Hello Friday!

* I meant to get this post up earlier... like 6am, but things just didn't turn out that way*

I have to say that this week was like night and day compared to last week. I am very happy that it's Friday since I needed a few days off of work, but I really don't have any major complaints (which is always a good thing) life wise.

This week....

I have a giveaway going on...
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I finally talked to my student loan company...
Yes, I finally made the call to Nelnet. And guess what- it really wasn't that bad. They were actually able to get my payment down to something "affordable", which made me happy. I guess all the anxiety was for nothing really?

I am still looking for another job...
I love my job, but I am tired of working with teenagers that lie their asses off. I had a child tell everyone that they didn't get any help on their homework while they were with us (I am a tutor in Juvenile Detention), and since I am the tutor (and my primary job is to "tutor" and get homework), I am left defending myself. The nice thing is that since I don't have to sell a kidney to pay my student loan payment, I have some time to actually get the job, and the stress can level out a bit. 

I finally broke up with pain management...
If you read last week's post, you know about the horrific episode I had after a diagnostic shot. Well, Monday I has a follow up appointment and told them my issues. I told them that the only reason I had kept the appointment  was because I was a decent human being and wanted to tell them in person where to go. Not literally, of course. But I did tell them I wasn't coming back. They apologized and then asked if they could do another shot. I was like thanks, but no thanks and walked out. 
I have an appointment next Friday with another pain management doctor and I'm praying things go well. My hubby has seen them before, so my chances are halfway decent.

I really loved these posts....

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How was your week?

Always say yes to the wine.

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