Letter from the editor: January

Happy freakin' 2023 my lovelies! 

I, for one, can't believe that it's a whole new year.... I mean, it's crazy to even imagine! But, it's also a good thing! I have so many things planned for this year and I can not wait to get started on all of them. But I am getting way ahead of myself. 

So the purpose of today's post is to talk about my 4 words for 2023, let you know about my January personal goals, and then tell you about my January #bookish goals. K? K!

Four Words for 2023

So I was on Facebook the other day and came across one of those word search posts that are like "the first words you see will be your words for the new year... blah... blah... blah", so I decided to do it and that's where I got the following words...

January Personal Goals

I like making goals for the month because I like to see my progress. I like seeing how much I accomplish and when I post my goal list some where on the inter-webs, it makes me feel like I'm being held accountable. 

one | go through all clothes
two | go through all shoes
three | go through all jewelry
four | organize garage
five | make a list of financial stuff
six | post 4 blog posts
seven | post to Instagram at least 2 times per week
eight | take stuff to Goodwill
nine | take kid's clothes to Once Upon a Child
ten | sell stuff on Mercari

January #bookish Goals

For awhile now, I have been sharing my #bookish goals with you all. My bookstagram is exploding, and I love making goals for myself to help with that growth. 

one | read 5 books
two | post 4 book reviews
three | finish 2 books from last year
four | start the 12 by 12 challenge
five | post 2 reels
six | post at least 2 times a week
seven | redo story covers

There you have it. In this edition of the letter from the editor, I showed you my four words for 2023, told you my January personal goals, and shared my January #bookish goals. 

Do you have any goals for January?

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