five places to buy clothes when you're on a budget

I tend to go shopping alot for clothes. And honestly, I am have way too many. But even thought I have so many clothes, I must admit that they are rather nice ones AND I didn't spend alot of money. Today, I am going to share five places that I love to shop for my clothes, and bonus- they are all wallet friendly.

1. Old Navy
I really like Old Navy's seasonal prints; and the fact that they will come in multiple pieces. The clearance isn't bad, but the jeans are amazing! And if you shop online, they are always running 40% off your order deals. My favorite new arrival is this really cute shirt.

2. Maurices
Maurices was my go-to when I was working my "9-5". Though the regular prices may look a bit steep, they have some really good lasting & cheap dress pants. and the end of the season clearance is when you can get some really cute & versatile tops for 50-75% off. Also, they have a rewards program- for every $100 spent, they will send you a $5 reward. Yeah, it's small, but you can use up to 6 at a time.

3. Kohl's
No one has clearance like Kohl's does. I love that there is always something cute and comfortable on sale for like 90% off; and I tend to get alot of my son's clothes from Kohl's because they are generally durable.

4. Target
I always love shopping at Target, and the nice thing is that when you are shopping for clothes, you don't have to gravitate to the clearance section. The clothes are moderately priced, and won't cost an arm and a leg.

5. JCP
JC Penney always has some really good clearance, and they are generally in season too. The clothes do last. They also have a rewards program, and bonus- if your JCP has a Sephora, you will earn rewards there also. I believe that for every $100 spent, you get $10 back in rewards.

Other places that should be on your radar:

Lane Bryant- I love their panty sale & the clearance always rocks. They also have the real-women dollars that you can earn for every $50 spent, you get $25 to use.

Marshalls- Sometimes I will find some pretty good deals at Marshalls, but off subject- I love the "home" section.

Torrid- Aimed at the bigger girl, Torrid has a mix of girls & bad ass. And their graphic tees are always on point.

Forever 21- Cheap, cute clothes for any budget.

Where do you shop when you're on a budget?

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