Strawberry Leopard Hair Color Review

Hello Lovelies!

When it comes to hair color, what are the things that you look for in a product? 

I always want to make sure that that the product doesn't have harsh chemicals, has some sort of good for my hair ingredients, and most of all is cruelty-free, which means that it does not test on animals. 

AND friends, I found ALL THREE in the form of Strawberry Leopard Hair Color

Strawberry Leopard, which is available at Sally Beauty, is a conditioner-based, semi-permanent hair color line. It features 18 different shades that last up to 8 weeks. 

Their formula is infused with Vitamin B5, Mango Oil and Shea Butter; and each bottle also features their exclusive bonding technology, which strengthens, nourishes, and rejuvenates damaged hair. 

Strawberry Leopard Hair Color is also Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Gluten-free. 

I have been using Strawberry Leopard Hair Color for nearly a year now, and I love using it for a few reasons:

  • 1) It smells so good! You don't need a developer to use it, so you can pour it on your head straight from the bottle and the smell stays with your hair. It's almost like a fruity/grapey smell.
  • 2)It's so easy to use! Like I said, you can pour it on your head straight from the bottle, granted, I use a bowl and brush, but you could go the other way. 
  • 3) It's really easy to clean up! I have a white sink in my bathroom and some hair color just sticks to the white and stains my sink, but not this one. This one actually comes off with hot water, and if I need a little more scrubbing power, all I need is some rubbing alcohol. 
  •  4) My hair is so vibrant when I use it. Even after the 3rd and 4th wash, my hair is still vibrant and I love it!
  • 5) The coverage! The coverage is AMAZING!!!

To date I have used the following colors:
  • Merlot- a cross between a deep reddish pink color and burgundy
  • Loyal Blue- a cross between an anime blue and blueberry blue
  • Grapeful- a beautiful purple (has a blue base)
  • Pastel Mixer- a whiteish color that will lighten the intensity of the color

As you can see, I love coloring my hair with Strawberry Leopard Hair Color. In the future, I plan on trying new colors, but I am happy with the ones I have right now. Using Strawberry Leopard Hair Color allows me to express myself without damaging my hair and for that I am grateful!!!!

Strawberry Leopard also has a line of hair care, which I will do a review on in the future. 

Have you ever used Strawberry Leopard Hair Color? 

Till next time.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just LOVE the product!


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