Letter from the editor: May recap & H54F


I wasn't sure if I actually wanted to do a May recap or not, considering that I am actually coming out of a depressive episode, but I figured, what the hell, why not?! ALSO, since it's Friday, I'm going to give you 5 awesome things that happened in May life wise AND  blog/social media wise!

May Recap

Life wise

one | I dyed my hair purple

two | I got two new tattoos!!

three | I painted my nails a neon-type green

four | I read 7 books (I'll post about them later on next week)

five | I finally decided to defer my Phd program to at least August. I have way too much going on in my life right now, with my mental health, and deferring my program is the best thing for me.

Blog/social media wise

one | I posted 6 blog posts

| My Instagram following is now at 2.5k

three | I got my very first ARC (advanced reader copy) from one of my favorite authors

four | I joined two new like & save groups on Instagram, which means more likes on my Instagram post, meaning more views and more likes :)

five | I redid my media kit, so I am hoping to reach out to some brand here soon and get some more ambassadorships going!

Upcoming in June

Celebrate: Father's Day

Read: My goal is 10 books

Visit: Maybe the zoo if the weather breaks

Watch: Not sure, but we did get some new movies!

3 Goals in my personal life
  • Read 3 books off my physical TBR list
  • Clean up the basement
  • Organize all my craft stuff

3 Goals in my blog/social media life
  • Post at least 6 blog posts // I posted 6 back in May, so I think 6 is doable
  • Grow Instagram to 2.6k
  • Post everyday to Instagram

New things to try: wash face every day; don't just use cleansing wipes

My intuition says: It's time to buy flowers

Upcoming on the blog:
23 by 23
Go to beauty products
Links & Loves

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