box with 4-5 deluxe samples and sometime a full size product, according to the beauty profile that you fill out. You basically receive beauty products (which includes hair and makeup) and one lifestyle item for $10 a month. You can cancel at any time, and it's a pretty nice "try before you buy" service, as no box is ever the same. With the 3-month subscription, you have the choice to sign up for a monthly box, or just cancel. 

*Bonus- Birchbox also offers a male service, called Birchbox Man, and the man in your life can receive a box full of items tailored to him for $20/month. 

A collection of Fresh's Sugar lip balms, this is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Not only is it worth the money, but it will last too! And for the price of 2 full size balms, you will get 6 minis, and a deluxe size of the advanced therapy (which is great for dry lips).

One of my all time favorite gifts, this perfume sampler includes 13 samplers, and once you find the fragrance that you love, it has a gift certificate for a full size bottle of one of the 13 fragrances. Not only is it money saving, but you (or whoever you give it to) won't have to buy perfume for at least six months. 

Dry skin be gone thanks to this kit. The three piece kit includes a cleanser, brightening pads, and of course the coveted ultra repair cream. All which are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, and are allergy tested, fragrance free, and safe for sensitive skin. I consider this kit the gateway drug to a First Aid Beauty obsession. 

A collection of 8 deluxe samples, which include Living Proof, Sexy Hair, and Matrix, this set is a great try before you buy kit at an amazing price. Sure it may be cheap, but the amount of product will leave them satisfied. 

Always say yes to the wine.

wine... my favorite subject

Thanks to a comment last week, I have decided to talk about my favorite subject... wine. I mean, I love wine so much, that I even have an Etsy shop where I paint wine glasses!

all about wine

What is wine?

According to Wikipedia, Wine "is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruits. Due to a natural chemical balance, grapes ferment without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes, water, or other nutrients." source

According to me, Wine is "heaven in a bottle."

What is wine made from?

Having be around for thousand of years, wine is generally made from wine grapes, which are smaller, sweeter, have thicker skin, and seeds. Not far from your grocery store grapes- just better, and not really edible. 

Are there different types of wine?

Wine is broken down into three major categories- white, red, and rose; all of which has it's own subcategory. Wine can be full, rich, zesty, sweet, and sparkling. *Sparkling wine is generally referred to as champagne. 

A great infographic on wine styles can be found on Wine Folly- a site meant to educate people on wine. They even sell a great wine poster (basically the infographic) that I am dying to buy and stick on the wall of my kitchen. #bloggerproblems

Personally, when looking for a wine, I look for two things: 

Of all the types of wine, I am obsessed with the sweet wines, meaning that I tend to gravitate towards the white and rose type. I like a sweeter wine because I hate a skunky after taste. You know that taste when you drink beer for the first time, and even though you can stomach it, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth? Yeah, that taste. I also love fruit wines- meaning ones that are made with peaches, blackberry, mango, etc. The sweeter, the better.

My favorites types include:
  • Moscato- a white wine 
  • Pink Moscato- a rose wine 
  • Riesling- another white wine 
  • Champagne- a sparkling wine 
  • Port- a dessert wine 

I'm not made of money, so I tend to head towards the cheap stuff when I'm in the alcohol isle at Target or Walmart. Because unfortunately one bottle only holds like 2.5 glasses of wine, and that stuff is going to be gone really quick. *I have realized that a $3 bottle from Walgreens is just not the answer when you are in need. Walgreen generally doesn't have the good stuff.

My favorite money saving wines include:
  • Arbor Mist- Strawberry Mango *current obsession- my "go to" wine 
  • Arbor Mist- Blackberry 
  • Barefoot- Pink Moscato 
  • Barefoot- Moscato 
  • J'Roget- Champagne 

If you are looking to get into the wine game, or just interested in a new drink, but don't know where to start, I suggest going to a wine tasting. Just grab your phone, and Google wineries in your area. I have been to a couple of wineries that do tastings, and they were awesome. Local wines are a bit more expensive, but are worth it for the taste.

what type of wine is better

Always say yes to the wine.


I think I'm going to start a regular "currently" post on Sundays... I think it's a good recap of the week before, and it will give me a chance to start hashing out the bad vibes before my week starts; cause let's face it, the week actually begins on Monday.

Blog posts for the week. I currently have one ready and scheduled, but I have to sit down and do two more. I plan on sharing my favorite wines and my new found obsession with creating flat lay stock photography.

When I will hear back from one of the positions I applied for. In the past three weeks, I have applied for 3 positions- all within a county government- and I am so hopeful about them. Each one is full time, with benefits, and is the Monday through Friday, day position that I have been looking for. But, I'm not going to hold out for them, and stop putting in applications. If I have to use my fall back plan at my current employment, then I want to make sure that I can't say that I didn't try to find something else.

That this coming week is nothing like the week that just finished up. It was hell, and I wanted to go home and cry most of the days. I'm also hoping that my cleaning OCD will stop soon, because it's driving me crazy.

New pants from Maurices. I know- one of my goals this month was to stop shopping at Maurices, due to finances, but they were having a sale, and I am a sucker for sales. I need to just say no.

Blogs. New & Regular ones. I am looking into sponsoring two blogs this month, and I am doing some research. Some blogs that have gotten my attention are From Roses, The Daily Tay, and Rebekah & Co. But, I may sponsor more than a couple... any one have any free ad swaps or discount codes?

In case you missed it...

February Goals
After giving a little recap of January, I laid out nine easy to do goals that I want to accomplish in February.

Awesome Things
My week wasn't going well, but I decided not to dwell, and listed the awesome things about this month. 

Always say yes to the wine.

Awesome things...

I'm going to be honest... February really hasn't been off to a great start. First, I cut and dyed my hair, but my layers were all choppy, so I had to go back and get it fixed. Second, I have a power steering leak in one of my lines on my Trailblazer. Third, work is kinda pulling me in so many different ways. 

But instead of dwelling, I think I'm just going to look at the good things that are going on or coming up this month, and join Anne & Brittney in the Awesome link up. 

New cut & color.
Even though I had to go back for them to fix my layers, I still love the dark hair- it's back to how it was in November (if you follow me on Insta). And a fresh cut always makes me feel better.

The Hubby's birthday. 
He recieved a gift card for Christmas for the Cheesecake Factory and we are planning on spending the day in Chicago with Lil Man. I'm kinda excited, especially since we are going to take Lil Man up in the John Hancock Building for the first time!

Valentine's Day.
Besides getting and receiving things from the Hubby and Lil Man, I love sending cards and snail mail to my girls. I hope each card brings happiness and joy to them!

I have to admit that the winter in Northwest Indiana hasn't been horrible, but I am so ready for Spring. And Spring colors! I love the pastels and lace and girly things. 

Ellie is getting bigger and learning so much. She finally sleeps all night and is relatively good when going outside- she doesn't run off as much anymore. She's getting along with the cat, and Lil Man is starting to act better with her. 

Free styled stock.
I'll admit it- I'm addicted to styled stock. But what blogger isn't? 

February's goals called for twice a week blogging, and I am on a roll! I have so many ideas of what I want to do, and I have been keeping up with Snapchat- for the behind the scenes looks! 

Because you can't have a month of love without candy.

Enough said. 

Always say yes to the wine.

February Goals

I always love a new month... It's a blank slate, sorta. Back at the beginning of January, I talked about seven things I want to accomplish this year, and I've decided to work on one thing at a time- especially the purging and budgeting.

January Recap
January was all about purging and job applications. I started a purge of my house, and even though I didn't exactly finish by the end of the month- I still have a few areas to work on- I am starting to feel less crowded. It felt really good to take seven bags of things to goodwill, knowing that they weren't occupying space any more. And organizing Lil Man's toys into clear totes/bins, has helped him clean up his toys- he knows that every thing has it's place. Granted the clear bins are a bit of an eyesore, but what ever works, right? 

I also applied for a couple of positions, that I would love to work at, and I'm hoping to hear something soon. Even if I don't hear anything, it's still a start.

You can read more about January here.

Personal Wise

  • Write out a budget. Now, I would like to actually implement it, but the idea is to actually see what comes in, what goes out, and why the hell I am broke a few days before payday.
  • Say GOOD BYE to Popsugar. I have already cancelled my Popsugar Subscription Box for March. Unfortunately, I was too late at the end of January to cancel for February, but that's just how the cookie crumbles. I'm kinda thinking of adding another Birchbox Subscription, since it's only $10 a month, but we will see about that.
  • Stop going to Maurices on Paydays. I usually stop at Maurices- my FAVORITE clothing store- on payday, and pick up a few things from the clearance, but I've realized that a) the money is accumulating, and b) I have way too many clothes. If I don't stop, by the end of February, I am going to have to do another purge! 
  • No more Target dollar section binges. Sure it's only $1 here, $3 there, but that stuff adds up! And I have way too many note cards. 
  • Apply to at least two jobs. March is coming fast and I'm dreading the federal loan payment that is coming with it. Fortunately, I do have a back up plan at my current employment, just in case I don't get the Monday-Friday day position I am wanting. I'm being picky because Lil Man is going to start Kindergarten in the Fall, and I am not ready to start a job, then quit, because it doesn't fit into his schedule. 

Blog Wise

  • Schedule at least two blog posts a week. I've always tried to stick to a three-times a week posting schedule, but it's not working for me. The last two weeks of January, I was able to sit down on Sunday and produce two posts- Monday and Wednesday- for the week. And it worked. I may change the days, but starting out with just two a week, is a start.
  • Sponsor at least one blog. Yes, I know sponsorship takes money, but it will get my name out there. More exposure means that I can make money through Sponsored Opps and possibly sponsorships by the end of summer. 
  • Organize my Pinterest, Twitter, & Bloglovin. On Pinterest, my goals is to weed out my boards. I have been pinning for a rather long time, and things have gotten lost. I am following sooo many people on Twitter and Bloglovin, and my feeds are ridiculous. I need to weed out the ones that I don't interact with, meaning the celeb accts on Twitter, and the blogs I don't care to read, meaning the giveaway blogs. 
  • Join the Windy City Blogger Collective. My goal is promotion and the WCBC may be a good bet. 

So this month I have quite a few goals, but they aren't bad goals. They are small, and manageable. 

*A Meetup Monday Post

Always say yes to the wine.

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