wednesday confessional

happy humpday friends! since it's wednesday, you know that i'm confessin!

i confess....

... i may have style, but i am not a trendy person. oops. 

maybe i should explain.... 

i was off and childless on saturday, so i decided to do some shopping and of course, fate landed me at maurices. they were having a buy one, get one 50% off on their shorts and capris, so i decided that maybe it was time to grab some. and try out the awesome trendy jogger pants that everyone is wearing. 

i am going to apologize in advance for the cell phone photos... but as you guys know, i am not a fashion blogger

the outfit i walked in in
shirt // target | capris // seven jeans (old) | flip flops // target (2.50 a pair!!!) | scarf // walmart | bracelet // claires
maurices has a habit of posting employee outfits on their facebook page, and it's great style inspiration. the employees can only dress in the season's trendiest styles, so they are like walking billboards. the one thing that i have been seeing alot of lately are the "super amazing" jogger pants. if you don't know what they are, you are not alone. basically they are modeled after jogging pants, but are made out of a silkier material and come in solids and prints. basically they are one the season's trendiest pieces.

i decided to try a printed pair on. unfortunately, they only go up to size xl, and that's the equivalent to a size 14/16. sure it may be tmi, but i am a size 18. 

i wasn't going to include this one, but i felt the need to show you that i am just like every woman... i have large thighs, and sometimes i put on a pair of pants that make my things and legs resemble stuffed sausages.

at first, i kinda liked the pants, but then i thought about the summer heat... and the fact that i looked like i was wearing pajamas. and that the pants were too tight. 

yeah, basically i decided that jogger pants are not for me. 

... i saw a girl who looked to be about 10, wearing a crop top in maurices the same day. my first impression was "does your mama know what your wearing?" wow... 

... we all know that summer is definitely on it's way, but i am so tired of seeing ass cheeks poking out under shorts. i mean, damn girl, buy your size or stop shopping at hollister! 

... i really hate the whole applying for a job and waiting for a call process. but even though i hate it, it scares the shit out of me (the changing jobs thing). 

... i heard the duggars are wanting to have a 20th child... they got the news that it ain't gonna happen and were upset about it. dude give it up! you're almost 50 and kinda need to concentrate on the 18 that you still have living at home.

... my gallbladder pain has been steadily getting worse and it's rather annoying. i am so tired of the pain, and just want to have someone cut the damn thing out.

... i am thinking about getting another tattoo, but i'm not sure of what. i do know where i want it though... my left wrist. anyone have any wrist tats? did they hurt?

... i am still offering 25% off of your order in my etsy shop. just use code MAY25.

... i'm  linking up with kathyliz, shanna, & lindsey

anything on your chest that you want to confess?

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  1. I confess that I have stayed up way too late and I'm going to feel like shizzz tomorrow at work. The quiet time may be worth it though.

  2. Loved the pics, you look great! Good luck with the changing jobs thing :)

  3. jogger pants? wtf? haha. they look cute, but they would look horrid on me.
    i am so sick of seeing people barely dressed at places like the mall or a restaurant. take your ass cheeks to the pool, or go home.
    i have a wrist tattoo! i have one on my neck as well, and i always say that the wrist only 'hurt more' because i could see it, and i could see blood so i was freaking out (i didnt even know the other one bled because i never saw it). but if you already have a tattoo, you'll be fine. same pain.
    boo to gallbladder pain :( and duggars, seriously?!

  4. Those pants are cute but I feel like im too short for stuff with patterns... yeah Im weird.

  5. while i love trendy things like bright colored pants or printed leggings, i just can't bring myself to wear them because i'm 38 LOL.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. Hey Tabitha!! Aw , I hate when I love something but it only comes in certain sizes, or only up to Large like VS Booo!! Its like sorry hunny but these thighs aint fittin into no F21 anymore.. lol! Even theyre XL are like Mediums.. anyywayy, lol I consider myself the same - I have style but try not to be too trendy! Great post Tabitha!! ;) xo

    P.S. Those Dougars are insane. Haha!


  7. I don't think we have a Maurice's where we are. I am more tempted to wear those trendy pants as pajamas, cause they are cuter than my normal pajamas.

  8. Hmm yes, I have a problem with today's "trends" Since when did not wearing clothes become fashionable? No thank you :( If it makes you feel better, those pants don't look good on most women lol

  9. Haha I have never been a fan of how jogger pants look on me! I hate shorts where butt cheeks hang out.. not cute at all!

  10. I didn't realise they were called jogger pants but I bought a pair and I love them but can I just say I absolutely LOVE that you were so honest and shared picture, at least I'm not alone!


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