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I can't believe that it's already September... it's crazy, and it really seems like this year is flying by. But on a good note, so many good things are in store for this month... an anniversary, a birthday, a first field trip... and more. 

Since it's a holiday weekend, instead of doing anything that requires work like a monthly recap or talking about my September goals (there is alot of them!), I am going to do a little "high five for Friday" cause I'm ready for this week to be over!

1. I participated in the #FallForSYBL blogger swap a few weeks ago, and really liked what I got. 

For the swap, I was partnered with Sami from Be Mindful, You're Creative and I really liked what I got. Sami sent me a card that had a gift card in it, and I wasn't sure what to think. So I emailed her. She told me that the real suprise was coming. A few minutes later, an email showed up in my inbox. Sami had gifted me a box of wine from Club W. I was instantly amazed, because I am a huge wine lover! 

For those of you who don't know, Club W is a subscription box in which you get 3 bottles of wine every month. You have the option to get red, white, or a combo of both, and if you are looking to skip a month, you have unlimited skips. The cool factor: you get wine delivered to your door like the rich and famous people. Yeah, like I said, pretty awesome!

2. I went to a hematologist on Tuesday, and still don't have any answers. 
I don't really talk about medical things on here (besides the whole pain management thing), because most of them are up in the air. But basically, a few weeks ago, I had an mri done on my neck due to some pain I was having, and the results came back abnormal. Something about slowed signals and red marrow conversion... I don't know. My pain management doc sent me for blood tests at the request of the doctor who read the mri. 

When the blood tests came back, my white blood cells were high and he freaked out for some reason. He refused to give me any more pain shots, and sent me to my primary care physician (PCP). At my PCP's office, she ran all my blood work again. My white blood cells were normal, but on the higher side of normal, and she suggested I go see a hematologist. So I saw the hematologist on Tuesday. He decided to take more blood, and told me that their blood tests and lab was more efficient and in dept than my PCP's tests. I said ok.... Yeah... I go back in two weeks to find out if anything is actually wrong. 

3. I starting to develop a plan to be less stressed in the mornings. 
Lately, I have been so stressed with getting Lil Man up, fed, medicated, and out the door in the mornings and it's starting to take a toll. Sure, he loves to go to school, but I really doubt that he wants a mom that is looking like Medusa yelling at him all morning. I swear... that child doesn't listen... anyways, my plan will be on the blog next week. 

Do you have any advice on how to stay sane in the mornings before school?

4. I know it's a little TMI, but my dog is literally bleeding every where!
Before you yell at me for not getting her fixed, hear me out... she has an inverted vulva, meaning that her "thing" is an innie instead of an outie. I have done a lot of research (please never look up inverted vulva- you feel like a perv), and the solution is to let nature take care of itself. People recommend to let the dog go through up to two heat cycles, so it may "pop" out, otherwise there could be reoccurring UTIs and possibly surgery in the future to take care of it. They also recommend not breeding her- which I wasn't going to do anyways. I love puppies and all, but I have a problem with breeding dogs when there are dogs and puppies sitting in shelters right now. Yeah... can't wait for this to be over. 

Have you ever had a dog in heat? How did you deal with the mess/clean up?

5. I got these booties last month and I can't wait to style them! 

I mean... how cute are they?
They are the Brava booties from Jambu Footwear's new Fall collection. With features like a memory foam foot bed and velcro closures (yes, velcro), these are the best fitting booties I have ever had! I will be doing a full review with PICTURES to show how I style them, later this month :) 

Well, that was my week. How was your's?

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