Ten things I will never do again

Being young is like having a license to do whatever you want (within reason) with no consequences. People just say that you are generally off the hook, because you are young and naive. Now that I am in my thirties, I have experienced enough to forgo the naive excuse since I am what's considered a responsible adult. So today, I am making a list of ten things that I will never do again.

things I will never do again

1. Pull an all nighter
I tend to procrastinate and when I was in college, the majority of my papers were written the night before with the help of whatever energy drink I had in the house at the time. Since I have no plans on going back to college (unless I really want a Ph D), I doubt I will ever pull an all nighter again. Well, unless we decide to have another baby, and in that case, it will be for a good reason.

2. Get plastered & drive home
In all honesty, I did this alot before I was married... but now I have something called responsibility. I have a clean record, and really don't have the money for the hubby to bail my ass out of jail because I wanted to be stupid. Plus, there are so many other things that could happen, and I could never live with myself after that.

3. Nurse a hangover
A hangover is usually a sign that you had a great time the night before, but in the past almost six years that I have been a mom, I have only had to nurse two hangovers. You wanna know why? Because going out, drinking, and having fun is one thing, but getting up at 7am to get your child, and being expected to care for that child, is a whole nother thing indeed.

4. Go home with a random guy
I'm married with a kid. A rando at a bar does not seem enticing when I have a man at home who knows all my faults, seen my stretch marks, and still thinks I'm sexy.

5. Dance on a bar
I am clumsy... and I have more self respect now than I had in my twenties.

6. Show my girls
Unless it's to my hubby, I am certain that this will NEVER happen again... I am in the thirties club, and I am a mom... I have self respect.

7. Get a college degree
Unless I feel like going for my Doctorate, I will absolutely not go back to college. It's expensive, and I have a Bachelor's and Master's under my belt. Then again, Dr. Tabitha does have a nice ring to it...

8. Get my tongue pierced
Been there, done that, and fucked up my teeth... Honestly, if you are interested in doing it, just don't.

9. Do drugs
This a personal one... yes, I had tried pot in my younger years (nothing else, I swear), but honestly, I am a parent and I want a career in Criminal Justice, so it just isn't worth it now.

10. Leave the house without telling my loved one that I love them
You never know what can happen.

I was a pretty good child in my younger years, and I really wasn't a screw up. I don't know what the back of a cop car looks like, haven't had to bailed out of jail, and have only been to court once (on a personal matter). So, I really don't have any good stories. 

What is something that you will never do again?

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Always say yes to the wine.

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