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This week sucked... the car is broke again, the dog chewed on my favorite boots, my back has been hurting really bad, the kid doesn't want to listen, the weather sucked... oh man, I really sound like a bad country song. So instead of writing that really bad country song today, I am going to give you five thoughts that have been in my head. Cool?

One // On a serious note, I'm getting a bit worried... my federal student loan goes into repayment in April, and I have yet to get the job that I have been searching for. I have put in like eight applications, and haven't heard ANYTHING back. Sure, there are programs set in place to help people that can't afford their federal student loan payments, but last year, they quoted me at a rather large payment, and I had to opt for a deferment. We just did our taxes... we made a considerable amount more last year than in 2014. Basically I had a plan, but it didn't go like I wanted it to and I know that I am going to be looking at a really high payment. So, right now, I'm going to pray that an opportunity shows itself in the immediate future. Or I may have to sell a kidney... 

Two // If you haven't heard of Mr. Cian Twomey and haven't seen his videos, you need to. Like ASAP! Cian is hilarious. If I'm ever having a bad day, all I have to do is watch his videos and my day is instantly transformed. Seriously. 

You can find him on Facebook, Youtube, and even Snapchat
You can thank me later.

Three // If they can make a kid centered Google- called kiddle, then why not a kid focused Youtube? Lil Man watches Youtube all the time on my parents' phones and sometimes he tends to find GTA... yeah. Anyways, to the makers of Youtube, can we get a kid centered Youtube please?

Four // Life lately has been hard and I am at my wits end on most days (a post for another time), but this post by Ally from You Are More really hit home... 

Other posts that I really loved this week are:
Thoughts on income reports | Love the Here and Now

Five // So many thoughts are running though my head to fill this number five slot... I could talk about how I love the fact that Blindspot came back on this week, or that I LOVE Kelly Clarkson's new song, or that I really want the new Samsung S7, or how I really want to go see Deadpool... I don't know. 

Well, that's all for today :)

ps... in case you missed it:

*Photo Credit: Rekita Nicole

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Always say yes to the wine.

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