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Since it's a great place to connect, there is no doubt that people spend way too much time on Facebook. You can sell gently used items, read company reviews, connect with old friends, and more. But Facebook is also essential to bloggers and online entrepreneurs for one main reason. 

In the past few months, Facebook has made it harder for fan page growth, but they have also made it easier for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to connect with other like minded people, get help with questions, learn about Pinterest group boards, promote posts/content, get inspired, and more via the emergence of blogging groups. Personally, I belong to a lot of different blogging groups, and today I am going to share seven of the ones that have benefited me the most and that I have had the most growth because of. 

Creative Superheros
From the mind behind Wonderlass- Allison Marshall, Creative Superheros is a great group to bounce ideas off of. Unfortunately, you can't doing any blog/social media promos, but if you have a question about something, you can be assured that it will get answered. Currently, Allison is sharing her tips to becoming a full-time blogger via live videos, and let me tell ya, she is brilliant and funny.

Bloggers2Brands is basically a social media connecting group. I have gained alot of followers on my social media outlets from this group via the promo threads, and it's pretty nice finding other bloggers just like me.

Blog + Biz BFFs
With over 17k members, Blog + Biz BFFs is a powerhouse created by The Nectar Creative's Melyssa Griffin. In this group you will be able to connect, give feedback, and ask for advice. It's a great group for asking the burning questions that you have, and you will get answers.

Show Your Blog Love
As rather small group, Show Your Blog Love is great for finding and growing your tribe. The group features daily comment threads for social media, blog comments, and more. It's one of those nice & cozy groups. And the nice thing: if you comment on a thread, you must follow everyone in the thread, and the threads are monitored by the admins to prevent the whole "drop your link & peace out".

Instagram Posse
The Instagram Posse is about growing your Instagram, hence the name. Built by Liz Dean and Teri Didjurgis, who developed the e-course, Instagram Decoded, which is available on, Instagram Posse is about connecting with other blog & business owners who want to excel on Instagram.

The Freelance to Freedom Project
If you are looking for somewhere to connect with bloggers and even freelancers, then the Freelance to Freedom Project is the place for you. They only allow self promos on Thursday & Friday, so the rest of the week you can connect, or ask questions about anything related to blogging or freelancing, or look for work (there are always inquires for copywriters, VA's, etc) or get solid, right to the point advice. 

The Blog Loft
The Blog Loft is where I find alot of the posts that I share on Twitter & Pinterest. With just over 5k members, the group features daily post threads and a place to collaborate.

Each group has its own set of rules, and when you join- you need to review them (because if you make a mistake and violate the rules, you could be evicted from the group). Blog Me Lovely has a great post on this subject-  10 blogging group mistakes to avoid

Are you a member of any blogger/online entrepreneur based Facebook groups? What do you like most about them?

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