high five for friday

hi friends!

this week has definitely been awesome! other than my gallbladder pain steadily getting worse (june 9th can't come soon enough), the weather has been beautiful and i completed another task on my thirty by thirty list!!

so let's recap!

one | while i was childless and off on saturday (you saw what i did on wednesday), lil man was about an hour south with my parents. while i was "shopping", i was sent this picture... 

my parents said that lil man had a great time, and he loved riding the horse bareback (which is something that i've never done). 

two | memorial day i was off, so i talked the hubby into going to the zoo. where we live, we have three zoos within an hour and a half drive- a smaller one that is 45 minutes, and two in chicago that are an hour and a half away... we went to the closer one :) 

lil man loved seeing the animals, and even asked if he could take the bear home. yeah... 

three | after the zoo, we stopped by the wonder world of wal-mart to get some burger stuff, and then went home to cook. while the hubby was cooking the food, me and lil man decided to have a squirt gun fight! yes, that may have been the highlight of my week :)

four | thursday, the circus came to town. no, not the big one, but a small one that fit at the grandstand of the county fair. me, my parents, and my brother decided to take lil man, because i thought it may be fun. basically he loved it. we rode an elephant together (#25 on my thirty by thirty list) and ate a funnel cake. mmmm.

five | ok, this may sound weird, but i have a habit of watching music videos on youtube, and on saturday i came across iggy azalea's fancy. well, i've been lovin the song everytime it comes on the radio, so i decided to watch the video, and share it with you guys today. enjoy! (yes, i know it seems like a rip off of clueless)

did you guys see the new blog design? what cha think?
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may favorites

another month has come and gone, so it's time for another monthly favorites round up. 

yeah, i seriously love this stuff. it de-puffs and makes my under eye circles look so much better when i wake up.

i received this in a travel pack from sephora, and couldn't be happier with it. it gives me a nice summer glow.

three | pixi h2o skintint in nude
when it's hot, i am not a fan of foundation, or even my coveted bb cream, so this is slowly becoming a staple in my daily routine. it feels cool on my face, and acts like a bb cream. definitely worth the money.

four | e.l.f. mineral infused face primer in tone adjusting green
i talked about the regular one last month, so this month i bought the tone adjusting one. and yes, it works! it disguises my redness in the blink of an eye, and is only $6. i swear, elf definitely makes the best primers out there.

five | pixi shea butter lip balm in comfort clear
oh man, this stuff is amazing! i received a nice pink one in my may birchbox, so i went out and bought the clear one. sometimes, i just don't want color on my lips. i love the moisture that it gives my lips.

you can check out my other favorites here and you can keep up with my beauty favorites on my pinterest board
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wednesday confessional

happy humpday friends! since it's wednesday, you know that i'm confessin!

i confess....

... i may have style, but i am not a trendy person. oops. 

maybe i should explain.... 

i was off and childless on saturday, so i decided to do some shopping and of course, fate landed me at maurices. they were having a buy one, get one 50% off on their shorts and capris, so i decided that maybe it was time to grab some. and try out the awesome trendy jogger pants that everyone is wearing. 

i am going to apologize in advance for the cell phone photos... but as you guys know, i am not a fashion blogger

the outfit i walked in in
shirt // target | capris // seven jeans (old) | flip flops // target (2.50 a pair!!!) | scarf // walmart | bracelet // claires
maurices has a habit of posting employee outfits on their facebook page, and it's great style inspiration. the employees can only dress in the season's trendiest styles, so they are like walking billboards. the one thing that i have been seeing alot of lately are the "super amazing" jogger pants. if you don't know what they are, you are not alone. basically they are modeled after jogging pants, but are made out of a silkier material and come in solids and prints. basically they are one the season's trendiest pieces.

i decided to try a printed pair on. unfortunately, they only go up to size xl, and that's the equivalent to a size 14/16. sure it may be tmi, but i am a size 18. 

i wasn't going to include this one, but i felt the need to show you that i am just like every woman... i have large thighs, and sometimes i put on a pair of pants that make my things and legs resemble stuffed sausages.

at first, i kinda liked the pants, but then i thought about the summer heat... and the fact that i looked like i was wearing pajamas. and that the pants were too tight. 

yeah, basically i decided that jogger pants are not for me. 

... i saw a girl who looked to be about 10, wearing a crop top in maurices the same day. my first impression was "does your mama know what your wearing?" wow... 

... we all know that summer is definitely on it's way, but i am so tired of seeing ass cheeks poking out under shorts. i mean, damn girl, buy your size or stop shopping at hollister! 

... i really hate the whole applying for a job and waiting for a call process. but even though i hate it, it scares the shit out of me (the changing jobs thing). 

... i heard the duggars are wanting to have a 20th child... they got the news that it ain't gonna happen and were upset about it. dude give it up! you're almost 50 and kinda need to concentrate on the 18 that you still have living at home.

... my gallbladder pain has been steadily getting worse and it's rather annoying. i am so tired of the pain, and just want to have someone cut the damn thing out.

... i am thinking about getting another tattoo, but i'm not sure of what. i do know where i want it though... my left wrist. anyone have any wrist tats? did they hurt?

... i am still offering 25% off of your order in my etsy shop. just use code MAY25.

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anything on your chest that you want to confess?

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five favorite summer hairstyles

summer is supposed to be about having fun and feeling carefree. 

so that means you don't want to be spending a good chunk of your day in the bathroom, doing your hair, right? to alleviate this problem, today i am going to share five summer hairstyles that are super quick and easy. 

the braided pony is one of the nicest summer hairstyles, in my opinion. why? because a pony can be dressed up or down, and the braid can make it look fancy schamancy. you can find a tutorial for this here

messy buns are an essential no matter what the season. they are rather easy to create and doesn't take a lot of time. basically all you do is grab your hair in a ball, wrap a clear rubber band around it, and bobby pin. but, if you really want a tutorial, you can go here or here

kate at the small things blog is simply amazing... she is a retired hairstylist and her blog features so many hair tutorials that it's not even funny. this is one of her's (if you can't tell) and i have worn this hairstyle many of times, (it may actually be my ultimate favorite casual summer style) because it's so simple to recreate. you can find the tutorial here. 

the elevated pony is a great simple hairstyle. basically all you have to do is tease your hair, put it in a pony, and add a headband. it's simple, classy, and you can find a great tutorial here

the french braid is a beautiful hairstyle, with a bad rap. granted it can make you look like a sister wife, but it's one of those universal hairstyles; you can dress it up or down, and you can even braid wet hair at night to produce wavy hair in the morning. it's great for summer, because it keeps the hair off your neck, which in turn will keep you cool. don't know how to braid? don't worry, you can find the tutorial here.

want more hairstyles? you can find a bunch on my pinterest board

do you have a favorite summer hairstyle? tell me about it!

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diy | painted bowls & glitter taped vase

happy saturday friends. i love a fun and easy diy, and today i am bringing you: 

when i saw these cute little bowls that lauren and kate had done, i knew i had to try. i love painting. i mean, i love painting so much, that i own a little etsy shop in which i paint wine glasses.

so i set out to the most wonderful place on earth for some porcelain bowls. in case you don't know where i'm going with this... i went to target and found these bowls for $1.99 each. I grabbed a square one and a round one.

once i got home, i decided to look up the directions (kate refers you to the lovely drawer for the full tutorial), and then grabbed some paint and supplies. i have been uber obsessed with the color mint lately, so of course, one of the paint colors were going to be mint.

my supplies: paint, silver sharpie, q-tips, paint brush, sponge painters, and a round sponge painter. 

the directions were fairly easy.

1. wash and dry bowls.

2. paint the inside, or drawn a design. let dry.

3. paint the outside. let dry.
this is where the round sponge painter comes in. all you do is dab it in the paint, and then go to town. i found that it covers nicely, and you don't run the risk of taking off the drying paint. you will need two coats. and yes, i even painted the bottom.

4. once everything is dry, go around the edges with a sharpie, to make them look neater.

5. bake in oven.
when it came to this step, i was super confused. the original directions refer to a temperature in celsius, but since i'm no math genius, i decided to go to the holy grail of diy: pinterest. i found a tutorial on sharpie colored coffee mugs, and used that temp >> 350 F for 30 minutes.

after finishing the bowls, i had no idea of where to put them. and then it dawned on me... i could put them on my dresser. you see, i live in a one-bedroom apt with my hubby and my son, and well, i really don't have a place for my jewelry. so at the end of my hall, sits a dresser (with my son's clothing), and my jewelry on push pins. 

i decided that it would be a perfect place, because i am starting hate clutter and to like simple things and arrangements. but as i was clearing off the dresser, i decided that just the two bowls on it, made it look too bare. 

so i decided to grab a mason jar, fill it with white rocks, and put a bouquet of flowers in it. 

unfortunately, it looked too bare for my taste. 

then i remembered that i had some glitter tape in my craft supplies that i had bought from target a couple weeks earlier, and decided glitter is just what it needed.

i wrapped three pieces around the jar, to give it some pizzazz. 

i really liked the "after" of my fun little diy project, and think that my dresser looks a hell of a lot better. 
what do you guys think?

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six happy thoughts

today's post is going to be a quick one... probably. i have cpr training in a little bit, and instead of writing this last night, i was working on my diy post for tomorrow. yeah, i know. 

this week has not been one for the record books. i mean, if there was a word to sum it up, i would say that it had been extremely disappointing. allow me to explain, and then we will get to the good stuff. 

i went into the week with two major appointments scheduled. appointments that were both necessary and possibly life changing. 

the first one was an interview at a big girl job. if you have been here for awhile, you would know that i graduated with my master's degree at the beginning of the month. to save you the long ass story (i'm planning a blog post about it soon): i applied, felt 99.5% sure that i was going to get it, and then got a letter the next day that they didn't want me. it stung like a million bees. and it hurt. bad. 

the second appointment was a scan for my gallbladder. i had been having pains in my upper right side for the better part of 2014, and well, i finally went to the doctor. she sent me for an ultrasound, and since it had been clear, she sent me for a $4000 test called a Hida/Cida scan; which was the appointment. i received an email from her later that night telling me that my gallbladder was poorly functioning, and she was referring me out to a surgeon. shit. 


so let's talk about the good stuff now, shall we?

my five six favorite things of the week

one | the piece of paper that says i'm educated finally came in! oh, and besides a masters of science in criminal justice, i also have a certificate in law. hells yeah! 

two | i decided to throw some money into sponsoring a couple of blogs this month. be prepared, cause you will see a variety of either mine or the shop's buttons on the grits blog, halfway to fearless, casey leigh, you're in brookelynn, denim & daydreams, and don't quote the raven

three | the weather was actually quite nice this week, and well, lil man's face says it all :) 

four | since the weather was so nice, i decided to buy lil man a pair of flip flops. let's just say that he never takes them off, because he wants to be like mommy. 

five | like i said in the beginning, i was working on my diy project for tomorrow. if you follow me on instagram, hint hint, then you would already know one part of it. this is a sneak peek. (no, it's not the dusty fake flowers... look lower). 

six | for some reason, i am inlove with the song. have you heard it, what do you think?

how was your week? write about it, pick some favorites, or just add a song, and link up with one of the cool people, like me :)

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may birchbox review

my may birchbox arrived, and i was thrilled to see that i received the pixi shea butter lip balm. birchbox has a habit of releasing sneak peak videos before the monthly boxes are even sent, and well, this is the first time that i have received any of the items featured. plus, i had been ho-humming around the idea of actually buying the lip balm at target the past week before. 

in my may box, i received: marcelle bb cream golden glow, pixi shea butter lip balm, nexxus color assure pre-wash primer, nexxus color assure vibrancy retention shampoo, nexxus color assure vibrancy retention conditioner, supergoop! everyday spf 30 with cellular response technology and smartypants all-in-one adult complete vitamins and fiber.  

i actually fell in love with the marcelle bb cream at first blend. it gives a rather nice summer glow color, and of course, i'm a sucker for bb creams. unfortunately, i would not actually buy a full-size tube, because i have an overstock of bb creams currently. 

the pixi lip balm is in 'pixi pink' and it sure is pink. it is also super hydrating, and the color stays for a very long time. i received a full size.

the nexxus color assure set came in a cute little package. even thought i don't currently have colored hair, i still used and actually liked it. the pre-wash primer wasn't greasy, and made my hair feel very soft. after using the whole set, my hair felt light, airy, and like i had nothing in it. if i was coloring my hair on the regular, i would possibly buy the full-size bottles. 

having light skin, sunscreen is sorta my bestie. basically, i have use quite a few, and after using the supergoop, it is definitely in my top five.  it wasn't oily, didn't have a bad smell, and protected extremely well. would i buy a full size? um, no. not at $19 for 2.4 oz. there are store brands that are cheaper and work better. but supergoop does make a cc cream, and i would love to try it. 

the smartypants all-in-one adult complete vitamins and fiber were pretty nice. they tasted like fruit snacks and were healthy :) although they tasted good, i wouldn't buy a full size. i like the store brand vitamins, and in pill form.  

it seems as if my boxes are getting better and i am super happy about it! oh, since this month's box theme was "free wheelin" birchbox decided to partner with kate spade Saturday to give subscribers a $25 off of $75 purchase at the store. yep, i was psyched. i want this, this, and this

so if you want to sign up for birchbox, you can do it here.

I personally think that you should try it. I mean it's only ten bucks. What else could you be spending ten bucks on?
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I guess I should tell you that I earn points if you sign up through my referral link, and those points eventually lead to "free" products, but I swear to you that this is not  a sponsored post, as Birchbox has no idea who I am... (but they do have my credit card info). And if you sign up, and then review the products that you receive in your box... YOU also receive points, which lead to free products. So, it's a win/win!  

creature of habit

i am a creature of habit when it comes to clothing. 

i like easy outfits. i love my jeans and t-shirts and cardigans. why? because everything goes with jeans, and cardigans can pull an outfit together (imo). oh, and grey is a wardrobe staple: it's not too dark or too light; and goes with everything.

so when i found this grey shirt at target, i knew i had to buy it. i really like loose fitting and versatile pieces, and this shirt hit in all the right places. 

i decided to pair it with my skinnies and flats (which have slowly become a staple in themselves over the past year), and then accessorized. 

shirt: target // jeans: maurices similar  // tank top: target // shoes: payless similar // 
scarf: wal-mart // bracelets: claire's & maurices

are you a creature of habit when it comes to clothing?
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from cray cray to presentable | a how to

the other day me and lil man woke up from a nap hungry... and well, i looked like hell. i didn't want to go anywhere, because of that fact, but i knew we didn't have any food in the fridge (i hadn't gone shopping), so it was decide that we would run to get some pizza.

looking in the mirror, i thought to myself, now would be a great time to photograph a nice little tutorial about easy makeup and hair. so i give you...

so you have woken up and look a little cray cray. the first thing that you want to do is crawl back under the covers, but you can't. what do you do?

step one | wash your face and apply some lotion. this will make you feel so much better.

step two | spray some dry shampoo in your hair to absorb excess oil. rub in and brush out. 

step three | twist your bangs back on the side, and pin. then gather your hair into a low side pony going to the same side as the twist. add a clear elastic. 

step four | brush your teeth and then it's time for some makeup. brush on a little powder foundation for color, mascara to define your eyes, and lip balm to hydrate your dry lips.

pixi shea butter lip balm // pixi large lash mascara // bare minerals powder foundation

step five | put on deodorant and clothes. then spray with body spray and you're ready to go :) 

your welcome.
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recapping under the influence of an allergy attack

well it's friday, so i guess that means i'm doing another weekly recap... surprise surprise. 

okay, that was not meant the way it sounds... i love doing my weekly recaps. 

i am currently suffering from a hell of an allergy attack (possible sinus infection) for who knows why. to illustrate: the gremlins in the back of my throat keep poking my soft flesh with their pitchforks, my eyes are watering, and my my nose is either an overstuffed build a bear or leaky faucet. tmi? yeah, i know, i'm sorry. i'm not thinking straight, possibly due to the fact that i'm also on the verge of a migraine. 

oh, did i mention that my lil man has been having the same symptoms, plus sneezing for like 2 days? yeah... anyways, let's get to it.

my favorite moments of the week

one | sunday was mother's day, and of course i had to work a ten hour shift. all was not lost thought... my hubby surprised me with a bouquet of flowers, a card, and an iced coffee before i left for work. of course, they had to sit in water until i came home, because i have this thing about arranging my own flowers. but i think once i finally arranged them, they turned out simply beautiful. 

two | since i had to work the ten hour shift sunday, my mom and hubby split the time of watching lil man (the hubby works midnight's, so he needed some sleep). while i was working, my mom took lil man to the park where me and the hubby got married, and took some mother's day pictures of him. and then sent them to me at work. definitely brightened my day. 

three | my mom also decided to hit up some garage sales on sunday, and lil man finally go his first big boy bike. needless to say, he was super excited! and mommy probably lost five pounds helping him ride around the yard with no training wheels. 

four | my birchbox came in this week. i was super excited to see that i received the pixi shea lippy in pixi pink. i had been wanting to get one, but wasn't wanting to spend eight bucks on a pink lippy, when i already had like three in my cabinet. i am in love with the color and the moisture that it gives my lips. full may birchbox review coming next week. 

five | i have been having some personal issues this week, and while in the car, instead of changing of the station, i finally listened to this song. it really hit home.

i think i'm gonna go lay on the couch now. how was your week? 
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