Where I get FREE stock photography

Clean, crisp pictures are the foundation of every blog post. When I first started blogging, I would be the type of person to Google what I wanted, download, and then post the pictures on my blog. Well, when I found out THAT was illegal... I immediately took down all of the pictures. My first thought was to use my own pictures, but honestly, I don't have a DSLR or a studio set up in my house, so thank goodness I found out about FREE stock photography.

Currently, I have yet to pay for any of my stock photography. And that has gotten me by, so today I am sharing ten places that I love.

free stock photos for blogging

Styled Stock 
Styled stock is also called flat lay photography and is always beautiful. You do need to credit the designer.

Sign up for her mailing list, and you will recieve access to her resource library which includes free stock photos, printables, and more. 

I love how Rekita gives bloggers some rather beautiful photography, and the freebies she gives is amazing- think moodboards for Photoshop. You can grab some free stock here, and also sign up for her mailing list to gain access to others. 

Ashley's photography is beautiful and blogger orientated. She gives a total of 20 free stock photos, here and here, and let's just say I have used a great deal of them. 

Shay specializes in flat lay photography and does a great job of it. She doesn't offer any freebies on her website, but you can sign up for her mailing list, and you will receive an image for signing up, and then 3-4 images each month (like the one at the top of this post) in your email. Plus if you want to buy some flat lay photography, you can check out her Etsy shop.

A Prettier Web
Another pack of beautiful blogger orientated free photos for signing up.

Pinterest Strategist
Some great layouts aimed at Pinterest, but great for blogging.

Copyright Free Images
Generally you do not have to credit the designers, but you do need to credit the website.

Before I ventured into the world of styled stock, Unsplash was my go to. And still is, when I can't find what I'm looking for. I love how you can find exactly what you want and they are completely editable- meaning you can add text. Ten photos are added every week. *The photo above is from Unsplash

Another great place for just some plain ole stock pictures, and every picture is gorgeous in it's own way. Plus you can do what you wish with them.

Hundreds of photos are added every week, and they are extensive. You can search for what you want or browse through the gallery.

Superfamous Studios
Beautiful landscapes that are crisp, clean, and interesting.

If you want to pay for stock- alot of bloggers do- you can search Etsy or Pinterest for styled stock you can buy. Most photos are not very expensive- and you can even grab some photo packs on sale.

Do you use stock photography? Where do you get yours?

Always say yes to the wine.

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