five things I did instead of blogging

Every time I go MIA from the blog (I haven't posted since Monday), I always feel a little sad. I mean, since blogging really isn't my full time job (gosh, I really wish it was), life sometimes will get in the way. And this week it actually did, so five things that I was doing instead of blogging this week....

We have been noticing that the medicine sorta wears off midway during the day (like around 2-3p) and when it wears off, Lil Man is a terror. Seriously... a terror with a capital t! After telling the doctor this, she added another dose of the medication- he now takes it at bedtime and in the morning- so hopefully we will see a change. We are also going to try pills. They are cheaper, and once we are confidant that he can handle/swallow the pills, there is going to be a medicine change. 

two | We attended kindergarten round up.
Lil Man will be in kindergarten in the Fall (I know... my heart is already breaking), so this week, we went to the school and he got to meet his possible teacher. I say possible because there are five kindergarten teachers, and we are unsure which one will be his. Well, they did an evaluation on Lil Man, and it turns out that we have alot of work to do this summer. Lil Man knows the basics- counting, colors, shapes, etc, but he doesn't understand rhyming or reading just yet. And he has a hard time with writing... He never had the chance to go to pre-school, because we just didn't have the money, so I guess we have our job cut out for us... wish ME luck. 

three | I took some blog photos.
I will be posting the others next week, but I really like how this one turned out (I'm no professional, by any means). I am wearing my FAVORITE shirt every, which I bought from Tay, aka her store- Talk Herbie to Me. I love the fact that 20% of the shirt proceeds is donated to the puppies. Tay actually said on Snapchat the other day that she has already donated $5,000 to shelter. Holy cow! Go Tay! Anyways, I also want this shirt.

four | I have be cutting into my sleep time by binge watching Orange Is The New Black. 
I am like 4 years behind, and it really sucks that I can't watch the show while Lil Man is awake. And I know that I should be drafting a post or cleaning the house when he konks out, hell maybe I should even go to be, but I don't. I eat pizza rolls and watch OITNB. No wonder why my rings don't fit anymore.

five | I shopped at Target
Oh hot damn, crucify me now... I walked into Target, and bought things. And speaking of Target, I have been thinking about posting about the whole #targate (like Watergate) scandal, but I think that everything has been said... basically it's stupid and Target is to blame!

How was your week?
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Ulta Giveaway

Would it surprise you to learn that I really wasn't acquainted with Ulta until about 2012 when a friend told me about them? Well, it's true, and since I set foot inside on that fateful day, I have become a loyal customer for a few reasons. Ulta is the only salon that I will let touch my hair, and I usually buy a lot of my hair products from there also. The rewards program is pretty nice- you earn points for every dollar spent, and then can trade them in for money off. Plus when you become platinum, you can get up to 5x the points on certain items. And of course, they are always sending me emails with coupons for free stuff.

Since I am such a fan of Ulta, I have joined some gal pals and we are giving YOU a chance to win a gift card worth $170. Just in time for Mother's day, huh?

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Hello Friday!

* I meant to get this post up earlier... like 6am, but things just didn't turn out that way*

I have to say that this week was like night and day compared to last week. I am very happy that it's Friday since I needed a few days off of work, but I really don't have any major complaints (which is always a good thing) life wise.

This week....

I have a giveaway going on...
Go visit Sincerely, Sara to read about my top five classic novels and enter my sponsor giveaway. Prizes include winner's choice from my Etsy shop, $10 to Starbucks, and $15 to Barnes & Noble. 

I finally talked to my student loan company...
Yes, I finally made the call to Nelnet. And guess what- it really wasn't that bad. They were actually able to get my payment down to something "affordable", which made me happy. I guess all the anxiety was for nothing really?

I am still looking for another job...
I love my job, but I am tired of working with teenagers that lie their asses off. I had a child tell everyone that they didn't get any help on their homework while they were with us (I am a tutor in Juvenile Detention), and since I am the tutor (and my primary job is to "tutor" and get homework), I am left defending myself. The nice thing is that since I don't have to sell a kidney to pay my student loan payment, I have some time to actually get the job, and the stress can level out a bit. 

I finally broke up with pain management...
If you read last week's post, you know about the horrific episode I had after a diagnostic shot. Well, Monday I has a follow up appointment and told them my issues. I told them that the only reason I had kept the appointment  was because I was a decent human being and wanted to tell them in person where to go. Not literally, of course. But I did tell them I wasn't coming back. They apologized and then asked if they could do another shot. I was like thanks, but no thanks and walked out. 
I have an appointment next Friday with another pain management doctor and I'm praying things go well. My hubby has seen them before, so my chances are halfway decent.

I really loved these posts....

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Amanda talks about the ever so elusive flat lay, doughnuts, staged fashion photos, and coffee cups; and asks if your Instagram feed accurately depicts you.

When you have no clue what you are doing with your life | Living in Yellow
Erin asks what she should be doing in life to feel fulfilled, challenged, and inspired. Should she quit her full time job for full time blogging, quit blogging, or not change a thing?

In case you missed it:
Favorite drugstore beauty products
Parenting | The diagnosis of a mental disorder in your child 

How was your week?

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parenting | the diagnosis of a mental disorder in your child

A few weeks ago, I discussed the possibility of Lil Man being diagnosed with a mental disorder and a few days after publication, he was diagnosed with ADHD. Some people have asked a few different questions about the diagnosis, so I figured I would answer them in a Q&A type of post.

What made you think that your child had a mental disorder? What signs and symptoms did you see?

In my mind, I already knew he had ADHD. My brother, step-brother, and nephew had been diagnosed at young ages, and I could see similar "features" with Lil Man. So, I did a lot of research. I researched the symptoms, how doctors diagnosed, etc. I also read that in order to get a diagnosis, the child has to be exhibiting symptoms for at least six months.

So, I took a look back, and realized that Lil Man's behaviors started about the time that we lost our dog in August. Gradually, Lil Man stopped listening as much, he was very fearless (like if he had the chance, he would jump off the garage on his bike- of course it wouldn't happen, but things like that), he was mean to my parent's dogs- pulling tails, jumping on top of them, etc, highly energetic, couldn't wait his turn in lines, fidgety when he was sitting, and he was very OCD about things. Initially, I didn't want to have him diagnosed with anything, but in the past few months, things were getting worse. Worse to the point that I had to walk away, and that the hubby wanted to not come home anymore. It was bad. And since he is getting so close to being in school (August), I knew I needed to get things under control.

So I called the doctor, and told them that I wanted to get a ADHD assessment.

The appointment

Before the appointment, I had to fill out a diagnostic sheet. The sheet listed a variety of symptoms, and on a scale of 1-5, I had to rate the symptoms. I was a bit confused, but my parents helped me fill it out. At the appointment, the Pediatrician asked the me and the hubby alot of questions. She asked how Lil Man was at home and how he treated animals. I told her that at times, it seemed like he was going non-stop. That the hubby and I could not carry on a conversation without Lil Man interrupting. That Lil Man seemed to have a death wish- and if we let him, he would jump off the garage with his bike.

Based how Lil Man was acting in the office, the diagnostic sheet, and the fact that Lil Man was engaging in erratic behavior that could be potentially dangerous, we heard the words "your son has ADHD". I did ask about possible Asperger's, but she seemed certain that he wasn't exhibiting any symptoms.

The decision to medicate

At that appointment, we chose to medicate our five year old child.

Yes, I will accept your judgement, but just know that it really doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother me, because you see, I was once like you. I swore up and down that I would not medicate my child. That we would just learn to deal with everything. But as soon as the words, "your son has ADHD" came out of the pediatrician's mouth, I was singing a different tune. She wasn't going to actually prescribe anything to Lil Man, for the sheer fact that he is five and not yet in school (he will be in August), but I asked for something to help us. For something to slow my child down. And she hesitantly agreed. We asked for a liquid, since Lil Man had not yet been introduced to pills.And that began a whirl wind of attempting to get a medicine that the insurance would cover, and that we could afford.

We finally were able to get Lil Man on a medication that we could afford and that would help him. He has been on it for a few weeks now, and I truly believe it's helping, but we do go back to the doctor in a little over a week for a status update.

As time goes on, I will be updating on Lil Man's progress in hopes that it helps some parent out there that is going through the same thing. 

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Favorite drugstore beauty products

In a world of beauty bloggers, Sephora, and Ulta, the concept of drugstore beauty almost sounds taboo. Mostly due to the stigma behind drugstore beauty- mass produced and hard to find cruelty free or natural products, drugstore beauty products are considered low end; and the idea of mixing brands like Neutrogena and Stila is almost a no go. But once in a while, a product comes out that wows consumers, and becomes an instant hit. Today I am sharing five of the products that wow'd me, and have become my most loved beauty products. 

This baby is my number one, must have, holy grail beauty product (and yes, I have a Urban Decay Naked Pallett). It's oil free and non-greasy, so it's super light weight. It's formulated with water, smells like cucumbers, and of course, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. 

A few months back, I stopped using makeup remover, and switched to Simple's Micellar Cleansing Water. I love how it's gentle, especially around my eye area, doesn't burn if it gets into my eyes, and makes my face feel fresh and clean. *I have tried other brands of micellar water, but keep coming back to Simple.*

I've talked about my love for charcoal cleansers before, and by far, this one is my favorite. Whenever I use it, I feel a bit of a tingle and my face feels cool after washing it off. I love the clean and refreshed feeling I get after using.

4. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner | Price: about $4
Waterproof and easy to apply, the Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner in Taupe is my go to. It's creamy, highly pigmented, and stays on all day.

I have praised e.l.f.'s primers in two separate posts: favorite beauty dupes & favorite beauty product cheapies. In a nutshell, this stuff is a great alternative to the coveted Smashbox primers, at a fraction of the cost.

Do you like to use drugstore beauty products? 
If so, which are your favorite? If not, why not?

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a few thoughts

Happy freggin Friday friends! I am so ready for this weekend, cause I gatta tell you... this week has defiantly sucked... see evidence in number 1. 

1. I am in the process of finding a new pain management facility.
On Monday, I went in to my pain management doctor for a diagnostic injection in my back (I have a few herniated discs), and came out with pain that radiated across my lower back, down my right thigh, and down to my foot at times. I was in horrible pain on Tuesday, and of course, pain management was dragging their feet to help me. I had called them a few times, but once I broke down in tears after they told me to just take a pain pill, and make an appointment for Wednesday, the hubby drove me to the emergency room. At the ER, they told me that I most likely had some inflammation from the injection, but due to my contract with pain management, they couldn't change my medications. But they decided to be gracious enough to give me a few shots to ease my pain. After leaving the ER, I started to feel a bit better... until Wednesday. On Wednesday, my back was on fire, so I called pain management once again. And again, it took them over two hours to call me back. I refused to answer the phone.... Needless to say: I have an appointment on Monday, and I will be asking for my records so I can go to a different facility. 

Have you ever tried pain management? Pros and cons?

2. Should the school be allowed to spank your child?
I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw this story about a five year old that was pleading with the principal of his school to not paddle him. The mother was actually the one to capture it all on camera... and you can hear someone laughing! I wanted to cry for this little boy. As a parent of a five year old that will be in school in the Fall, this outrages me. While I was a visit supervisor at a non-profit that conducted non-custodial parent & child supervised visits, we would tell our parents that spanking was not allowed, and attempt to help them with the non-violent alternatives like time outs and taking toys away. The fact that some schools still allow spanking is sickening to me. It's like telling parents that it's ok to beat your child. Sure, some kids really need a spanking or two, but it shouldn't be up to the school to determine what is the right punishment for my child. 

Do you think that spanking should be allowed in schools?

3. Have you ever heard a song that you fell for and you wanted to keep it on repeat ALL THE TIME?
A few years ago, I, along with the rest of the world, became obsessed with Carly's Call Me Maybe, and currently I am so flipping obsessed with Lukas Graham's 7 Years. Every time it comes on in the car, I turn the radio up, and belt it out along with him! Oh, and this one from Fall Out Boy & Demi :) 

Are you currently obsessed with any songs?

4. Have you ever had a hard time being happy?
Lately I feel as if my depression may be coming back for another round... It's not a good feeling. Granted the back pain issue really isn't helping, but neither is the stress of trying to find another job. I have less than a week to hash out my payments with Nelnet, and I am dreading the phone call. I have flipping anxiety over an impending phone call people. This is horrible... There is not enough wine for all of this... 
Hell, maybe I should just get a mo-ped like Macklemore... it made him smile, right? Speaking of Macklemore, I need to go get my thrift shop on. 

In case you missed it: 

How was your week?

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Ten things I will never do again

Being young is like having a license to do whatever you want (within reason) with no consequences. People just say that you are generally off the hook, because you are young and naive. Now that I am in my thirties, I have experienced enough to forgo the naive excuse since I am what's considered a responsible adult. So today, I am making a list of ten things that I will never do again.

things I will never do again

1. Pull an all nighter
I tend to procrastinate and when I was in college, the majority of my papers were written the night before with the help of whatever energy drink I had in the house at the time. Since I have no plans on going back to college (unless I really want a Ph D), I doubt I will ever pull an all nighter again. Well, unless we decide to have another baby, and in that case, it will be for a good reason.

2. Get plastered & drive home
In all honesty, I did this alot before I was married... but now I have something called responsibility. I have a clean record, and really don't have the money for the hubby to bail my ass out of jail because I wanted to be stupid. Plus, there are so many other things that could happen, and I could never live with myself after that.

3. Nurse a hangover
A hangover is usually a sign that you had a great time the night before, but in the past almost six years that I have been a mom, I have only had to nurse two hangovers. You wanna know why? Because going out, drinking, and having fun is one thing, but getting up at 7am to get your child, and being expected to care for that child, is a whole nother thing indeed.

4. Go home with a random guy
I'm married with a kid. A rando at a bar does not seem enticing when I have a man at home who knows all my faults, seen my stretch marks, and still thinks I'm sexy.

5. Dance on a bar
I am clumsy... and I have more self respect now than I had in my twenties.

6. Show my girls
Unless it's to my hubby, I am certain that this will NEVER happen again... I am in the thirties club, and I am a mom... I have self respect.

7. Get a college degree
Unless I feel like going for my Doctorate, I will absolutely not go back to college. It's expensive, and I have a Bachelor's and Master's under my belt. Then again, Dr. Tabitha does have a nice ring to it...

8. Get my tongue pierced
Been there, done that, and fucked up my teeth... Honestly, if you are interested in doing it, just don't.

9. Do drugs
This a personal one... yes, I had tried pot in my younger years (nothing else, I swear), but honestly, I am a parent and I want a career in Criminal Justice, so it just isn't worth it now.

10. Leave the house without telling my loved one that I love them
You never know what can happen.

I was a pretty good child in my younger years, and I really wasn't a screw up. I don't know what the back of a cop car looks like, haven't had to bailed out of jail, and have only been to court once (on a personal matter). So, I really don't have any good stories. 

What is something that you will never do again?

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**Photo Credit: Mara Burkes

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Snapchat | the purest form of social media

I've talked about my online persona before, and stated that out of all the social media platforms, Snapchat is by far my favorite. But what you don't know is that it took me a few months to get on board the Snapchat train. When I first heard of the app, I was not interested due to publicity. I had only heard the bad- that it was for sexting and for sending things to your friends. And for those two reasons, I was not going to download a new app, just to replace texting. 

I believe that was one of the reasons it really didn't gain momentum in the beginning. But once Snapchat allowed the stories function, that's when the app actually exploded- at least for me. You see, with the stories function, you don't have to befriend someone to see their stuff, sure you have to follow them, but you don't have to actually send them stuff personally. Once hopped aboard the Snapchat train, I realized what all the fuss was about. And in a age when everything that we post can come back to haunt us (hello job interviewer), Snapchat, I found, is the the perfect social media platform for a few reasons. 

It's authentic
I believe that Snapchat essence the purest form of social media today and the main reason that people tend to follow anyone on Snapchat is because the app temporarily reduces inhibitions. Most people are authentic and raw, because stories are only available for 24 hours; and the majority of snaps are the unedited version of ourselves. It's a picture or 30 second quip of a moment where people can be themselves, without the pressure of having to edit. 

I love being able to see a beauty blogger engage with her children, in ratty ole' sweatpants and no makeup; or the travel blogger just sitting in their living room watching Netflix; or the mess that the food blogger just made in their living room. I love being able to connect with the unedited side of people and realizing that we are not really all that different. And I love being about to show people the girl behind the blog. 

It's not written in stone
The nice thing about Snapchat is the fact that nothing you post is permanent. Unlike Instagram or the blog, no one can save your video or picture without your notice. If someone does take a screenshot of your stuff, you are notified. You can also see how many people have taken a screenshot, and up to a certain point, who actually took it. *Generally people don't do this*

It's easy & fun
For me, as a blogger, if I am not posting on the blog on a certain day, I like to keep up my social media presence. Whether it's posting on Insta, Twitter, or Snapchat. With the other two platforms, I actually have to think about what I'm going to post. I have to edit or add hashtags, or whatever, but with Snapchat, I can just pull out my phone and document what I am doing. And the filters on Snapchat are hilarious.

It's not a popularity contest
I think my favorite feature of Snapchat is the anonymity of it. Yes, you can see who views your story, but they don't have the option to like it. They can comment to you, but most people are lazy and don't. You also can't see the total number of followers that you have, and it's not broadcasted to the world either. 

Are you on Snapchat? What do you like about it?

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Also send me a tweet or comment your username, cause I want to follow you! 

*Photo Credit: Mara Burkes

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ten ways parenting changes you

I've been a parent for all of a little over five years, and have learned some valuable lessons about life. Today I am here to tell you about ten ways that the cult of parenting changes you... cause you know how they say that going to prison changes a person, well so does parenting...

ways parenting changes you

one | You learn that personal space is a thing of the past
And pooping with the door open is perfectly acceptable.

two | You discover new stores
And they are full of children's clothes. 

three | You learn a whole new language
Other than the normal goo goo ga-ga, once that little bundle of joy gets to the age of understanding regular human talk, you and your significant other learn to speak in code... aka spelling everything.  

four | Smelling another human's booty becomes second nature
And perfectly acceptable. 

five | Your fridge goes through some major changes
Fresh fruit, formula, and healthy child friendly snacks replace your alcohol and junk food. 

six | Friday nights are no longer spent drinking with friends. 
They are spent cuddling on the couch with a mini me, watching whatever animated show they are obsessed with.

seven | Your taste in movies change
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, and Paw Patrol replace Inception, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween on the DVD shelf. 

eight | Your schedule now revolves around nap time
And you count down the minutes until you can actually walk without a mini me wedged up your ass. 

nine | Alcohol no longer comes in brown bottles that are sold as a six pack
It comes in a glass bottle, and you have to drink it out of a glass. 
Wine. I'm talking about wine. 

ten | You realize that there is someone more important that you. 
And that you would do anything to keep them safe or make them happy.

Are you a parent? How has parenting changed you?

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PSA: Teach your child kindness

I read something over the weekend, and it broke my heart. 

A local woman posted about how she had sent out over 30 invites to her son's classmates, for his ninth birthday party, and no one showed up. The woman went on to say that when asked where all of his classmates were, her son replied, "well they probably won't come because I am different, but that's ok, cause when your different that's what happens." 

After no one showed up, the woman called the parent's that had RSVP'd and they told her that their kids weren't going to be around a kid that was different and weird. And that was from parents of second graders. Parents of seven year olds...

The woman's son is not your "normal" nine year old. Due to a rare birth defect that caused the soft spots in his head to fuse before birth, he has the mentality of a four year old, can not read or write, and has blank seizures, all due to several skull expansion surgeries and spinal taps. And he has a scar that runs across his head, because after he was born, his parents decided to utilize a life changing surgery, rather than let him die. 

The woman's story touched me, and I shared it with my husband. He was touched also, so we let Lil Man pick out a few toys to send to the boy. I also messaged the woman, and told her how I felt. I told her that we were sending things to cheer her son up, since she had mentioned that since the birthday party, he had not been the happy school loving boy that he had always been. 

Do you know why this woman's story broke my heart, and has probably broken your's by now, too? Because it's a realization that cruelty, discrimination, and just plain being mean, are all learned. That parents sometimes are just assholes for not teaching their kids to love. To be nice. To include. All this little boy wanted was some of the kids that he spends the majority of his day with, to come celebrate a great day with him. To come have fun and play games, and to wish him happy birthday. But their parents' refused to LET their kids play with the weird kid. 

Why? Because his weirdness would have rubbed off on them? Because he was nine years old, and in a class of second graders? I get that maybe the parents didn't know the whole story, but what child actually deserves to be singled out like that? I mean, what made their kids so special? So special that they weren't allowed to show compassion. Did they have to face so many difficulties in life at such a young age? I doubt it. 

Kids themselves are innocent. They are a blank slate at birth, and they are taught (let's hope it is indirect teaching) to either be nice or to be mean. They are taught to love, or to bully. They learn from their parents. They are products of their parents. 

If you are a parent, I beg of you to teach your child the right way. To teach them kindness. To teach them to include the weird kid. To teach that even though someone is different that doesn't mean that we are rude or mean. To teach them compassion. Because no child deserves to have no one show up to their birthday party. 

*Photo credit: Rekita Nicole

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five lessons of the week

Well, happy April friends. I am so glad that this week is over... I had a three day weekend last weekend and it is so hard to get back into the grove of a work week after that. That and I have been stressed to the max and work hasn't been pleasant to say the least, but I did learn a few things this week.

*Picture has nothing to do with the post, except that I love wine and the picture exhibits my happiness*

1. The whole being a parent to an ADHD child is going to be harder than I thought.
Yeah, you read that right... the diagnosis finally came in and Lil Man was diagnosed with ADHD (but not Aspergers; as of yet) last week and well, the journey has not started out as smooth as I thought it would. We decided to medicate Lil Man, but after going through a battle (which I will explain in a separate post), I have yet to even have the medicine in my house, and he has yet to even start anything... With everything going on, Lil Man is starting to alternate between having screaming fits when he doesn’t get what he wants, and crying when he can’t go somewhere. All of which is typical of a child with ADHD. I am trying to have patience with everything, but it’s so hard and stressful because I know he didn’t ask for any of this; and neither did I.

2. Facebook groups are great for community & post promotion
Anne, from Love the Here and Now blog, had wrote a post about the benefits of blogger Facebook groups, and she was so right about them. I joined two a few weeks ago, but hadn’t really started post promotion until this week, and I must say- I have never gotten so many views or comments on my posts. I love that I can also ask a question, as well as promote my posts, and I will get a response in a few minutes. 

3. Simple gestures mean the most
On Tuesday, the hubby brought me home flowers. They were unexpected and for no reason what so ever. He said that he asked Lil Man if he wanted to get me flowers, he said yes, and picked them out. I felt special. And then I smiled. 

4. Is Freelance writing the next step?
I have been writing on this little piece of the interwebs for over two years now, and I have been wondering what is my next step; and I've been thinking a lot about doing some freelance writing. I applied to The Mix, which is Hearst's (Cosmo, Glamour, ect) contributor network. I have always had an interest in writing, and maybe it's time to put my head into the game and make some money. I have also been thinking about doing a giveaway. I have had alot of new followers lately, and I want to thank them for coming along on this journey with me.

5. My decorating skills really need some work
I was in Target this week and fell in love with their setup… it had a modern, yet retro feeling and made me think of a college apartment. Ugh… I really need Target to come decorate my house. 

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**Cheers to the weekend and Diary of a Real Housewife, the high five for Friday gals, the oh, hey Friday gals, Momfessionals & gang, Meet @ the Barre,the Friday blog hop, Love the Here and Now, Eat Pray Run DC, & the Five on Friday gals

How was your week?

Always say yes to the wine.

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