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I've talked about my online persona before, and stated that out of all the social media platforms, Snapchat is by far my favorite. But what you don't know is that it took me a few months to get on board the Snapchat train. When I first heard of the app, I was not interested due to publicity. I had only heard the bad- that it was for sexting and for sending things to your friends. And for those two reasons, I was not going to download a new app, just to replace texting. 

I believe that was one of the reasons it really didn't gain momentum in the beginning. But once Snapchat allowed the stories function, that's when the app actually exploded- at least for me. You see, with the stories function, you don't have to befriend someone to see their stuff, sure you have to follow them, but you don't have to actually send them stuff personally. Once hopped aboard the Snapchat train, I realized what all the fuss was about. And in a age when everything that we post can come back to haunt us (hello job interviewer), Snapchat, I found, is the the perfect social media platform for a few reasons. 

It's authentic
I believe that Snapchat essence the purest form of social media today and the main reason that people tend to follow anyone on Snapchat is because the app temporarily reduces inhibitions. Most people are authentic and raw, because stories are only available for 24 hours; and the majority of snaps are the unedited version of ourselves. It's a picture or 30 second quip of a moment where people can be themselves, without the pressure of having to edit. 

I love being able to see a beauty blogger engage with her children, in ratty ole' sweatpants and no makeup; or the travel blogger just sitting in their living room watching Netflix; or the mess that the food blogger just made in their living room. I love being able to connect with the unedited side of people and realizing that we are not really all that different. And I love being about to show people the girl behind the blog. 

It's not written in stone
The nice thing about Snapchat is the fact that nothing you post is permanent. Unlike Instagram or the blog, no one can save your video or picture without your notice. If someone does take a screenshot of your stuff, you are notified. You can also see how many people have taken a screenshot, and up to a certain point, who actually took it. *Generally people don't do this*

It's easy & fun
For me, as a blogger, if I am not posting on the blog on a certain day, I like to keep up my social media presence. Whether it's posting on Insta, Twitter, or Snapchat. With the other two platforms, I actually have to think about what I'm going to post. I have to edit or add hashtags, or whatever, but with Snapchat, I can just pull out my phone and document what I am doing. And the filters on Snapchat are hilarious.

It's not a popularity contest
I think my favorite feature of Snapchat is the anonymity of it. Yes, you can see who views your story, but they don't have the option to like it. They can comment to you, but most people are lazy and don't. You also can't see the total number of followers that you have, and it's not broadcasted to the world either. 

Are you on Snapchat? What do you like about it?

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