On referring to my dog as my child

A few weeks ago, (like last year) Tay addressed a valid issue. The fact that some people refer to their dogs as their kids and the fact that some people just don't like it. Her post really got me thinking about the whole debacle. 

I wonder why people only referred to dogs as kids. I mean, of course, people never refer to their cats as their kids, because well, cats are practically self-sufficient. Basically all you need to give them is an automatic waterer and feeder, a litter box, and love when they want it. They really don't take as much work as dogs. Dogs take training- both potty and obedience, they require socialization (alot of it), they need love, they need baths and nail trimmings, and sometimes brushing.

I digress.

I have a child that I carried within my body for nine months, and a scar in my bikini zone to prove it. I've also had dogs. Both, I've referred to as my kids. I had my dog for a few years before my child, and his puppy pictures were the ones that filled my walls. Once my child was born, baby pictures replaced about 60% of them. 

Sure, they are both different: canine and human, but I've put in work with both. Granted my child will always be more work - I've had to change diapers, feed and clothe, be a constant companion, teach, soothe, and love. And still do to this day. But my dog will always listen more. And I never had to wipe his/her ass. Well, unless there's a hanging turd, but that's not the point.

If my child gets sick, I'm able to wait a bit before taking him to the doctor,  but if my dog gets sick, I freak. Mainly because the dog can't tell me what's wrong, but also because it's going to cost me more at the vet because we don't have medical insurance for the dog. A simple doctor visit for my kid will run a $20 some dollar copay, but for the vet... I'm looking at over a hundred. 

But for the author, of the article that Tay was addressing, to tell people that it's not right to call their pets, isn't right on her part. Maybe the reason that a person refers to a dog as their child, is because they have either chosen not to have or can't have children, and their dogs ARE their children. She didn't know. So if you don't know the circumstances, then why judge?

I personally will always refer to my dog as my child. In my heart, I have two kids- one just has fur and tends to bark way too much. I love them both. I cherish them both. Even only one stays in a cage when the hubby and I leave the house, I secretly wish I could lock the other one in too (not really, but you know what I mean). I love to cuddle both, and both make me smile when I am feeling down. 

I am thankful for both of my kids- one human and one fur. And no matter what, I will ALWAYS refer to my dog as my child. 

What do you think?
Do you refer to your dog as your child?

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