five reasons to wear Silver Jeans

After an Instagram post yesterday, I knew I had to interrupt my regular Friday programming and correct a real injustice. You see, yesterday, I realized that not a lot of people have heard about Silver Jeans Co.; and truth be told, I was really surprised. For the past ten-ish years, I have sworn by Silver Jeans, as they have been my go-to jeans for so many reasons. Other than the fact that they are fashion-savvy, but cost-conscious, they are also comfortable as anything. Sure, I could literally write you a book on why I love Silver Jeans, but instead I am going to give you my five top reasons that you should be wearing denim from Silver Jeans Co. right now.

five reasons to wear Silver Jeans

five easy ways to stay in touch due to long distance

For the better part of three years, my best friend has lived about 14 hours away from me. When she left, it was like a part of my heart went with her. Since she moved, she has been back twice and I have went to see her once. Of course, in person, monthly visits were impractical, and since we both don't really like to talk on the phone, we have tried to stay connected in other ways. And guess what- they are really easy ways that everyone in a long distance relationship (any type) can use to stay in touch!

five easy ways to stay in touch due to long distance

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer Review

Today I am back with another great product from one of my personal favorite skin care lines, Valentia. I recently had the chance to review their new Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer and again fell in love. I have had the chance to try quite a few of Valentia's products (all via Brandbacker) and I love the line for a few reasons: their products are alcohol free, paraben free, cruelty free; their products are and made with 98% natural & organic ingredients; and the ingredients are specially selected to work together to achieve optimum results. 

Amazon Gift Card giveaway

Who doesn't love Amazon? I love that you can find and buy so many things, and with most of the stuff you can buy, you can get two day shipping. I mean, how cool is that? And did you know that they also deliver on Saturdays? True story- my brother had bough a car part off of Amazon, and within 48 hours, it was delivered into his hands!  

Since I love Amazon, I am giving you guys a chance to win a nice little gift card to buy anything your hear desires. 

design (21).png

the world in which we live

Today I am going to get a little personal, political, and real up in here. I am generally very upbeat on here and never really share things that could be considered controversial, unless I am talking about disappointing beauty products. I do this because I don't like to be negative, I don't want to cause an uproar, and I don't want to show that side of me. 

I mean, I don't want to brag, but if you take a look at my about page, you would see that I have my Master's. Therefore, it means that I am educated (sure, it could also mean that I am in debt up to my eye balls and have a stupid piece of paper saying that I am). It means that I have written persuasive essays, term papers, research papers, and I can debate with the best of them, but I have always stuck by my grocery list of things I will never blog about. Today I am going to break a rule... today I am going to blog about something that is really getting to me.

SMART STUFF Natural Insect Repellent Review

The one thing that makes me happy about Fall, is the weather. I love the smells, the crisp air, and the fact that I can walk outside without feeling like I am going to melt. Unfortunately, with the weather still being in that weird in between- mild warm, but not hot & cool, but not cold mix, there is one thing that I absolutely hate: mosquitoes. 

Of course, with mosquitoes, the only way to get rid of them is to either stay indoors or use a mosquito repellent spray. Many people use the latter. I, on the other hand, can't. When I was pregnant with Lil Man in 2010, I found out I was allergic to deet; which one of the main ingredients in mosquito repellents. I really didn't care, since I'm not a big outdoorsy person. Unfortunately with current mosquito population near doubling every night when I take my dog out, and the fact that Zika virus is a thing, I knew a few months ago I needed to find something that would be deet-free, natural, safe for me and the whole family, and didn't make me want to vomit from the smell. 

A few weeks ago, SMART STUFF gave me an opportunity to review their natural insect repellent, and after reading about the company, I knew it was a product and company that I could stand behind.

smart stuff insect repellent review

five classes I wish I had in highschool

Since graduating high school so long ago, whenever I have encountered a problem, I have always said, "Man, instead of stupid non-existent Math, they should have taught me that in school." Most people have agreed with me, and some have said, "well, that's what college is for."

I usually laugh, but then think that college is where you learn about your alcohol limits, learn to procrastinate, and teach your body how to run on Red Bull and two hours of sleep. I could give you a long list about what college taught me, but instead I am going to talk about five classes that should have been taught in high school along side of English and History, instead of Pre-Calc.

the easiest apple crisp I have ever made

A few weeks ago, Lil Man went on his first ever school field trip. Needless to say, but I was a little worried that he was going somewhere without a member of the family with him. In the end, he did wonderfully (at least that's what I think- I never received a note saying that he was any different), and he brought me home 5 beautiful apples that he had picked from a tree by himself.Unfortunately, I refused to let him eat the apples because they were lumpy, bumpy, and brown. When he asked why, I told him I was proud of him and promised to find something to make with them. 

I knew that the most practical way to use the apples was to make apple crisp with them, and set out to find a recipe that I could make. 

How to save money with Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

A few days ago, I talked about my experience with Groupon, but one thing I didn't mention was the fact that Groupon also has coupons. Couponing is something that I am starting to get into lately, because well, why not. Sometime ago, I was introduced to Groupon Coupons, and I fell in love. I am all about saving money, and with Groupon Coupons I have the ability to shop at my favorite stores and be able to save that money.

Friday Confessions (& freebie Friday)

Everyone tends to rejoice that Friday is the last day of the week... I on the other hand, am usually working, so even though the weekend is coming, I don't really get to enjoy it until I pick my kid up from school. But then again, that's fine. Usually we go get milk shakes and then maybe get a movie, and then it's smooth sailing, being lazy all night till bed time.

And honestly, it's a good Friday.

I mean, sure I would love to go out with the girls or something, but who needs all that? I have wine in my fridge, and my view is this: why pay like $8 for a glass of wine when I have a few bottles in the fridge and why drink and drive, when I can sit at home in my comfy joggers and binge watch Netflix?

It's the truth. But I am rambling. Where was I going with all this?

Oh yeah- Friday confessions...

How to save money on health, beauty, and wellness services

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last year, for our anniversary, I asked my hubby what he wanted to do. He brought up the whole "let's have a pamper day!" Of course, he was talking about going to get massages. I, like every other person out there, loves to get massages, but I told him that we didn't have the funds for some one hour couples massages, because, let's be real, they're expensive. He told me that we could use a Groupon, and get two one hour massages for the price of one. He explained that he had used some Groupons to get car washes, and handed me his phone to look at the app. 

My five fall must-haves

Fall has finally arrived, and I'm doing a little happy dance over here. I am so excited for the leaves to fall, to go buy some apple cider and to eat everything that has to do with pumpkins. Who else isn't? Every season, I have a few must-haves that make the season just that much better. The must-haves can include clothing, accessories, or makeup, and Fall, for me, is all about the clothes!

links & loves

When I sat down to draft this post, I didn't think much of it. Then I realized that it would go live on September 11th. The September 11th that shook America to it's core. And in that realization, I knew I had to at least pay some type of tribute.  

Honestly, I remember the day, fifteen years ago, very vaguely. I remember that I was in 10th grade, and the whole grade was taking ISteps. After we finished, we went into a classroom, turned on the tv, and saw the video of the plane hitting the tower. I was stunned. I was confused. I was heartbroken. But in the wake of a tragedy, I saw a beautiful thing. I saw people of all colors, religions, backgrounds, and education come together to help. It was breath taking. And quite possibly the biggest act in history that made me believe in humanity. At least for a while. 

Ok... so enough reminiscing and lets get to some good stuff...
btw, I'm not heartless- I just don't want to rehash the past and one of the worst days in US history.

HydroPeptide On-the-Go-Glow travel set review

In my twenties, I was never worried about skincare maintenance or wrinkles, but all that changed last year. When I turned thirty, I started to view my skin for what it was- I was never going to get any younger, so I needed to take care of it. Truth be told, I still loved being carded when I bought wine, and I knew that if I wanted to look younger, I needed to think about anti-aging products. I needed to combat the wrinkles before they started. So when HydroPeptide & Brandbacker gave me the chance to review HydroPeptide's On-the-Go-Glow travel set, I was intrigued. 

September Goals

I believe that goals are a great tool in measuring my progress through the month. They allow me to see what I've done as well as gives me something to aim at. Writing down my goals also helps me not get too overwhelmed because let's face it- life can be just a little too demanding.

a few things

I can't believe that it's already September... it's crazy, and it really seems like this year is flying by. But on a good note, so many good things are in store for this month... an anniversary, a birthday, a first field trip... and more. 

Since it's a holiday weekend, instead of doing anything that requires work like a monthly recap or talking about my September goals (there is alot of them!), I am going to do a little "high five for Friday" cause I'm ready for this week to be over!
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