10+ more places for free stock photos

Awhile back I talked about my need for clean, crisp pictures because they are the foundation of every blog post. I also said that it's inadvisable to Google images and post them on your blog, because you can get into some major trouble. So the only thing left to do is either take your own pictures, or get some stock photos. My choice is, and will always be, to grab some stock photos. The nice thing about that is that I still have yet to pay for any of my stock photography, and that has gotten me by, so today I am sharing thirteen more places that I have been loving lately.

10 places for free stock photos

Styled Stock
Styled stock is also called flat lay photography and is always beautiful. You do need to credit the designer (most of the time).

Pretty, feminine styled stock photos perfect for any blog post, and all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter. Elle also will send you a discount to join her Styled Stock Society, and trust me- it would be worth it.

High resolution, simple, and muted colors. In the photo pack you get 10 landscape & 10 portrait photos. You can also pay a fee and get access to almost 60 images.

Free images sent to your email every month that are minimal and beautiful! Perfect for Twitter, Insta, Facebook, blog posts, etc.

Popular with alot of bloggers, Haute Chocolate offers a Styled Stock Library for around $25 a month & currently there is almost 700 photos to choose from, but if you sign up for the mailing list, you will get a freebie sent to you, and then one a month after that.

Such a large assortment of photos- there are so many that you can "play" with- currently I have over 137 images; and more are sent every month. They are simplistic, beautiful, & relevant. Also, Kayla has a super secret Facebook group, and she tells you about it when you sign up (btw, while you are taking some stock- go have a look around at the blog- you will like what you see).

Free images every month for subscribing, and they are worth it. Or if you don't want to subscribe and get freebies, they also have a stock library with over 1400 images for $19/month.

Fun, girly, glam, and beautiful! Sign up on the page & get instant access. *the above photo is from Vogue Web Ventures


Copyright Free Images
Generally you do not have to credit the designers, but you do need to credit the website.

Minimalist beautiful photos.

High quality gorgeous pictures of people, animals, landscape, etc.

New Old Stock
The site reminds me of Unsplash, but cooler. It's full of copyright free vintage photos.

Realistic Shots
Beautiful, clear, crisp images of life.

Fancy Crave
Interesting images that are crisp & relevant.

Nature, animals, black & white, etc. Beautiful photos that are hand-picked and in one spot (there is some overlap with Minimography).

Check out my other post for 10 more places where I get free stock photography

10 places for free stock photos

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