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About Tabitha

Hey there! I'm Tabitha, the blogger/content creator/voice behind the show. And I am so excited that you're here!! 

First things first- I am a mom, but this isn't a mommy blog. I’m a mascara obsessed beauty enthusiast, animal lover, & wine drinker from the Midwest. I’m also a mom to a son with ADHD, have TWO Master’s Degrees- 1 in Applied Behavior Analysis and 1 in Criminal Justice, and currently work as a Behavioral Technician with children with Autism. I have eclectic taste in music, a knack for writing (I'm published on Huffington Post), and 13 animals: 2 dogs, a tortoise, 2 ducks, and 8 chickens.

I am fueled by Dr. Pepper, sarcasm, cute puppies, dry shampoo & bobby pins. I love pretty things, I am one note book away from owning an office supply store, and I have a tendency/ need to wear flip flops all year round. You wouldn't think it, but I have six tattoos. I also have a "dry" sense of humor and in being honest, I love walking on the beach because of the exfoliation of my feet.

I have always had a passion for writing, and from that passion, a hundred tiny wishes was born.


About a hundred tiny wishes

If you are looking for a friend to give you advice on beauty products, casual style, parenting, product reviews, blogging & other lifestyle things, then you have come to the right place.

I started a hundred tiny wishes in September '13 as an outlet... mostly because it gave me control over something. Being a new-ish mom, grad student, and working part-time left me little time for myself or any type of life. So blogging was the one thing in my control.

Now my little hobby has become a place where I can share my thoughts and knowledge, and I feel as if I am able to teach my readers something. I like to share the pretty things in life- but sometimes, I will share the downright ugly. I don't liked to sugar coat anything, as I pride myself on being as authentic as possible. 

In short, a hundred tiny wishes is a steadily growing platform that provides advice on blogging tips and resources, beauty reviews, casual style, and friendly parenting help to parents and women of all ages. The main topics focused on are beauty, blogging, parenting, mental health, and lifestyle.

I want to thank you for stopping by, and I hope you stay awhile! Here's some posts to get you started:

I love hearing from my readers, so don't hesitate to send me a tweet, drop a comment on Instagram, or even leave a shout out on the a hundred tiny wishes Facebook page

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  1. Just found your blog!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up!!


  2. Newest follower!
    I am also a mom to a little boy but he is only 1. Looking forward to getting to know you better.
    Ashley @ Mrs. Mama

  3. Masters in criminal justice!? IMPRESSIVE! Love your little space, lady! Excited to follow along!

  4. Just dropping by to tell you that...

    1.) I love your blog and enjoy reading your posts through bloglovin'!


    2.) You’ve been nominated for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

    1. Awesome! Thank you so much! I will be heading over there to check it out!

  5. from one Tabitha to another... I just want to say I really enjoy reading your blog! :)

    and I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award -

  6. I recently discovered your blog and you feel like a bff already! I appreciate your recommendations, especially the Amazon rings! Thank you for all you do!


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