25 Lies I tell myself on a daily basis

one | I am going to get up early and do my hair and makeup.

two | I am not wearing leggings to work today.

three | Today seems like a great day to skip the depression meds.

four | I don't need that third candy bar. For breakfast.

five | I'll be peppy once the Adderall kicks in.

six | Today seems like a great day to do the speed limit on the way to work.

seven | Today is going to be a social media free day.

eight | Ha! That was funny! And a great idea for a blog post.

nine | I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it.

ten | I'm going to schedule all of my blog posts for the week.

eleven  | I don't need another hair tie or pack of bobby pins.

twelve | AND I definitely don't need that cute journal staring right at me. Who cares if it is only going to get used for Instagram pictures? It's soooo cute AND it's on sale!!! 

thirteen | Today I am going to make a budget, and we are going to stick to it.

fourteen | I'm just running into Target for laundry detergent.

fifteen | Target dollar section will be bypassed today.

sixteen | One more load of laundry, and I'm done.

seventeen | I love cleaning.

eighteen | I definitely do not have a RBF!

nineteen | Yes, I want to hear all about my coworkers' problems.

twenty | I really love my job... we should even work weekends!

twenty-one | Day drinking is encouraged in most parts of the world.

twenty-two | Nacho Cheese Doritos are a food group!

twenty-three | I don't need to buy any more books if I haven't read the ones that I already have.

twenty-four | Tonight I am not going to read before bed.

twenty-five | Tomorrow I am going to start eating healthy!

What lies do you tell yourself on a daily basis?

25 lies I tell myself on a daily basis

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