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This week was actually better than last. Hell, it was better than the last few weeks. No, I didn't get that job yet... I actually had gotten a call back from one to schedule a test for today, and couldn't go because a) I have to work and b) after work I have an MRI. So basically I can kiss that one goodbye. Oh well, if it is meant to be, it will happen.

Anyways, today I wanted to talk about five things that made me happy...

1. I finally got the Urban Decay Naked2 palette.Sure, I didn't need it, but honestly, I really wanted it. I have been using the Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics palettes for close to two years now, and I love them, but I really needed some new "neutral" colors. The Naked2 pallet not only has some matte colors, but also has some shimmery ones, and the pigment is amazing. 

*Of course, after I buy the Naked2 from Sephora, Ulta has a special going on from 3/13-4/2, that if you spend so much, you get a deluxe Perversion mascara and make up setting samples... #facepalm

2. Play-doh is such a simple, yet rewarding activity. I haven't been feeling the greatest the past few weeks few months, and everything has been a struggle for me. Even parenting...
My son has been asking to play Play-doh, and we actually sat down to play, after numerous "Maybe later"s. He was so happy, and I have to say, it did make me really happy to see his face and I almost cried when he said "Thank you Mommy, I love you."

3. Target released new Easter dollar section items... wooden signs, bunnies, egg centerpieces, chalkboard signs, note cards, to do lists... all in pretty pastels. A bloggers dream!

4. Ellie is doing so good with us. She is 14 weeks now and a ball of terror. She talks alot, tears everything up, is loyal ( where ever I am, there she is), and is so loving. She gets excited to see each of us, especially Lil Man, after being gone, and she seriously attacks Lil Man in the morning with kisses. 

5. This blog post from Love the Here and Now, this post from My So-Called Chaos, this post from From Roses, & this post from The Lazy Genius Collective. 

Anything make you happy this week?

In case you missed it: Where I get FREE stock photography

*Photo Credit: Rekita Nicole

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Always say yes to the wine.

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