Confession: I'm breaking up with my subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are everywhere nowadays. They come in a range of prices, some are monthly and some are quarterly, and most importantly, they focus on a wide array of individuals- men, women, children, pets, etc. I love the whole idea behind subscription boxes, and I too, became infatuated a few years ago when I subscribed to my first box- Birchbox. The idea that each month, a surprise of 5-6 samples of high end beauty products that could be tailored to me, enthralled me. I looked forward to each month's box! About a year later, I subscribed to another box, and again got excited. Sure, I was nowhere near the amount that people usually get, but I was content and I knew that I could share the products with my blog readers. Plus it was like getting a birthday gift every month, except I was actually paying for it. 

Unfortunately all that got old real quick. As a result, today I am sharing which boxes that I subscribed to, and why I am breaking up with them.

Before they added the mini box to the line up, I was a subscriber with Popsugar for about eight (July '15- Feb '16) months. For the most part, I was satisfied with the value of the items that I was receiving, but at times I didn't see that the products really fit with me, as everyone was receiving the same box. I mean I got a crystal headband, and wore it for my birthday, but I also got a candle that I have yet to use... It almost seemed like I was gifting or trading more of the products than actually using them for myself, but I still hung on for that awesome box that everyone wanted. BUT it never came. After realizing that I was collecting too many things, and giving away over 60% of my boxes, I decided to say good bye and never looked back.

Sephora Play
With its array of high end beauty products, the Play Box from Sephora is the most coveted subscription box throughout Facebook groups, and the wait list is a mile long. I was on the wait list for about a year, before I received an email stating that I was able to sign up in April '16. I was ecstatic! I was excited to learn about the new beauty products, but I was soon disappointed. I am an avid shopper at Sephora: I am currently at VIB, and I buy a lot of their travel size sets from my Sephora inside JCP. When I received my first box in May, I only used 2 of the 6 products, and in June, I only used 1 product. Why? Because all of the other products I had either already tried, they were part of my beauty routine, or I had zero interest in trying. The only thing I used every month was a card that awarded 50 extra beauty insider points with a purchase.

Honestly, to me, it feels like the Play Box caters to those girls that are wanting to try new things, but don't have the time to go out and shop. Or those that are new to the "Sephora Experience". It launched in September '15 and the boxes were pretty awesome- just go take a look, but since I subscribed in May, I haven't gotten the feeling that what I've been getting is worth my money.

I have been a Birchbox subscriber since March 2014, and besides being with my husband and being a blogger, it has been the longest running relationship in my life (sad, I know). But I am now breaking it off with my most highly regarded subscription box service, for two reasons: 1) they changed their point system, and 2) I'm starting to feel like a beauty product hoarder. 

When I say that Birchbox changed their point system, I don't mean that they just changed a little bit, I mean they actually overhauled it. For the past 2.5 years, I was able to review each of my samples and get ten points for each review- which equaled to about 50-60 points in a month. The points would add up- 100 points was equal to $10, and I could could spend them in their shop. It was like buy one, get one month free with all the points I would be accumulating. And of course, I would buy my favorite full size coveted items like Amika & Beauty Protector. Unfortunately, about a month ago, Birchbox announced that all of the points accumulated would still stand and you could cash them in, because 10 points would now equal $1 (you were only allowed to cash in $10 increments before), but you could't earn any more by reviewing products. I was crushed when I heard the news. My all time favorite thing about Birchbox was their point system. Alot of people have jumped ship because of this change, & I can't blame them. 

Another reason that I am breaking up with Birchbox is because I am starting to feel like a beauty product hoarder. I have past Birchbox boxes full of sample size products, a box of products that I don't want and I'm trying to sell, and my skincare collection in overwhelming. I have enough facial moisturizer to last me through the end of the year. My collection is huge, and getting samples from Birchbox every month is just adding to it. 

Even though I have already broken up with Popsugar, August will be my last Birchbox & Play box. In the future I may try Ipsy, Fabfitfun, or even Barkbox for my dog, but right now, I'm good. And I have other place where I can be spending my money.

Do you have any subscription boxes? 
Have you ever called it quits?

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