Letter from the editor: April Recap

Well, hey there lovelies! I can't believe that it's already May! AHH! Crazy! 

Anyways, this month, I really slacked... in life and in the blog-o-sphere. I am starting to feel a bit discouraged because I am seeing my views and realizing that no one actually reads what I write. AND that really sucks. I know that there are some readers out there (I see you!!), but there is no where near what I used to bring in, and I want that back. Oh, well... I guess I will just keep chugging along. 

So for April:


  • Sickness again... I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • Not meeting my goals again // I didn't keep up with my habit trackers :(
Goal Recap
  • Since I didn't post an update in March, I am going to skip over the goal recap 

April Favorites

Quote: "Relax, You will be okay."

Watching: I watched 365 This Day

Song: Charlie Puth- Light Switch

Thing accomplished: Hitting 2k on Instagram

Beauty Product: Truly Pineapple Haze CBD Glossy Lip Butter

Next up for May?

Celebrate: Mommy's Day

Read: My goal is 15 books

Visit: Maybe the zoo if the weather breaks

Watch: Continue on with watching Yellowstone

3 Goals in my personal life

  • New tattoo
  • Buy 3 new books & READ THEM
  • Figure out if I am going to go back to school or not!!!!
3 Goals in my blog/social media life
  • Post at least 8 blog posts // I posted 8 back in March, so I think 8 is doable
  • Grow Instagram to 2.5k
  • Rehash my media kit

New things to try: Paint my nails a neon color

My intuition says: May is going to be pretty with all of the new flowers!

Upcoming on the blog:

  • Go to beauty products
  • Lies I tell myself on a daily basis
  • Links & Loves

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