September Goals

I believe that goals are a great tool in measuring my progress through the month. They allow me to see what I've done as well as gives me something to aim at. Writing down my goals also helps me not get too overwhelmed because let's face it- life can be just a little too demanding.

August Goals Recap

Personal Goals
  • Buy Lil Man a Tablet FAIL This one is still in the works, and will probably be accomplished by his birthday at the end of the month.
  • Have one date night or date day with hubby SUCCESS Since Lil Man started school in August, the hubby and I have been able to spend some much needed time together during the day. 
  • Take Ellie for her rabies shot (I know I sound like a bad pet owner on this one, but she's an inside dog, and I have been putting it off) FAIL This is in part to teh fact that I worked alot of Saturdays in August and it was nearly impossible to make it to TSC (where they do the shots) in time. 

Goals Accomplished: 1 out of 3

Blog Goals
  • Hit 100 likes on a photo on Instagram SUCCESS On FIVE!! This one, this one, this onethis one, and this one.
  • Obtain 3 new email subscribers FAIL I gained one
  • Grow: Twitter 1100; Instagram 1030; Bloglovin 910; Pinterest 855; Facebook 630 Half & Half Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook were successful, but Bloglovin was not. I actually lost one on Bloglovin. 
  • Research, buy, & install a new blog design SUCCESS How does it look?
  • Write my first income report FAIL It's in the works
  • Develop a media kit SUCCESS 
  • Research SEO SUCCESS I have a better understanding now

Goals accomplished: 5 out of 7

Social Media Stats
as of May 2016 June 2016 July 2016 August 2016

Average posts per week: 2-4

Twitter: 893 896 1089 1216
Instagram: 735 952 1016 1092
Bloglovin': 697 889 901 900
Pinterest: 654 833 845 873
Facebook: 575 588 625 665


What I learned in August

My social media stats grew so much thanks in part to my Facebook blogging groups, and I am so grateful! I have started researching new ideas for posts, and I am excited for Fall to be here. According to Google analytics, my stats have been steadily increasing over the last few months, and my ultimate goal is to reach a golden number (sorry to be vague).

The nice thing is that with Lil Man in school now, I have more time for blogging. For scheduling posts and for breaking into the world of freelancing (which hasn't been going that well yet).


September Goals

Personal Goals

  • Buy Lil Man a Tablet (yes again)
  • Take Ellie for her rabies shot (I know I sound like a bad pet owner on this one, but she's an inside dog, and I have been putting it off) 
  • Go through clothes, and either sell or donate what I don't wear
  • Get my hair cut
  • Family Photo shoot

Blog Goals

  • Hit 200 likes on a photo on Instagram (I am so close with this one)

  • Obtain 2 new email subscribers
  • Grow: Twitter 1300; Instagram 1200; Bloglovin 910; Pinterest 900; Facebook 700
  • Develop a new Pinterest group board
  • Start a series highlighting "Companies that give back"
  • Two photo shoots

September is going to be about growing the blog again, but is also going to be about me. Throughout July and August, my social media stats jumped, and that was awesome, but now I am wanting to focus on views again. I finally have that aesthetically pleasing area, and thinking about what I can do to bring the people. I also another freebie Friday in the works!

Do you have any goals for September? What are they?

*Photo Credit: Ashley Ella Design
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