Goodbye to July (& freebie Friday)

I can't believe that it's almost August! It seems like it was yesterday that I was contemplating leaving the security of my job to be a stay at home mom & blogger. And now my little boy, my little eight pound eight ounce little baby, is going to be starting Kindergarten in less than three weeks! Ugh! Ok... let's get ourselves together here!

Today I am going to give you a run down of July, and as a thank you for reading- there's going to be a surprise at the end :)

Confession: I'm breaking up with my subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are everywhere nowadays. They come in a range of prices, some are monthly and some are quarterly, and most importantly, they focus on a wide array of individuals- men, women, children, pets, etc. I love the whole idea behind subscription boxes, and I too, became infatuated a few years ago when I subscribed to my first box- Birchbox. The idea that each month, a surprise of 5-6 samples of high end beauty products that could be tailored to me, enthralled me. I looked forward to each month's box! About a year later, I subscribed to another box, and again got excited. Sure, I was nowhere near the amount that people usually get, but I was content and I knew that I could share the products with my blog readers. Plus it was like getting a birthday gift every month, except I was actually paying for it. 

Unfortunately all that got old real quick. As a result, today I am sharing which boxes that I subscribed to, and why I am breaking up with them.

five places to buy clothes when you're on a budget

I tend to go shopping alot for clothes. And honestly, I am have way too many. But even thought I have so many clothes, I must admit that they are rather nice ones AND I didn't spend alot of money. Today, I am going to share five places that I love to shop for my clothes, and bonus- they are all wallet friendly.

five lies I was told when I was pregnant

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FreeToBe #CollectiveBias

lies i was told when i was pregnant

When I became pregnant so many years ago, before Pinterest was even a thing, I read a lot of books and articles about babies. I was a new mom, so I of course, I had to do my research. Through that research, I found out a lot about babies- they cry a lot, they need to be fed all the time, they usually sleep during the first few weeks, etc, and the one thing that I kept coming across was the lists that told me what I just had to have to make life easier with my bundle of joy. In my first few months of being a mom, I found out that most of that stuff was wrong, and I felt lied to. Today I am going to share with you five things that you are told that you just have to do/buy for a new baby, but you really don't have to.

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Do you know how cool Amazon is? If you haven't been introduced to the wonderful site yet, let me tell you- it's pretty awesome! You can literally find so much stuff- from clothes,to jewelry, to baby items, to tools, to movies, to beauty products, to electronics... Amazon has a wide variety of things. And if you sign up with Amazon Prime- you get FREE two day shipping (it's a yearly cost- or you can break it down monthly). It's a win win situation! Since I love Amazon so much, today I have partnered with some ladies to give you a chance to win a $300 gift card!

design (10).png

fifteen tips for growing Instagram

Social media is essential to build an online presence; and as bloggers, we rely heavily on a large online presence for post promotion, interaction, and to show that we are real people, not robots. In addition, by spending time on social media, we are able to create & maintain relationships, keep up with new things in the industry, and of course, find inspiration for new posts. 

One of my favorite social media platforms is Instagram. I love how it gives people the chance to see me through one picture; they are able to see what I like, what I think looks pretty, and how I spend my day. I love putting a funny caption to my pictures, and being able to post a sneak peek of what I'm doing, and then I can integrate whatever into the blog. I could go on and on about the benefits of Instagram, and the fact that I stopped using the filters, but I won't. Today, I am here to celebrate. 

When I laid out my monthly goals for July, I talked about building up my social media stats. I want to go places with this blog, and honestly, social media growth is a really large part of that. Due to a giveaway, an Instagram comment pod, and hashtagging, I am happy to announce that last week I hit a HUGE milestone in my Instagram presence. 

10+ more places for free stock photos

Awhile back I talked about my need for clean, crisp pictures because they are the foundation of every blog post. I also said that it's inadvisable to Google images and post them on your blog, because you can get into some major trouble. So the only thing left to do is either take your own pictures, or get some stock photos. My choice is, and will always be, to grab some stock photos. The nice thing about that is that I still have yet to pay for any of my stock photography, and that has gotten me by, so today I am sharing thirteen more places that I have been loving lately.

10 places for free stock photos

On referring to my dog as my child

A few weeks ago, (like last year) Tay addressed a valid issue. The fact that some people refer to their dogs as their kids and the fact that some people just don't like it. Her post really got me thinking about the whole debacle. 

I wonder why people only referred to dogs as kids. I mean, of course, people never refer to their cats as their kids, because well, cats are practically self-sufficient. Basically all you need to give them is an automatic waterer and feeder, a litter box, and love when they want it. They really don't take as much work as dogs. Dogs take training- both potty and obedience, they require socialization (alot of it), they need love, they need baths and nail trimmings, and sometimes brushing.

links & loves

Sundays have always been a rather slow and relaxing family day for me. Usually it's the only day that I can spend totally with the fam, because the hubby is off and Monday, I will be going back to work. Today is actually the first Sunday in awhile that I won't have to work the next day, and not because it's a holiday. It's because I chose to stay home with my son, and actually it's kinda working out right now. Anyways, I've been loving some things lately, and wanted to tell you about them.

ten things to do with kids this summer

Summer is the time to relax and have fun, but it's also the time when the kids are home all day from school and mommy and daddy are usually on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Kids generally have so much energy and instead of being stuck inside all day, they need to get moving. Sometimes you can't just send them outside to occupy themselves, so today I am sharing ten outside activities perfect for kids of any age.

Allow me to re-introduce myself

Due to the title, I honestly thought about just posting the lyrics to the Jay-Z song, Public Service Announcement, and then, I thought about the title "Allow me to introduce myself" since I have so many new followers, but then the song Humpty Dance popped into my head, and I knew I needed to quit thinking about titles. 

Undiagnosed ADD, Tell ya. 

Anyways, I have been wanting to do a re-introduction of sorts, since I have so many new followers, but I didn't want to do the whole " My name is Tabitha & I like long walks on the beach, feminine things, puppies, mascara, and going mudding on a 4-wheeler." Sure, that is a short description of me, but it's not what is interesting. Back in May, Emelia posted a cute little re-introduction post and then at the beginning of June, Nikki's borrowed the idea. I loved the idea of the post, so today, I am borrowing the idea, changing up some questions, and re-introducing the voice behind a hundred tiny wishes

July Goals

Spoiler alert: it's July, and it's time for some monthly goals. June was a pretty big month on my end- I quit my Monday-Friday job to teach my son all the things that he needs to know for kindergarten and to pursue blogging. I will still be working part-time for a different company (on different days), but my focus is on my son. I hope to do so many things in July, but before we get into all of that, let's recap my June goals and which ones were accomplished.

Saying goodbye to June

I had this whole post laid out perfectly in my head- I was going to talk about Chelsea Handler coming out about Abortion in her Playboy article, and the fact that every single person is out there judging her for what she did like 20 years ago, but after I thought about it, I knew it wasn't something that I actually wanted to talk about. Sure it's a hot button issue & is trending, but abortion is on my no-no talk list. Instead, I decided to give you a nice little run down of the month. 

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