I think I'm going to start a regular "currently" post on Sundays... I think it's a good recap of the week before, and it will give me a chance to start hashing out the bad vibes before my week starts; cause let's face it, the week actually begins on Monday.

Blog posts for the week. I currently have one ready and scheduled, but I have to sit down and do two more. I plan on sharing my favorite wines and my new found obsession with creating flat lay stock photography.

When I will hear back from one of the positions I applied for. In the past three weeks, I have applied for 3 positions- all within a county government- and I am so hopeful about them. Each one is full time, with benefits, and is the Monday through Friday, day position that I have been looking for. But, I'm not going to hold out for them, and stop putting in applications. If I have to use my fall back plan at my current employment, then I want to make sure that I can't say that I didn't try to find something else.

That this coming week is nothing like the week that just finished up. It was hell, and I wanted to go home and cry most of the days. I'm also hoping that my cleaning OCD will stop soon, because it's driving me crazy.

New pants from Maurices. I know- one of my goals this month was to stop shopping at Maurices, due to finances, but they were having a sale, and I am a sucker for sales. I need to just say no.

Blogs. New & Regular ones. I am looking into sponsoring two blogs this month, and I am doing some research. Some blogs that have gotten my attention are From Roses, The Daily Tay, and Rebekah & Co. But, I may sponsor more than a couple... any one have any free ad swaps or discount codes?

In case you missed it...

February Goals
After giving a little recap of January, I laid out nine easy to do goals that I want to accomplish in February.

Awesome Things
My week wasn't going well, but I decided not to dwell, and listed the awesome things about this month. 

Always say yes to the wine.

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