I read a total of 7 books in May. I didn't stick with a certain troupe, but they were all romance and fiction. This month, I am going to give a synopsis along with my review, and I am going to put my ratings in order (5*-1*). 

How I read
I read on Kindle Unlimited, and I do that for a few reasons: 1) convenience- the books are literally at the tip of my fingers, and 2) it's cheaper. Kindle Unlimited is only $10 a month and it works like the library- you borrow a book and then return it. You can have up to 20 books in your "library" at a time, which does not include the books you do buy. You can still buy Kindle copies of books and there are a bunch of authors that offer Kindle Unlimited books.

This month I read Kindle Unlimited, like usual. I also bought a few paperback copies of books, so I hope to showcase them next month!

The rating system
  • 1* Eh, not memorable
  • 2* Just ok.
  • 3* Good book, definitely recommend reading.
  • 4* Great book, can live without a print copy.
  • 5* Wow, would read again. Probably will get a print copy for my library at home.

Kindle Unlimited

*Please read any and all trigger warnings before diving into any of my read books*

An enemies to lovers romance between Kingsley and Aspen who are coworkers, and who also happen to share a daughter. When Aspen was just a teenager, she had met Kingsley and they had a one night stand, in which she had gotten pregnant. She was told that her baby had died, but that wasn't the case. The baby was actually given to Kingsley, who was 18 at the time, and he raised her, without Aspen's knowledge. She finds out several years later, and they are actually coworkers who are enemies. That hate soon turns into lust though!

My Review
Empire of Lust was absolute fire! Kingsley and Aspen were entertaining as enemies and even more as lovers. I was hoping that they were get their own story ever since I had read Empire of Desire, which is their daughter's story, and I was definitely not disappointed. 

Savage Impulses (Kings of Olympus U Book 1)- Michelle Hercules // 4*

A contemporary retelling of Hades & Persephone's story; Savage Impulses is an enemies to lovers story about college students Hades, the black sheep of his family, and Persephone, who is struggling to keep the bills paid and her younger brother comfortable while her mother does whatever. 

My Review
I love how Hades and Persephone met- she hit his dog and felt so bad about it, but Hades was so furious. I also love how the story didn't follow the normal Hades immediately falling in love with Persephone either... it actually took a bit of time, but once the smut started, it was fire, friends! 

Cruel Princes (Princes of Devil's Creek Book 1)- Jillian Frost // 4*

An enemies to lovers with a side of reverse harem, the story surrounds Alexandrea Wellington and the 4 Salvatore men, Luca, Marcello, Damien, and Bastian. They all met in High School, when she was "promised to them" and then she went to art school in New York. They then brought her back and now she has to pick one of the men to marry in order to keep her twin brother, Aiden, safe and to make good on her grandfather's deal with the Salvatore family.

My Review
I wasn't a fan of how the men toyed with Alex's feelings, or how she didn't really stand up for her self, but the chemistry between Alex and Marcello was hot. Luca was a down right jerk for no reason, and Bastian and Damien were whatever, but Marcello, yummy! I also hated the cliffy and the fact that there was no actual smut!! In all, it was a good storyline, and I did like the chemistry and hot moments between Alex and the guys!

Owned By A Sinner : An Irish Mafia Romance- Michelle Heard // 3*

A mafia romance between Kiara Murphy and Liam Byrne. Kiara is the product of a one night stand between her mother and father, and her father is a member of the Irish Mafia, but Kiara is kept in the dark about her father's roots. Kiara gets a job at Byrne Enterprises, and her dad gets upset, because it is owned by Liam Byrne, who is the head of the Irish Mafia. Kiara keeps her job and things happen with Liam's brother. Liam saves her, and their romance blossoms.

My Review
Liam almost immediately falls in love with Kiara and honestly, I wasn't a fan of that. I get that he didn't like to be touched by anyone, except by her, but c'mon. Overall, it was a great book, and I would recommend it to anyone. 

Wicked Devil: A Standalone Enemies-to-Lovers Romance (Devils of Sun Valley Book 1)- Daniela Romero // 3*

An enemies to lovers romance between Allie and Roman. Allie's mom dies and her father decides that he just so happens to want to be a dad, so he takes her in during her senior year. She meets Roman, who is a football player, and their chemistry is off the charts. At first, Roman hates Allie with a passion, but then he warms up to her and finally the sparks fly. 

My Review
I really liked this book, even though it was out of my normal. My heart hurt for Allie and what happened to her, and I hated how Roman reacted to what actually happened. Hell, I really wanted to slap him! He did redeem himself, which was amazing! 

Twisted Dares : (Blackridge Prep Book 1)- A.R. Breck // 3*

A dark romance between Raven and Caelian. Raven is the daughter of serial killers and after her father is sent to prison, she is sent to live with her highly religious aunt and uncle, who treat her like she is the devil's spawn and are highly abusive. She and her cousin, Aria, are homeschooled until the are finally sent to actual school, where Raven meets Caelian. Raven is immediately drawn to Caelian and the darkness that he hides. She then sees him fight at an underground fight club, and asks him to train her, thus beginning their romance.

My Review
This book was very twisted! There was a lot of tension between the main characters, but they also had a lot of chemistry. Raven was a very likeable character and I really felt for her!

Screwing the Mob: A Dark Italian Forbidden Second Chance Mafia Romance (Ruthless Hearts Mafia Book 1)- Kristen Luciani // 2*

A second chance mafia romance between Nico and Shaye. Nico, Shaye, and Shaye's older brother, Max grew up together and have always been tight. Shaye is inlove with Nico, and Nico pushed Shaye away. So, Shaye left New Jersey and went to college in Florida. When Grandpa Vito, the head of the Family (Nico's family) passes, Shaye returns for the funeral and things heat up between her and Nico, who has been groomed his whole life to take over the Family. 

My Review
I won't lie, the smut part of the book was hot and when Max found out it was comical, but I didn't think that the book was as good as reviews said it was. For one thing, things happened between Nico and Shaye, and then he broke her heart and then he thought that it was ok to talk to her about it, and apologize for doing so because "people were after him". Ok, I get he wanted to keep her safe, but he also has the means to do it, and all he had to do was be real with his dad about everything. And then things happened again, and he was like, "Well, you're worth the risk now!" Seriously, c'mon. 

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