five things I did instead of blogging

Every time I go MIA from the blog (I haven't posted since Monday), I always feel a little sad. I mean, since blogging really isn't my full time job (gosh, I really wish it was), life sometimes will get in the way. And this week it actually did, so five things that I was doing instead of blogging this week....

We have been noticing that the medicine sorta wears off midway during the day (like around 2-3p) and when it wears off, Lil Man is a terror. Seriously... a terror with a capital t! After telling the doctor this, she added another dose of the medication- he now takes it at bedtime and in the morning- so hopefully we will see a change. We are also going to try pills. They are cheaper, and once we are confidant that he can handle/swallow the pills, there is going to be a medicine change. 

two | We attended kindergarten round up.
Lil Man will be in kindergarten in the Fall (I know... my heart is already breaking), so this week, we went to the school and he got to meet his possible teacher. I say possible because there are five kindergarten teachers, and we are unsure which one will be his. Well, they did an evaluation on Lil Man, and it turns out that we have alot of work to do this summer. Lil Man knows the basics- counting, colors, shapes, etc, but he doesn't understand rhyming or reading just yet. And he has a hard time with writing... He never had the chance to go to pre-school, because we just didn't have the money, so I guess we have our job cut out for us... wish ME luck. 

three | I took some blog photos.
I will be posting the others next week, but I really like how this one turned out (I'm no professional, by any means). I am wearing my FAVORITE shirt every, which I bought from Tay, aka her store- Talk Herbie to Me. I love the fact that 20% of the shirt proceeds is donated to the puppies. Tay actually said on Snapchat the other day that she has already donated $5,000 to shelter. Holy cow! Go Tay! Anyways, I also want this shirt.

four | I have be cutting into my sleep time by binge watching Orange Is The New Black. 
I am like 4 years behind, and it really sucks that I can't watch the show while Lil Man is awake. And I know that I should be drafting a post or cleaning the house when he konks out, hell maybe I should even go to be, but I don't. I eat pizza rolls and watch OITNB. No wonder why my rings don't fit anymore.

five | I shopped at Target
Oh hot damn, crucify me now... I walked into Target, and bought things. And speaking of Target, I have been thinking about posting about the whole #targate (like Watergate) scandal, but I think that everything has been said... basically it's stupid and Target is to blame!

How was your week?
BTW in case you missed it... here's a chance to win $170 to Ulta. #yourwelcome

*Photo credit: Helene in Between

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